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With the right content marketing agency by your side, speaking to a USA-based target audience becomes easy.

Our Expertise

Blog Writing Services

Blogs are a great way to consistently connect with your audience about topics that interest them, helping to drive traffic to your website. To help build your brand, topics should be closely linked to the products and services you’re offering.


Our content marketing agency will take the time to research your US target market and explore your customers’ needs and challenges. We’ll then create a schedule of topics to be turned into interesting, unique blog posts that include the keywords you’d like to rank for. If your business already uses a particular style, tone and voice, we’ll make it our mission to mirror this in our content.

Article Writing Services

Other articles may also form part of your business’s content-marketing strategy. For example, voicing your opinion about challenges within your industry could demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. These thought-leadership articles can build brand authority and ultimately lead to more sales.


The Goodman Lantern team is adept at creating thought-provoking articles and opinion pieces that provide readers with valuable information that isn’t easy to find elsewhere. Once we know your team and goals, we can easily write in an individual team member’s voice, doing ghostwriting on your behalf. All it takes is a brief, and you’ll benefit from having high-quality, brand-specific content on your website.

Whitepaper Writing Services

Going one step further than articles, whitepapers can put your business at the forefront of industry thinking. Over time, these long-form, in-depth documents can establish your company and team members as experts in specific topics. A whitepaper typically shows that your business can offer solutions to problems that affect your target audience and is usually rich with data, stats, and facts.


Our team of specialist writers and editors will work closely with your company to ensure our whitepapers are perfectly aligned with your goals and based on good data. We’ll also ensure it reflects information that’s relevant to your USA-based target audience.

Web Content Writing Services

When producing website content, consistency and quality are key. With Goodman Lantern’s help, you’ll be able to publish a range of web content types that will collectively serve the purpose of your website.


Consistency in style and quality helps convince website visitors that you’re a professional business with expertise in a specific area. Our team can assist if you need to enhance your existing website or create one from scratch. We can also define a content strategy to guide the content production and distribution process for your US audience.

Brochure Content Writing

Although online content has replaced printed content in many instances, brochures and leaflets are still a great way to connect with customers. Give a prospective client a tangible, valuable document with your branding on it, and there’s a good chance they’ll refer to it again and remember you.


Using the services of a best-in-class content writing agency in the USA could translate into brochures that help build your brand. The quality of the content is critical as the printed product will likely remain in circulation for a while. Goodman Lantern’s brochure writing services include working with your team to create concise, accurate, and engaging content that will leave a lasting impression.

SEO-Optimised Content Writing

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise on the internet, which is why every business that’s serious about attracting customers through search engines needs a good SEO strategy and SEO-optimised content. This type of content is easily found by search engine bots, which means connecting your content to people searching for specific products and services online is easier.


SEO-optimised content writing is one of Goodman Lantern’s biggest focus areas. We’re passionate about helping our clients to achieve results and getting them to rank higher on Google’s results pages. We use SEO specialists and the best industry software to inform our content writing, helping our clients to attract valuable customers in their target regions.

Grow Your Business With Our Digital Marketing Services

SEO Services

Search engine optimisation (SEO) not only puts your business at the fingertips of more customers; it helps more qualified leads to find you. Over time, greater lead quality translates into a higher conversion rate and more sales.

Our team of experts will research the words and phrases that connect your products and services to those who need them. When you achieve a high search engine ranking, it also adds to the credibility of your business. This higher credibility creates a snowball effect, which leads to even more new website visitors and customers. Investing in good SEO-optimised content is an investment you certainly won’t regret.

Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound marketing services can help you interact with your audience on a more personal level. This type of marketing is what you do on social media, in newsletters, and on other platforms to help target customers discover you naturally (i.e. there’s no hard selling involved).

To ensure genuine connections form during this process, our team will craft content that provides value to the people you’re targeting. We can also help you plan the placement of your content on other platforms to ensure they reach your target customers.

Content Distribution Services

The way you share your content online has an impact on its effectiveness. Your distribution or amplification channels should be carefully selected to ensure you reach the people in your target market.

Our strategy team can help you to define the best platforms for your business, while our editors and writers can create the content you need (for example, social media posts and newsletters). We can also help you to distribute your content via third-party channels, such as guest blogs, news media publications, and product review websites.

Graphic Design Services

Visual content is a great way to grab a target customer’s attention. In fact, research shows we respond to and process visual data better than any other type of data.

From videos and infographics to animated gifs and beautifully illustrations, our team can create visual content that will make you stand out from the crowd. Our experienced graphic design and UX/UI teams can also design your website and app, helping you to bring your visual identity and content to life.

Translation & Localisation Services

As an international content marketing agency, Goodman Lantern employs writers and editors from across the globe and has professional translators on hand to provide translation services. Our team will ensure your original messages don’t get lost in translation and that the meaning of every message is as intended.

The Goodman Lantern crew that manages our localisation services also carefully consider how your content should be adapted across cultures. In addition, our translation and localisation team can ensure your website pages look the same at first glance, helping you to maintain a sleek, professional appearance.

Strategy and Planning Services

The content you publish should be strategically planned, or else you risk not achieving the results or reaching the audience you have in mind. A well-defined strategy will create a roadmap for your content that’s aligned with your business and marketing objectives.

Working as a content writing company in the USA, we’re well-versed in the types of content and platforms that drive results among US customers. After spending some time with your team to understand your needs and objectives, we’ll develop a plan and content marketing schedule that will ensure a solid return on investment for your business.

How GL Fits Into Your Local USA Business

One of the main strengths of our SEO-focused content writing team is our ability to create highly localised content.

We recognise that the USA is incredibly diverse and that every town, city, and region is slightly different. When we partner with you, we’ll work to increase your company’s visibility in specific target markets by ensuring your content includes the key search terms people use within a specific region.


We’ll analyse the data for the pages ranking in the top 10 positions on Google in the location you’re targeting and help you identify the keywords to use in your content. The aim would be to rank higher than your competitors.


Most people use Google to find services and products in their area (the closer to home, the better). By ensuring your content contains relevant information for the local population, and bringing in those keywords they’re using, we can help you grow your business.

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Industries We Serve


Time is often the most valuable resource for businesses and consumers. As a result, most companies and individuals regularly look for ways to make their day-to-day routines simpler and faster. Over the last few years, the software as a service (SaaS) industry has been expanding to meet this demand.


The number of available SaaS products and services is growing incredibly fast. You might find it tough to grab your audience’s attention if you’re a software manufacturer. Need help? Our content marketing team has worked with many SaaS clients and can help you create the content you need.


As telecommunication companies specialise in modes of communication, it seems fitting that many consumers judge their products and services on how these businesses communicate through content.


Goodman Lantern can help your telecommunications company to position itself as an innovator and thought leader. Our writing team can use white papers, ebooks, articles, and other types of content to help you impart information in a precise, engaging manner that leaved a lasting impression on your readers.


In turn, our graphic design and video teams can create striking visual content to explain complicated concepts and product information to your target audience.

vr-ar 1

Augmented Reality (AR)

No topic is too complex for our team of specialist writers and editors. The efficiency and robustness of our content production process mean your AR-related business’s content can cater to various markets and resonate with the customers you’d like to target.


Our SEO, content, and graphic design teams can help you promote new products and services, explain topics clearly, and help your US audience visualise what you do and how your augmented reality solution could impact their lives.

Why You Should Work With Our USA-Based Team

The Goodman Lantern team consists of managers, creatives, and technical specialists who have produced award-winning content for world-leading brands over several decades.

Many of our writers, editors, designers and SEO specialists have more than 20+ years of experience helping premium brands craft and distribute content that drives sales.

Our US team can help you overcome any content-marketing challenges you’re currently facing and help you find a content rhythm that makes sense to your company and customers.

We know the USA market well and will make an effort to understand how your unique goals and objectives can be met. If necessary, we’ll pull in industry experts to help us understand the industry you’re operating in and how we can assist your brand to reach your target audience.

Expect working with a team of go-getters who are friendly, approachable, humble, and respectful – and set on creating excellent work that drives results.

We’ll schedule regular meetings to ensure alignment with your team and communicate throughout the content-production process to keep you informed. Throughout our collaboration, we’ll also keep an eye on the metrics, adjusting our approach to ensure our content has maximum impact.


Let’s help you grow your business with great content.

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