Originally published December 19, 2022 , updated on January 23, 2023

Language Translation & Localisation Services

Language translation services enable precise, consistent communication, regardless of language differences. As a result, these services are essential for any business or organisation that seeks to operate internationally.

What is Language Translation & Localisation?

An agency that offers language translation services converts information from one language to another. Content translation benefits businesses in many ways: for example, it increases brand reach, making your products and services accessible to people in various markets.


Professional language translation isn’t automated. Instead, it involves translators from different backgrounds who carefully translate every sentence to ensure the meaning is still accurate and clear. With these services, your business will have a consistent tone of voice cross-culturally and connect effectively with your target audiences.

Understanding the nuances of a language is essential for high-quality translations. Teams that offer good language localisation services will adapt your content for specific geographical areas and cultures. Spanish or French, for example, differs depending on the location.


Localising your marketing messages is critical for engaging with niche markets and building trust with target customers. In turn, good translations will make it easy for customers to understand your offering.

The Difference Between Translation & Localisation

A team that offers language translation services will, for example, ensure that product information is transferred accurately. Accuracy is essential, as mistranslations can undermine your brand, compromise your marketing campaigns, and confuse your target audience.


When you partner with a company that offers language localisation services, you must ensure they have good checks in place. Both an editor and a translator should be involved. Additionally, the translator and editor should be familiar with the specific geographical area and how the language is used there.


Although the services associated with language translation and localisation differ, both should form part of your content strategy. Translation is merely the first step in the localisation process.

Legal Documentation We Translate

When it comes to the translation of legal documents, inaccuracies can have significant legal and financial implications. Mistakes can also damage your brand reputation. 


To reduce translation inaccuracies, Goodman Lantern offers professional language translation services that emphasise accuracy.  


We recognise that many businesses frequently deal with written legal documents such as contracts and service-level agreements. As a result, we’re set up to manage a wide range of language translation services. These include:



We ensure the accurate interpretation of cross-cultural contracts.

Group (1)

Court & Witness Transcripts

Our translation and localisation services include written records of court proceedings.

Group (2)


We provide interpretations and translations of witness depositions.

Group (3)

Confidentiality Agreements

We help readers understand the broader implications of confidentiality agreements.

Group (4)

Wills & Trusts

We ensure the accurate interpretation of wills and trusts, no matter the language or country.

Group (5)


We translate and localise complaints documents, helping you to convey accurate messages.

Group (6)


Our translators will take the time to understand your policies before they put pen to paper.

Group (7)

Legal Statements

Don’t let your legal statements get lost in translation. We’ll help you to translate them.

Group (8)


We’ll produce translated documents that make it easy for parties to understand cross-cultural license agreements.

Group (9)

Litigation Documentation

Need to take legal action? We’ll ensure your litigation documents are 100% accurate.

Group (10)

Arbitration Translation

Settle legal matters efficiently while ensuring all parties understand the issues involved with our translation services.

Group (11)

Legal Disclaimers

Get us to translate your legal disclaimers and improve accessibility for your local target audience.

Certified Legal Translations

A certified translation fulfils the requirements of a country and its formal procedures. The requirements vary drastically from country to country.


Due to the official nature of certified documents, some countries only allow state-appointed translators to handle them. Others will allow employees of a language services company or any bilingual person to undertake the translation process.


Certified legal translations are usually associated with important moments in people’s lives. For this reason, excellent, professional language translation services are critical.


Ensure your overseas travel documents remain accurate during the translation process.

Adoption Papers

Avoid misunderstandings – get important certificates like adoption papers properly translated.

Legal Name Change Documentation

Provide document translation if a name change is required or wanted, or legally necessary.

Driver’s Licenses

Take care when translating driver’s licenses, ensuring that the information remains accurate.

Birth Certificates

Make sure the date, time and location of a person’s birth aren’t lost in translation.

Marriage Certificates

Ensure the accurate translation of important documents like marriage certificates.

Academic Transcripts, Degrees & Diplomas

Ensure academic achievements can be shared with potential employers in other countries.

Medical Records

Accurately translate medical records to ensure good care is possible in another country.

Different Translation & Localisation Services

Clear communication is the cornerstone of marketing. When you’re communicating on an international level, this becomes even more important.


Language translation and localisation services work to improve the connection between businesses and their audiences. These services can include a combination of things.

Marketing Translation & Localisation

Catering to your target audience will boost the effectiveness of your marketing material. Professional language translation services can demonstrate you’ve created your content with a specific target audience in mind.


Legal & Certified Translation

Translating technical language and important legal documentation requires highly skilled translators. These services will ensure that all facts and relevant details are translated accurately.


Game Translation & Localisation

Many games involve spoken or written storylines which can be lost to international audiences without proper translation. Our services will ensure that the game’s emotional elements are translated too.


Content Localisation

We help businesses tailor content to align with local cultures and language nuances. This demonstrates that your business cares about its audience enough to try and connect with them on a deeper level.


Software Localisation

This involves localisation at every touch point of usage. Our translators will work closely with your software engineers and other team members to help you produce a best-in-class product.


Website Translation & Localisation

Our language translation services will ensure your website is accessible to visitors from different locations. Talking to target customers in their languages could have a dramatic impact on sales and business growth.


Translation Proofreading & Editing Services

Proofreading and editing are both part of the translation services offered by Goodman Lantern. We don’t only translate and localise documents, but check that the copy is free of errors.


Interpretation Services

Translators sometimes lose clarity during the translation process, making text hard to understand. Good interpretation services ensure translated texts remain clear and precise.


Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing involves producing content, such as brochures, flyers, and books. We’ll help you to create quality multilingual content to draw in potential customers.


Transcreation Services

If you’re keen to produce bespoke content to support a move into a new market, you’re probably looking for transcreation services. Once again, we can assist.


Languages We Translate

At Goodman Lantern, we understand what it takes to translate your business and marketing content effectively. Our team can help you to reach your goals.

We offer translation and localisation of content in the following languages:




Group (1)


Group (2)


Group (3)


Group (4)


Group (5)


Group (6)


Group (7)


Why Should You Choose Us?

One way of gauging a company’s language translation services is accuracy. You can trust that we’ll translate your content precisely, as we’ve done this for many other clients.


Our team consists of highly skilled translators, writers and editors from all over the world. As such, we offer language translation services in many different languages. Name the languages you’d like us to use, and we’ll match the right people to the task.


We’ll ensure your messages stay the same during translation. But we can also go a step further to ensure we understand the cultural and regional differences in the countries you’re targeting. We’ll adapt our content accordingly to ensure your messages make an impact.


We’ve helped 100s of businesses take their marketing efforts to the next level. Targeting international audiences with expertly translated content is one of the ways your company can also boost sales.


Industries We Serve

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Content related to banking, finance and insurance tends to deal with complex themes. The associated documents, therefore, need to be highly accurate but also informative, engaging, and valuable. 


When it comes to language translation services, we help businesses in the banking, finance and insurance industries communicate clearly with their audiences. We also help these businesses to avoid the costly mistakes that quickly happen in these high-value industries. 


Additionally, our translation, localisation and transcreation services make it possible for our clients to stand out from the crowd. Tailored content that’s based on facts, stats, and thorough research assure target customers that businesses have their best interests at heart. 


We help banking, finance and insurance companies generate leads and retain customers. Should we be doing the same for you?


13 1

Marketing & Advertising

With content becoming increasingly digital, the content marketing industry has boomed. Most businesses can benefit from effective content marketing to attract new customers, increase sales, and retain existing customers.


The right marketing and advertising campaigns can help you to cultivate a loyal customer base. When you make an effort to create content that isn’t time-sensitive, your business can benefit year after year. 


Goodman Lantern’s content writing services includes creating comprehensive content strategies for marketing and advertising businessess. We also provide professional language translation services to help enterprises adapt their content for international markets. In this way, businesses in this industry can expand their reach dramatically.


Customer experience is the key to successful marketing and advertising. Employing language localisation techniques shows that a business cares enough about its audience to give them a personalised experience.



The legal industry frequently involves documentation that spans multiple countries, such as immigration papers, contracts, passports, and academic diplomas. As a result, language translation services perform a critical role. The legal industry also serves various clients, from small businesses to large corporations and individuals. 


Goodman Lantern’s content team helps legal businesses overcome one of the main marketing challenges of the industry – oversaturation.Branching out into the global marketplace is a great way to do this, but this requires language translation, localisation and transcreation services. We’ll help you demonstrate the value of your services to consumers, no matter where they are. With more and more legal services now discoverable online, it’s crucial to stand out.


With internationally adapted content, you’ll position your brand as one that operates across territories. At the same time, you’ll start to build a rapport with target customers and building long-term relationships.


Our Clients Love Working With Us Because We Believe in Collaboration

At Goodman Lantern we’re all about building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know their business AND the people behind the brand. In true collaborative spirit, we do everything we can to tell your story and help your business grow.


“Whenever we’ve provided feedback or suggestions they have always been receptive and open to making changes.”

Nadine Burzler

Head of Content, A Small World


“Outsourcing everything to their company has been a big relief.”

Shanker Ghimire

Executive Director, Asian Pharmaceuticals


“We are delighted with our collaboration with Goodman Lantern because in addition to always delivering the content on time, they have also been extremely responsive to all our requests. Moreover, it was a real pleasure to work with a team that is both very professional and fundamentally human.”

Jeremy Rocher

Marketing Manager, AutoStore

Translation and Localisation FAQs

How Do I Know When Translations Are Accurate?

It’s unlikely your business will have in-house proofreaders to check that your translations are accurate. Fortunately, most agencies that provide these services will do these checks for you. Keep an eye out for industry accreditations and evidence of quality control checks. Translations can also be certified by the translator or an official body. Look for a symbol on each page that indicates accuracy.

How Much Do Language Translation Services Cost?

The cost of translating content will vary depending on several factors - for instance, the scale of the project and its language complexity. Additionally, some languages are more challenging to translate than others.

Can My Website Be Translated?

Yes. Language translation, localisation, and transcreation services can also target technical aspects of business content. For instance, you can translate the source code of your website so your content can maintain its SEO ranking in other countries.

How Long Do Translations Take?

Translation times vary according to the length and complexity of the documents. The agency or translator should provide a quote for how long it will take before taking on the job. For example, localisation and transcreation services will likely take longer than translations as it involves more research and planning.

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