Language Translation &
Localisation Services

Language translation services allow for clear communication, regardless of any
language differences. They are vital for any business that seeks to operate on an
international scale.

What is Language Translation &

language translation

Simply put, language translation services convert information from one language to another. This is beneficial for businesses on two fronts: it increases brand reach while also improving the accessibility of their marketing content.

Professional language translation isn’t automated but instead requires linguistic experts from varying backgrounds. With the help of industry experts, businesses can ensure a consistent tone of voice cross-culturally. Accurate translation also helps content to more easily connect with its target audience.

human nuance

Understanding human nuance is essential for high-quality translation as it is a contextual differentiator in the process of language localisation. Language localisation services work to make a content’s translation appropriate for a specific geographical area and culture.

Adapting marketing language accordingly is key for engaging with niche markets and building trust within specific audiences. This also explains to consumers how a specific product or service works in a way that is relevant in their unique context.

The Difference Between
Translation & Localisation

The main difference between language translation and localisation is in their processes. The former is only concerned with maintaining the meaning of a text when it is changed into another language. On the other hand, localisation services go further by addressing non-textual factors, but rather contextual factors within the audience—like culture, geography, demographic, etc.

Language translation services ensure that the quantitative information associated with a product is transferred accurately. This is important as mistranslations can undermine your brand, compromise marketing campaigns, and create confusion.

Language localisation services, due to their in-depth process, are best performed by individuals fluent in both relevant languages and are local to (or closely familiar with) a specific geographical area.

Although the services associated with language translation and language localisation are starkly different, both are necessary for a globalised content strategy. It can be argued translation is merely the first step in the localisation process.

Legal Documentation
We Translate

legal documents

When it comes to the translation of legal documents, any inaccuracies can have significant consequences. Most often, these will be financial. However, mistakes of this kind also have the potential to damage a brand’s reputation.

In order to nullify the risk of translation inaccuracies, Goodman Lantern offers professional language translation services that place special emphasis on accuracy.

We recognise that there are many types of businesses that frequently deal with intercultural legal documentation. For example, immigration, government bodies, medicine, and aviation. As a result, Goodman Lantern’s language translation services are designed to tackle a wide range of documentation.



We ensure the accurate interpretation of cross-cultural contracts.


Court & Witness Transcripts

Understand the written records of court proceedings with our translation and localisation services.



We provide interpretations and translations of witness depositions to a high standard.

Press Releases

Confidentiality Agreements

We can help readers understand the broader implications of your confidentiality agreements.

Market Research

Wills & Trusts

Goodman Lantern ensures the accurate interpretation of wills and trusts, no matter their country of origin.



We translate and localise complaints, making sure the original meaning is conveyed.

Labelling and Packaging Information


Understanding international policies is essential for any globalising businesss. We ensure you accurately understand international policies.

Product Catalogues

Legal Statements

When several languages are involved, legal statements can be lost in translation. Avoid this with our services.

Product Catalogues


Our content can present cross-cultural license agreements clearly.

Product Catalogues

Litigation Documentation

With our services, you will accurately inform readers of legal action which is about to be taken.

Product Catalogues

Arbitration Translation

Settle legal matters subtly and efficiently with our translation and localisation services.

Product Catalogues

Legal Disclaimers

Translate legal disclaimers to improve accessibility for a globalised target audience.

Certified Legal Translations

human nuance

A certified translation is one that fulfils requirements pertaining to a country and its formal procedures. As a result, the process will vary drastically from country to country.

It is important to note that due to the official nature of certified documents, some countries allow only state-appointed translators to handle them. Others will allow employees of a language services company or any bilingual person to undertake the translation process.

Due to their nature, certified legal translations are usually associated with monumental moments in people’s lives.
Here, language translation services are of the utmost importance.



Goodman Lantern ensures your overseas travel documents retain accurate information during translation.


Adoption Papers

Our translation services make sure there is no misunderstanding with important certificates like adoption papers.


Legal Name Change Documentation

If a name change is required or wanted, we’re prepared to provide the document translation if necessary.


Driver’s Licenses

Whether on holiday or changing countries, Goodman Lantern takes care when translating driving licenses.


Birth Certificates

We make sure the date, time and location of a person’s birth are not lost in translation.


Marriage Certificates

With extremely meaningful documents like this, our localisation services ensure accurate translation.


Academic Transcripts & Diplomas

Our accurate translation ensures academic achievements can be used overseas later in life.


Medical Records

It’s not an understatement that accurately translated medical records from Goodman Lantern can be lifesaving.

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Different Translation &
Localisation Services


Clear communication is a significant part of any marketing effort, and this is only made more important when it comes to international content.

Language translation and localisation services work to improve the connection between businesses and their audience. These services can include a combination of different techniques.

Marketing Materials Localisation

Marketing Translation & Localisation

Catering to your target audience helps boost the effectiveness of marketing material. Professional language translation services can demonstrate your content has been created with the specific characteristics of your audience in mind.

Legal & Certified Translation

Technical language and highly important documentation both require expert translators. Their services ensure that all the facts and relevant details are translated accurately.

Multilingual SEO
Interactive Infographic

Game Translation & Localisation

Many games involve spoken or written storylines which can be lost to international audiences without proper translation. Services here make sure that the emotional elements of the game are translated too.

Content Localisation

We help businesses tailor content to align with local priorities, culture, and traditions. This shows that a business cares about its audience enough to try and connect with them on a deeper level.

Marketing Materials Localisation
Multilingual SEO

Software Localisation

This involves localisation down to the production stage. Local software engineers, developers, editors, actors, and translators will be employed to enhance authenticity.

Website Translation & Localisation

Language translation services that encompass an entire website provide options for international visitors. This allows for evergreen content portfolios to seamlessly become available to new groups of consumers.

Interactive Infographic
Interactive Infographic

Translation Proofreading & Editing Services

To guarantee accuracy, thorough proofreading and editing are parts of all high-standard translation services. This process also checks whether the tone and message are consistent once the translation is complete.

Interpretation Services

Clarity can sometimes be lost during the translation process. This is an issue, as accurate information is worthless if it isn’t presented understandably to readers. Interpretation services make sure translated texts remain concise and straightforward.

Marketing Materials Localisation
Multilingual SEO

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is involved in formatting physical content, such as brochures and flyers. These services allow this process to create quality multilingual content to entice potential customers and improve brand loyalty.

Why Should You Choose Us?

As mentioned before, a major way to grade language translation services is through their accuracy. With Goodman Lantern, you can trust that your content will be translated flawlessly.

The Goodman Lantern team contains expert researchers, writers and editors from all over the world. As such, we’re able to offer language translation services for lots of different languages, as well as for a range of countries.

Engineering Writing
Engineering Writing

Our experience level means that your content maintains its quality during the translation process. In fact, our research skills work to enhance your content to better appeal to new global markets.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses take their marketing to the next level and expand their customer base. Accessing new international audiences with localised content is one of the ways businesses can experience a boost in sales.
Goodman Lantern has the marketing strategies to ensure this content is effectively distributed.

Industries We Serve


Banking, Finance & Insurance

Content that deals with banking, finance and insurance tend to exist in competitive marketplaces and have complex themes. The industry often offers products and services to provide money or assets. The associated documents, therefore, require highly accurate copy that is informative and engaging.

When it comes to language translation services, we help businesses in the banking, finance and insurance industries communicate clearly with their audience. This helps avoid costly mistakes, which are possible due to the large amounts of money involved in these industries.

Additionally, accurate localisation allows these companies’ brands to stand out from the crowd. Tailored content like this gives consumers the reassurance that your business has their best interests at heart.

In this way, Goodman Lantern helps banking, finance and insurance companies generate leads and maintain them over time. We gather customer data to provide valuable insights, which we use to effectively position your future content.

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Marketing & Advertising

With the increasingly digital nature of content today, the marketing and advertising industry has grown to massive proportions. Any business can benefit from effective marketing to bring in new customers, increase sales, and boost revenue.

Marketing and advertising efforts can help you to cultivate a loyal customer base. When these efforts are built on consistent content, they can benefit businesses year on year.

Goodman Lantern’s content writing services equip marketing and advertising businesses with a comprehensive content strategy to achieve this. We also provide professional language translation services to help businesses adapt their content to access international markets. In this way, businesses in this industry can expand their reach dramatically.

Customer experience is the key to successful marketing and advertising. Employing language localisation techniques shows that a business cares enough about its audience to give them a personalised experience.

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The legal industry frequently deals with documentation that spans multiple countries, such as immigration papers, contracts, passports, and academic diplomas. Resultantly, language translation services perform a much-needed role for legal businesses.

The legal industry is also one that serves all kinds of clients, from small businesses to large corporations and even individuals. As such, Goodman Lantern content helps legal businesses overcome one of the main marketing challenges of their industry, its oversaturation.

Branching out into the global marketplace is a great way to do this, which requires the use of language translation services. We’ll help you demonstrate the value of your services to consumers. With more and more legal services now discoverable online, standing out is crucial.

With internationally adapted content, your legal brand will be positioned as one that isn’t limited to one country. A positive brand reputation improves lead retention and repeats sales.

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Language Translation Services FAQs

bottom-blob How do I know when translations are accurate?

It’s unlikely your business will have in-house proofreaders to check translations are accurate. Fortunately, most agencies that provide language translation services will give quality assurance. This can come in the form of industry accreditations, as well as evidence of quality control checks. Translations can also be certified by the translator, or an official body, with a marking on each page that indicates accuracy.

bottom-blob How much do language translation services cost?

The cost of translating content will vary depending on a number of factors. For instance, the scale of the project and its language complexity. Additionally, some of the languages involved in translation may be more difficult to translate than others.

bottom-blob Can my website be translated?

Yes. Language translation services can target technical aspects of business content too. For instance, the source code of your website can be translated to allow for your content to maintain its SEO ranking in other countries.

bottom-blob How long do translations take?

The length of time it takes to complete a translation will vary in line with the length and complexity of the document. Translators should provide a quote regarding how long they think it will take prior to taking on the job. On the other hand, localisation services will likely take longer than translations. This is because of the greater amount of research and planning work involved.


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