HubSpot for eCommerce

HubSpot is an online platform that eCommerce businesses can use for marketing and
sales purposes. HubSpot offers integrations with online stores that can significantly
affect brand authority, lead generation and audience targeting.

Convert Your Online Traffic Into Sales


Hubspot for eCommerce is beneficial mainly due to its ability to convert your business’ traffic into sales. Lead conversion is a significant part of any marketing strategy, as it guarantees a return on investment.

Conversely, due to the nature of eCommerce websites as online marketplaces, your eCommerce website may receive lots of visitors but comparatively few sales. This is because people may just be browsing.

HubSpot eCommerce integrations help you personalise your content, thus effectively targeting your chosen audience. As a result, your products and services will have a higher success rate of grabbing the attention of browsers.


Furthermore, HubSpot features allow you to present your brand in a simplistic and accessible way. This means potential customers are more likely to view a range of your eCommerce content.

HubSpot for eCommerce also has analytics, so you can track your site’s conversion rates and use the data in future content creation.

Why You Need HubSpot
eCommerce Services


HubSpot eCommerce marketing services can be applied in many ways and, as such, are efficient in achieving business growth. Some notable features of these services include customer support, automation, website integration and business analytics.


A significant strength of HubSpot as a platform is that it functions as both a marketing asset and a tool for sales. This flexibility allows you to focus on the best practices for your target audience.


Utilising HubSpot eCommerce services is a perfect move for businesses as it allows them to streamline their content. This means more of their marketing efforts hit the mark and secure loyal customers for these companies. HubSpot for eCommerce is therefore well-positioned for businesses to incorporate into their marketing strategy.


HubSpot eCommerce services focus on lead generation and increasing sales, two aspects that are key to the success of online stores.

What We Do


Goodman Lantern offers bespoke content creation services that implement our client’s wishes down to a T. We craft content strategies to meet your business goals.

A portion of what we do is help eCommerce businesses use HubSpot as a resource for inbound marketing. Our holistic approach to content marketing is highly effective, as it ensures our client’s content is tailored to their target audience.


Our content also aids eCommerce businesses in improving sales by building their brand image. Being a trusted brand is particularly important for online stores, as it means consumers feel comfortable enough to purchase their products.

Our team of expert writers, designers and editors are with you every step of the way. This includes delivering HubSpot analytics data, which we regularly use to update our services and keep our client’s in the loop.

Expand Your eCommerce Marketplace


Build Your Brand

With Goodman Lantern, your content will have a consistent tone, quality and language to create a lasting brand impression. This can include distinctive priorities and styles, which, in time, will become synonymous with your eCommerce business.

Our services mean consumers can be drawn to your products and services directly due to your brand values. We’ll also ensure your content covers topics that demonstrate your expertise. This also helps build brand authority, which is integral to lead generation and conversion.

Increase Your Sales

eCommerce businesses thrive primarily through website sales due to subscription and cloud-based services. Our HubSpot eCommerce marketing services work around the clock to increase sales for online stores. Our SEO, social media, online platform and content marketing techniques help boost eCommerce sales.

This involves a combination of features to both draw in potential customers and retain them. Here, the latter point is crucial, as loyal customers promise recurring sales year after year.


Personalise Your Marketing

HubSpot uses customer relationship management(CRM) software to allow businesses to customise their marketing content in various ways. Goodman Lantern helps eCommerce websites utilise this by tailoring their content to appeal to their specific target audience.

When you come on board with us, we discuss the aspects that might influence the nature of your content. For instance, your audience demographic or occupation, your products and services, or whether your business exists solely online.

Track Your Revenue

HubSpot for eCommerce businesses is ideal because the platform offers analytics tools that help track your revenue. The dropdown menus on HubSpot are easy to navigate, and Goodman Lantern utilises them to provide you with data on how your content impacts revenue.

These tracking analytics contain breakdowns that can be valuable for evolving content strategies. Areas like new recurring revenue can give insight into how your lead generation content is performing.


How Goodman Lantern Helps
in HubSpot Services

As a content marketing agency, Goodman Lantern uses all the best online marketing tools in our services. When it comes to a platform like HubSpot, we help your business take full advantage of it.

HubSpot for eCommerce can encompass many different marketing features, creating an all-in-one marketing and sales platform. As such, our HubSpot services can take your content in various directions.

Goodman Lantern can be of service, whether you want to focus on content creation, distribution, advertising, strategy, or analytics.

This wealth of opportunity can sometimes be hard for businesses to utilise in-house. With Goodman Lantern’s help, you’ll have a marketing strategy designed specifically for HubSpot.


Our services help you connect with your audience on a deep level with optimised content. We take this a step further by providing content that will promote your brand. Increasing your brand reach and authority can do wonders for lead generation.

In particular, with brand authority, we’ll help you build trust in your audience to increase regular sales over time.

We regularly analyse performance data generated through HubSpot analytics as part of our HubSpot services. This way, you’re kept in the loop about how your goals are being met.

Why Should You Choose Us?


When you choose Goodman Lantern, you’ll be safe because you’ve chosen one of the most established content creation agencies around. Our mission is for you to see your business grow and develop with the help of our services.

Our team has a wealth of experience with clients from all over the world, dealing with industries and content formats of all kinds. Given the current business landscape post-pandemic, using HubSpot for eCommerce is a marketing strategy we’ve become very familiar with.


Whatever your goals are, we’ll create a content marketing strategy that is unique and comprehensive. This employs our knowledge of content marketing and a thorough understanding of your brand. The latter is something we always take the time to discuss with our clients.

Goodman Lantern is committed to delivering professional, reliable content marketing services. Our company values of collaboration, transparency and equality reflect this.

Industries We Serve



Software as a service is an industry that revolves around businesses that use technology to make their customers’ lives easier. Whether it’s everyday individuals, families or other companies, quality content can help these businesses stand out from the crowd.

Goodman Lantern is adept at promoting the benefits of the SaaS industry about the particular business’ target audience. Furthermore, our expert writers use SaaS marketing content to simplify the technical topics and terminology often covered by such companies.

We work to make SaaS brands as accessible as possible for a broad range of consumers. With our services, your SaaS business will become a fully realised commercial success, which is essential given the subscription nature of most SaaS companies.

Learn More


Over the years, methods of communication have expanded dramatically. The more traditional forms have since been replaced or have many alternatives. Goodman Lantern’s content creation services are a great asset to this industry, as they help individual companies rise above their competitors.

These services can also be used by people far and wide within society, meaning telecom businesses often have a variety of potential customers.

Goodman Lantern provides robust content strategies that can be adapted to fit all audiences. In this way, we tailor our content to get the best results for ever-changing businesses like those in the telecom industry.

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Augmented Reality

While augmented and virtual reality technology is no longer front-page news, its potential is still largely untapped. The industry is constantly expanding, bringing in new businesses and customers.

Goodman Lantern recognises this and is on hand to help augmented reality businesses capitalise with cutting edge marketing content. When the industry introduces new ideas and products, you need content informing consumers.

At Goodman Lantern, our content ticks this box with simple explanations and intuitive visual elements.

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Our Clients Love Working With Us Because We Believe in Collaboration

At Goodman Lantern we’re all about building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know their business AND the people behind the brand. In true collaborative spirit, we do everything we can to tell your story and help your business grow.


“They have allowed us to super-charge our business development and content function efficiently and successfully.”

Jonty Hadfield

Caselton Clark

“Whenever we’ve provided feedback or suggestions, they have always been receptive and open to making changes.”

Nadine Burzler

Head of Content, ASMALLWORLD
testimonal box

“Their responsiveness to feedback, ability to quickly learn about new industries, and commitment to quality contribute to a collaboration that will continue into the foreseeable future.”

Shanker Ghimire

Executive Director, Asian Pharmaceuticals

HubSpot for eCommerce Services FAQs

bottom-blob What type of integrations does HubSpot Have?

HubSpot has a large marketplace of apps that can be integrated to work with HubSpot content. There are almost 400 of these integrations, which you can browse using your business’ HubSpot account.

bottom-blob How much do HubSpot CRM services cost?

The essential features of HubSpot CRM are free for all users. However, some premium features are only available behind a paywall. While these premium features can improve sales, it depends on your situation as to whether you consider them necessary. We’re, of course, happy to advise.

bottom-blob Can I use HubSpot for outbound marketing?

Yes. Outbound marketing tools like tracked emails are among some of HubSpot's most impactful integration features.

bottom-blob What sets HubSpot Tracking ads apart from those on Facebook and Google?

The URL of HubSpot ads have a tracking code to identify the contacts that interact with them. This works as a technical feature to help optimise content.


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Without a doubt, Goodman Lantern can help your business use HubSpot for eCommerce. A multi-faceted platform like HubSpot can be intimidating for businesses to navigate.

However, with a professional content creation agency such as us, you’ll be able to utilise this online tool and many more to grow your business.

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At our core, we’re a content marketing agency. But we have a bigger ‘why’ that supports what we do.

By choosing Goodman Lantern as your content creation partner, you’re making a pretty big impact too. You’re helping us to act with integrity by providing remote work opportunities to women, many of whom are the breadwinners of their families.

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