We Create 360˚
Marketing Strategies
For Your Business

Marketing strategies form the backbone for your entire business and are an integral aspect of your overall success. We provide integrated strategy and planning services to boost your brand’s marketing performance.

What a Business Wants

Business Wants

Your company has dedicated time and effort to create a product or service, and now you need a powerful marketing strategy to place your brand on the map. With a tailor-crafted plan, you’ll be able to scale your business and start sealing deals.

Give your business the marketing it deserves and start your upward journey to success with an efficient, memorable, and persuasive marketing strategy.

As a digital marketing strategy agency, we understand the intricate nature of marketing and the significance of a custom-made plan. Utilising a data and research-driven approach, paired with inbound marketing methodology, we can help your brand build a long-lasting and unforgettable reputation.

Engage potential prospects and turn casual readers into loyal customers with your original and eye-catching marketing plan.

What Our Strategy And Planning
Services Include


Social Media Strategy

An effective social media presence can do wonders for your brand image because it allows you to reach a broader audience. Content strategies for social media platforms incorporate a variety of tactics, all of which are intended to attract new prospective customers. For instance, your logo might get redesigned to be more eye-catching. Consistency is key to success on social media, so a good strategy will have a regular stream of content on the go.

Facebook Management Services

Facebook allows businesses to connect with consumers directly and establish a noticeable brand image. Management services help you capitalise on this resource with marketing techniques that connect you to your target audience. Facebook advertising material is particularly effective as it can be personalised to fit your intended audience. Facebook management services note user data like age, location, and interests to make your marketing efforts as cost-effective as possible.


Twitter Marketing Services

Utilising Twitter marketing services can be instrumental in taking your overall digital marketing approach to the next level. Twitter can be used to connect with your audience through content and highly interactive posts, such as polls, breaking news and industry questions. This not only serves as a lead generation technique but also provides valuable information that’s relevant to your audience.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn offers an established community of industry professionals, prospective customers, and business opportunities. LinkedIn marketing services enable you to grow your business image and network. We grant clients a comprehensive strategy which incorporates LinkedIn into their wider content portfolio. This aims to broaden your brand reach while refining your target audience to the relevant groups. LinkedIn has several tools that are useful for collecting user data. Our LinkedIn marketing services take advantage of this to help inform future content.


Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram marketing services help businesses get the most out of their Instagram content by ensuring it is visually striking and engaging. The platform also allows brands to engage with trends, both on an industry level and beyond, thanks to features like hashtags. Instagram marketing services also make sure to place emphasis on relevant keywords. To that end, there is often a heavy research element involved in Instagram marketing services.

Pinterest Management Services

Posts, or ‘pins’, have the potential to grow your brand visibility by reaching a wide range of consumers. Pinterest provides comprehensive data on pin performance, so your content can be adapted over time to produce greater results. However, it can sometimes be difficult for businesses to maintain their presence on social media sites like Pinterest while keeping their focus on the day-to-day running of the business. This balancing act becomes very easy with Pinterest management services, as they free up time and resources.


YouTube Marketing Services

As the largest video hosting platform on the internet, having high ranking content on YouTube can bring in a swathe of new customers. Goodman Lantern’s YouTube marketing services help your brand reach your target audience. Our team of experts tailors your content to work within YouTube’s algorithm as part of our SEO efforts. This includes aspects like content length, title keywords, video descriptions and hashtags. Features such as these allow your content to appear in filtered searches, thus connecting you with a targeted audience.

Social Media Consulting Services

From giveaways to collaborations and paid promotions, the provisions of social media consulting services can be vast. These efforts combine to form a cohesive strategy that boosts your brand’s online presence while cultivating a community of loyal customers. The latter is a precious resource for businesses, as it means customers are more likely to be more receptive to your marketing efforts and perform repeat purchases. Social media consulting services are also a great way to put a voice behind your brand and establish your values.


Content Audit

A content audit is the process of analysing your website, taking stock of your content, and measuring how it is performing. Content audit services are an essential aspect of any long term content strategy, as they indicate what’s working and what isn’t. This allows you to make course corrections with your content to produce optimal results. Additionally, we use content audit services to pick up on beneficial content opportunities going forward.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy services can encompass all kinds of formats and cater to a huge range of businesses. A solid digital content strategy begins with in-depth industry research and audience analysis. Armed with this knowledge, we then use content strategy services to map out future content that will meet consumer needs. This process affects all steps in the content creation process, from conceptualisation to design to writing, editing and publishing.


Digital Strategy & Keyword Planning

Digital strategy services are essential for businesses looking to secure a return on investment from their marketing efforts. To reflect this, one of our main services is digital strategy consulting. Keyword planning helps streamline your digital content strategy so that you’re connecting with people that are interested in your products and services. This strong lead generation is just one of the ways digital strategy services work to boost sales.

Technical Website Audits

Technical website audits differ from content audits as they are concerned with site efficiencies that affect your content ranking. During a technical website audit, we’ll investigate your site’s architecture, speed, URL structure, redirects, coding, and errors. The main goal of technical website audits is to improve user experience. This can help you stand out above your competitors, which is significant when it comes to digital marketing.


Brand Strategy

A well-executed brand marketing strategy can be hugely impactful for businesses. Content that discusses industry issues, for instance, can boost your brand image by demonstrating your company’s expertise. In this way, a brand marketing strategy can build up your brand’s reputation as an industry thought leader, thus improving lead generation and retention rates. Employing a dedicated brand strategist will help ensure your content, along with how it’s distributed, is up to the appropriate standard.

Why You Start with Strategy and Planning


Have you ever tried to reach your destination without a map? You may have a vehicle and an end goal, but how will you get there with no direction?

That’s where strategy and planning come in. Strategy and planning are the roadmaps that guide your business towards true success.


A marketing strategy provides your business with a focal point and clear direction. It also outlines the steps you need to take to reach your company goals.

This minimises stress and confusion while allowing the business to concentrate on what it does best. A marketing plan also assists businesses in managing their resources responsibly and effectively.

When strategy and planning are in place, time and money won’t be wasted unnecessarily, and every effort will be focused on the right tasks.

Accelerate Your Growth with an Effective
Internet Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy crafted to suit your unique business, goals, and audience is the key to your business success.

Marketing informs your target audience and potential prospects about your company, brand, product or service, and why you are the solution they have been seeking out.

Marketing improves your visibility and helps potential customers identify your brand.

A powerful and persuasive marketing strategy builds your brand reputation and keeps people coming back for more. Together, these aspects help bolster a company’s growth.

Our Strategy Approach


At Goodman Lantern, we have refined and polished our planning and strategy approach to ensure your company receives the best possible marketing services. Our team of multitalented marketers understands the significance of a custom crafted plan and how to sculpt a strategy that brings your business closer to success.

Success Stories

Read more about our work for some of our clients in the case studies below.

We assisted a Telecom Service Provider in developing an effective marketing strategy and content development.

We more than doubled their sales in three years and added over ten global telecom operators to their customer base.

Learn more about this campaign here

We curated and executed a strategic marketing plan for a SaaS FinTech company.

Through in-depth research and analysis of the company’s market and audience, we developed a magnetic marketing campaign, crafted memorable content, and helped them increase their seven-figure revenue.

Learn more about this campaign here

What Makes Us Unique in the
Strategy Industry?


Goodman Lantern consists of internet marketing strategy consultants from around the world. Our researchers and marketers understand the complex language of search engine optimisation and weave integrate this knowledge into every strategy to ensure maximum visibility.

In addition, our highly qualified team stays on top of all the latest digital trends, positioning you as a thought leader in your industry.


Our multiskilled research team is fluent in audience analysis and can guarantee a deep understanding of your target customers, and where and how they consume their content and media. With this in-depth knowledge, your strategy is created to suit your audience and business goals, helping your business reach success at a more efficient rate.

Our content strategy services adhere to the latest version of our internal knowledge, and we’re only happy with the highest of qualities. With us, you can rest assured knowing that a team of highly talented and experienced professionals is working with your business’s best interests in mind.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Process



Our streamlined marketing strategy process begins with an in-depth analysis of your company’s brand voice, purpose, goals, and target audience. Our expert research team conducts a thorough investigation on what your ideal customer base is searching for, where they consume their media, and what kind of content they would be interested in.


Strategy Development

Our strategy team gets to work on developing a marketing plan. Your unique strategy is designed to speak directly to your target audience and spans over a specific time frame for maximum results. Our collected data, online searches, and customer analysis are harnessed to create the best strategy to suit your business needs.


Content Creation

Our multi-talented team of native English writers tailor-craft content that is clear, concise, and magnetic. We constantly run plagiarism tests to ensure all content is original and authentic to your business. Every piece is guaranteed to remain in your brand voice and speak to your ideal customer base.


Promotion & Distribution

Our professional marketing team helps distribute your new content across multiple platforms to reach the right audience. With in-depth knowledge of the latest digital trends, all content will be delivered with SEO in mind to help your business improve its search ranking.



We host regular updates and meetings to ensure you are satisfied with the deliverables for the project’s duration. Once the project has been completed, we conduct a reporting session to showcase your company’s achievements. Using data-driven results, such as analytics, website traffic, and engagement tools, we report on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Are you ready for growth?

We’re here to help You Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Goodman Lantern's Strategy
Algorithms For Effective Results

At Goodman Lantern, we’ve curated a powerful strategy that involves innovation, creativity, and technical knowledge. Our process is proven to bolster success in businesses within a multitude of industries.

Our strategy involves targeting specific audience members who are best suited to help your company reach its goals. We curate a buyer’s persona and tailor-make content that attracts your ideal customers.


In addition, your newly produced content is brimming with information that showcases your business and offerings as a solution. Harnessing in-depth research of your target audience, the platforms they engage with, and the content they consume, we create projects that are specifically sculpted to their habits.

After the attraction phase of our process, we focus on conversion. The generation of increased leads and sales is rooted in the variety of content and channels utilised. This cultivates multiple income streams and diversifies the opportunity of sales.

Each piece of striking content we produce is shaped to fit the many layers of your custom sales funnel that encourages the next steps of the buying process.


Connection and engagement are the names of this game. We tap into the media behaviours of your target audience members and curate memorable content that keeps them coming back for more.

By positioning their needs and wants as a priority, we can help you cultivate a deeper level of understanding and trust, building a long-lasting relationship with your potential prospects.

This is the secret ingredient to the recipe of success, an art we have streamlined and perfected.

Choose The Best Digital Marketing
Strategy For Your Business

Audit Strategy

Website Audit Strategy

This type of strategy consists of an in-depth analysis of your business’s website and search engine optimisation. The plan includes boosting a company’s visibility online and increasing website traffic.

Audit Strategy

SEO Strategy

eCommerce SEO Strategy

Search engine optimisation is tailor-crafting headlines, product and service descriptions, and metadata to suit the latest digital trends and increase search engine ranking. This is best applied to suit eCommerce businesses.

Enterprise SEO Strategy

Enterprise SEO harnesses the power of search engine optimisation on a larger scale. This strategy aims to align your unique company goals with the consumer habits of the wider market, strengthening your brand’s reputation and audience range.

Organic SEO Strategy

Organic SEO is a more natural, intimate strategy that mainly consists of utilising keywords weaved into text and incorporating link building to help search engines and audience members organically find your webpage and business.

Local SEO Strategy

This is a refurbishing of all your existing content. This strategy includes updating your copy to include keywords, auditing your current web pages, and curating localised landing pages. This strategy is aimed at attracting a more local client base.

National SEO Strategy

This plan is based on increasing your company’s search ranks on a broader scale. With the use of globalised keywords and content that appeals to a wider audience range, your business will start showing up on search engines from across the nation, rather than just your local area.

Technical SEO Strategy

This strategy focuses on all the technical aspects of a website to improve its functionality and credibility for search engines. This includes making the browser load faster, easier for search engines to crawl and understand, and easy-to-digest copy.

Amazon SEO Strategy

This strategy is more aimed at businesses that are selling products. It includes updating product descriptions to better rank on search engines and improving the entire website and web page to appear more legitimate.

Franchise SEO Strategy

Franchising is a strategy aimed at rapidly growing an established brand. The concept is to shift the marketing model from operational to supportive. It’s based more on catering to a target audience’s interests rather than selling to them with a direct approach.

SEO Keyword Planning

Keywords are one of the most powerful ways to boost your search ranking. Researchers analyse your business goals and audience range, as well as which keywords your target audience is searching for. Once the correct keywords are collected, they are implemented naturally into your content.

SEO Content Strategy

This strategy is a long-form version of the keyword implementation but instead relies on content. This includes headlines, in-depth blog posts, and metadata that receive high search rankings. It usually includes providing readers with the information they are generally searching for.

PPC Strategy

Google Ads/PPC Strategy

Google Ads works on a pay-per-click model, where enticing headlines attract audience members who click on the advert. Every click increases a keyword ranking. Every time the keyword is searched, Google decides a winner from the adverts with the chosen keyword and places their advert at the top. This increases website traffic and potential prospects.

Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

This strategy aims to grow a company’s social media following by tailor-crafting posts, videos, and general content. The use of keywords and hashtags is effective in growing the following base. This plan aids in generating leads, website traffic, and bolstering a brand’s reputation.


Link Building Strategy

Link building is the act of improving links that lead back to your website. It can be done internally, across your website pages, or externally, where other websites incorporate a link to your site. This helps increase your search ranking and authority on search engines.


Video Marketing Strategy

Harnessing the power of this striking form of communication, informative videos aim to educate the audience about your brand and products or services. It creates a more personalised marketing approach and helps audience members better understand and trust your company.


Google Analytics Strategy

This strategy is a long-form approach to analysing data and using the findings to tweak your entire marketing strategy. Over time, consumer data will inform you of how your customers and audience members react to your marketing. From there, you can alter your strategy and content to suit what your audience is looking for.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is all about taking action. If you see a potential customer is showing interest in your product or service, lead generation is all about reaching out to them and encouraging them to take the next step. This is done through email marketing, feedback surveys, and other more personalised contact methods.

Graphics Design

Graphics Design Strategy

Graphics are powerful when it comes to brand reputation and attraction. Enticing and memorable graphics catch the eye of potential customers and can be what sets your company apart from the competition. Extending your graphic designs across multiple platforms increases visibility and generates more leads.

HubSpot Management

HubSpot Management Strategy

HubSpot Management is utilising specific programmes that are dedicated to efficiently storing names, emails, and other forms of contact information. This allows a company to easily get in touch with potential and existing clients to ensure their satisfaction.


Are you ready for growth?

We’re here to help You Take Your Business to the Next Level.

Our Clients Love Working With Us Because We Believe in Collaboration

At Goodman Lantern we’re all about building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know their business AND the people behind the brand. In true collaborative spirit, we do everything we can to tell your story and help your business grow.


“Goodman Lantern has an unparalleled level of skill and talent, coupled with a keen understanding of implementation.”

George O’Neill

Owner, The Promo App

“Whenever we’ve provided feedback or suggestions they have always been receptive and open to making changes.”

Nadine Burzler

Head of Content, A Small World
testimonal box

“Their responsiveness to feedback, ability to quickly learn about new industries, and commitment to quality contribute to a collaboration that will continue into the foreseeable future.”

Jeremy Rocher

Marketing Manager, AutoStore

Pricing Plans

We tailor-make packages and pricing structures to suit your budget. No matter what your content needs, we can work out a plan perfectly aligned with your requirements.

Content Marketing Strategy &
Planning FAQs

bottom-blob What should a marketing strategy include?

Every marketing strategy and plan should contain a few vital items. These include the company’s main value proposition, data on the target audience, demographics, a time frame, content development and content types, chosen platforms on which to publish content, and your company’s key branding message.

bottom-blob What is your marketing planning process?

As internet marketing strategy consultants, we have perfected the art of conversion through market planning. We have cultivated a process rooted in the concept of attracting your ideal target market, engaging them with informative and valuable content, and delighting them by showcasing our solutions for their problems. This planning process both entices potential prospects while retaining already-existing clients.

bottom-blob How can I improve my marketing?

One of the best ways to improve your marketing is reaching out to a professional digital marketing strategy agency. Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of company success and it has a direct correlation with your business’s growth. Outsourcing your marketing to experts is a guaranteed way to improve your marketing.

bottom-blob Why should I hire Goodman Lantern for my marketing strategy?

Goodman Lantern’s team of professional researchers and marketers have years of experience under their belt and a proven track record of successful campaigns. We understand how to analyse your business and target audience to craft a persuasive and powerful marketing strategy to help your company reach its goals.

bottom-blob What if I’m not satisfied with the end product?

Throughout the process, the project manager will be in contact with you. You will receive regular updates and drafts to accept and improve along the way. If you are not happy with the work we deliver, you can inform us of what you don’t like, and we will undergo a revision process.

bottom-blob Why is marketing important for my business growth?

Marketing is the link between customers and your company. It informs your potential prospects of your brand, your product or service, and why you are the solution they need. In addition, marketing places you on the virtual map and encourages action.


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