Originally published September 28, 2021 , updated on September 28, 2021

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We’re all spending more time online than ever before. With easier access to the internet and people glued to their digital devices, there’s been a sharp increase in the amount of time spent online. Stateside, people spend an average of 1 300 hours on social media alone. This doesn’t even take other online platforms into account. 

So, what does this mean for businesses? Simply put, it’s time to get serious about digital content creation and using a digital content marketing agency. You know your customers and potential customers are online, so why not meet them there? It’s 2021. You can’t take content lightly.

Using the Best Content Writing Services Is Now a Must to Attract Audience on the Internet
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This past year and a bit has seen this increase tremendously, too. With people now spending more time in doors, many are turning to digital devices. This is for entertainment purposes, but also research. Previously, many would ask their colleagues and friends for advice, but with little face-to-face interaction happening, people are turning to the internet for advice more than ever before. This means that businesses have to show up online for their customers and potential customers. 

Below we’ve listed a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on content creation and how a content writing company can help.

More People Are Doing Online Research About Goods and Services

It’s a proven fact that more people do online research before making a purchasing decision. It’s believed that even when the final purchase happens in a brick-and-mortar store, over 80% of people are conducting online research before they made that buying decision. .

If potential customers search for your business online, what would they find through research? The idea is to put the most accurate and relevant information about your business in front of them. This can be done with compelling content.

Unless you’re a well-known brand, no one is going to create content about your business. You need to provide it yourself or hire the best content writing services to assist you. This way, you know that when people research your company, they will find the right information.

Having a Digital Presence Is Key to Reaching Your Audience

Even though many people still listen to the radio, watch TV or read magazines and newspapers, there’s no denying the power of online media. People are turning to the internet for entertainment, news and socialising, among others. You need to meet them there.

This is especially true if you play in the technology, digital and SaaS spaces. Your customers are likely tech-savvy and regular internet users. You know where to reach your audience, so make sure you have a strong digital presence.

It Looks Suspicious if You Don’t Have Content

Imagine you are looking for a specific product or service. You jump online and do some research. The first few results prove fruitless, but you eventually come across a business that seems to meet your needs. You search the business even further but there’s limited information available online. Would you trust this company? Would you spend your money on a company without a digital presence?

We’re guessing no. That’s because it looks suspicious. People want to do business with brands they can trust. Content can help build that trust by offering relevant and valuable information on a regular basis. When you distribute and create pieces often, you become a credible source of information. As your customers get to know you, they will start to trust you if you produce good-quality content relevant to them.

It Can Be Reused and Repurposed

A Digital Content Marketing Agency Helps You with Content Repurposing and Reusing
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Creating digital content can set you up in many ways. Often, these pieces can be repurposed to use across multiple channels, including blog post copy, social media posts and even podcast discussions. An in-depth feature might work nicely as an industry webinar. Snippets from a white paper often makes for great content across your social media channels. Reuse content to get the most out of it. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Before starting, take a look at what you already have and how you can rework it and resuse it. You never know when you will find some hidden gems that can be leveraged somewhere else online or on another one of your platforms.

It’s Good for SEO

One of the main reasons companies create content online is for search engine optimisation. Having information about your company and services online helps users find you when they use search engines.

Search engines love websites that get updated often. This is also why regular blog posts are good for SEO, as they can get updated all the time. As we mentioned earlier, distributing regular pieces also builds trust. Over time, this leads to people seeking out your brand and what you have to say. When people do this online, it’s a strong indicator for Google and other search engines that your website is an authoritative and trusted voice.

It’s Good for Future Customers

If you want future customers, you need to put in the work today. By building an online presence through digital content, you ensure that potential customers can easily find you. They will also have historical data and stories about your company and services right at their fingertips. You are building an online legacy that can easily get found by anyone needing your business down the line. Take advantage of what the internet can do for your business.

A Digital Content Marketing Agency Can Help You

Another great thing about creating a digital presence through content is that you don’t have to do it alone. There are companies dedicated to doing the work for you. A writing agency will have the expertise to help you throughout the entire process. From the initial strategy to the writing and distribution, they can do it all. They will also help formulate content ideas and topics for you. There are certainly benefits to having the best agency on board.

A Content Writing Company Helps You With Creating an Impactful Online Presence
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The world is moving online more and more every day. As such, it’s become increasingly important for companies to do the same. Through content and with the help of a

digital content marketing agency, you can ensure you do it right.