Originally published June 3, 2020 , updated on July 1, 2023

Published Date: The date when the blog went live on GL website. Updated Date: The latest date when the GL Content team updated this blog.

Meet the GL Family

Whatever industry you’re in, our team of experienced content marketers can engage and convert your audience.


Leadership Team

Goodman Lantern’s leadership team consists of a group of diverse, highly experienced industry professionals passionate about producing top-quality work and outstanding results for our clients.

Christian Chadwick
Head of Operations

Bianca Tolentino

Sales Operations Manager

Sachin Tomar

Manager – Marketing & Centre for Excellence

Kate Hanly

Operations Manager

Gelani Tissera
Financial Controller

Lara Louise van Schalkwyk
Chief Editor

Rodith Gabas

Project Manager

Board of Directors

Raj Goodman Anand
Founder and CEO

Sumner Makin
Non-Executive Director

The Content Writing Team

 Our content team comprises people from all walks of life – ex-journalists, senior editors, career content marketers, SEO experts, digital strategists, designers, animators, illustrators, and everything in between.

We sip 100s of cups of tea and coffee every month as we churn out valuable, thought-provoking content for our ever-growing list of clients.

We Create Content You Can Trust

Goodman Lantern’s talented writers, editors and designers have expertise in various content niches. So no matter the type of B2B content you need, we’ll deliver engaging content engineered to boost your conversion rates.

An employee standing up and demonstrating strong results to their boss sitting at the desk

We help our clients overcome the challenges associated with time constraints, skill set mismatches, and limited networks. Our highly flexible and accommodating team will help you easily create top-quality content.

Who We Are

Our diverse team of B2B content creators and strategists specialise in helping tech-focused businesses increase their leads and conversions.

What We Do

We provide native English content writing, strategy, design, translation, localisation, and SEO services to a growing list of satisfied clients across the globe.

Future Plans

We’ve set an ambitious goal for 2030: to be recognised globally as the company that employs and engages the most women in tech and marketing. Watch this space.

Valuable Content Is the Key to Generating More Leads

Creating top-quality content that engages target audiences and drives sales can take time and effort. But when you choose Goodman Lantern as your content partner, we’ll help you develop a roadmap for creating and publishing authentic, valuable content that will resonate with your target customers. In addition, our team of content specialists can help you define your content marketing objectives and find ways to help you stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, we’ll help you rank better on search engines and grow faster.

Goodman Lantern’s Core Values

We’re a team of “go-getters” driven by optimism, integrity, and honesty. Goodman Lantern encourages open communication at all times – both within our team and with our clients – ensuring everyone within our sphere feels respected and valued.


We encourage complete commitment to each task, big and small, and only onboard team members who are 100% reliable, enthusiastic, and passionate about their work.


We consistently aim to produce excellent results but remain humble and open-minded, adopting a growth mindset as we build and scale our company. And we’ve made it our mission to create an inclusive, diverse environment where all perspectives matter.

Three team members illustrated in front of a desk at a content writing company
reliable and committed

Reliable and committed

We fully commit to our clients’ goals, plans, and projects. As a result, our long-standing clients know they can rely on us to consistently deliver high-quality work on time.



We choose not to dwell on the negative. Instead, we approach our work with a “glass-half-full” mindset. There are no “problems” – only challenges for which we can always find innovative solutions.


Inclusive and respectful

We’re passionate about giving women equal access to income opportunities. We treat everyone within our “family” fairly and equally, and welcome and respect different perspectives and opinions.


Our humility means that it’s easy to partner with us. Others feel valued and comfortable in our company, which helps us to collaborate and focus on creating the best possible work.


Be Part Of The Tribe

At Goodman Lantern, we put our weight behind every action and commitment that we give to each other and our clients – just like a Tribe. In general, we have an optimistic attitude, eliminate pessimistic language, expect things to go well and trust that no setback is permanent. We do what we say and we say what we do!

Large_Core Values

Content With a Cause

A symbol for men and a symbol for women with an equal sign between showing that both get paid equally

We Promote Women’s Empowerment and Women in Tech and Marketing

We want to change that.

Symbol for male and female genders showing that they are regarded as equals

We Strive for Gender Parity

Goodman Lantern has built an open and inclusive framework, welcoming more women to our team. We aim to increase the percentage of women in our workforce from 80% to 90% over the next two years. This goal includes having a leadership team that’s 90% women.


We believe it’s our social responsibility to strive for gender parity globally, and we’re committed to creating consistent, reliable, and fair income opportunities for women. We know, of course, that the soft skills women bring to the team are highly beneficial and good for business. In addition, we welcome the democratic, team-building mindset our women leaders add to our tribe.


Goodman Lantern’s inclusive hiring policy also makes for a diverse workplace where the sharing of different perspectives is encouraged.

Arrows illustrating the directions of going straight on, going left or going right

Growth, Flexibility, and Inclusivity

Apart from employing and contracting women, we make it as easy as possible for our team members to balance work with personal time and family responsibilities. Our work hours are flexible, and employees are encouraged to work from the comfort of their homes or coworking spaces in their area. 


We also encourage a growth mindset. As such, we’ve made mentorship and kind, ongoing support and encouragement part of our company’s DNA.


More often than not, women draw the short straw in traditional environments. Our solution is to foster an environment where fairness, respect, and accountability rule. This approach also allows Goodman Lantern to meet present and future challenges head-on.