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Our Expertise

Blog Writing Services

Blogging has countless benefits, and at Goodman Lantern, we ensure your business experiences them all. We craft enticing, informative blog posts that speak directly to your target audience. Each post is crafted for SEO, helping you generate more leads. 


Our team of expert blog writers create posts that align with your brand voice and tone. We eloquently encapsulate your company’s messaging and morals in each piece. With us as your blog content writing services provider, you can boost brand visibility and authority while educating your ideal clientele.  

Article Writing Services

As a professional writing agency, we provide unmatched article writing services to engage and educate your audience. From complex stories to simple listicles, our article writing service caters to all. Article writing has the power to ensure the right people find your business at the right time. 


We conduct thorough research with a data-driven approach and incorporate our findings into our writing. Our pieces are optimised for search engines, and we only use the best keywords to help land on relevant search engine results pages. Our native English team of writers craft articles for various channels, helping you develop a larger audience base.

Whitepaper Writing Services

Whitepapers are crucial tools to help boost sales and marketing practices. They assist in positioning your brand as an expert in your industry through sharing knowledge and building trust among your audience. Whitepapers showcase your company’s offerings and demonstrate how they act as a solution to a specific problem. But this content form can be complicated to craft and highly time-consuming. 


At Goodman Lantern, we offer professional whitepaper writing services at an affordable rate. With a global team of specialists, we tap into a vast expanse of expertise to produce a whitepaper that perfectly displays your brand’s journey and solution-based product. Our team is ready to launch into the research needed to put your whitepaper together.

Web Content Writing Services

As specialist web content writers, we craft informative, creative, and well-researched content for your website. Goodman Lantern has writers from across the globe, ready to meet the high-quality standards your business requires. With a multi-skilled team, we ensure the correct set of skills is assigned to every task to maximise efficiency and manage every resource. 


Together, we’ll help you redefine your website’s purpose and incorporate content that serves your objectives. Whether you need a new website or to reshape one with an established audience, we’ll ensure that it’s a space for engagement, generating more leads and sealing more deals.

Brochure Content Writing

Goodman Lantern delivers compelling, informative, and impactful brochure content writing services. Each page is guaranteed to provide on-brand messaging to attract new customers. Together, we determine your target audience and create compelling copy that boosts engagement and action. 


A brochure is there to help you achieve primary business objectives. Brochures provide crucial details to inform potential customers’ decision-making process and increase visibility and leads. They also provide customers with a compact portfolio of your business services and operations. Many people that fall into your target audience might not know that you or your services exist, but brochures can help you reach them.

SEO-Optimised Content Writing

Search Engine Optimised content is written copy that search engine bots can identify within the digital realm. These online machines analyse the text on your website to improve search rankings for readers and viewers. 

The robots meticulously inspect every website, sorting pages from best to worst and ensuring online viewers see all content in that order. The websites with the best SEO are chosen by search engine bots and pulled to the front of the queue. 

Ensuring your site is on relevant search engine results pages can be a complicated and expensive task, especially if you’re trying to run a business. As an SEO content writing agency, we’re fluent in SEO. We apply our expertise to help your business rank on the first page when your target audience searches relevant keywords. 

Grow Your Business With Our Digital Marketing Services

SEO Services

We offer numerous SEO services that boost your brand’s awareness, credibility, and prospects. Whether you’re an established business or an exciting new start-up, we can sculpt an SEO strategy that will take your company on a journey of unrivalled success. 


Our team will craft your website content in such a way that it ensures all your business website pages speak to each other and helps customers flow effortlessly from one section to another. This also assists search engine bots in recognising your site as an authoritative source, increasing your search ranking.


Organic SEO services guarantee a sustainable approach to lead generation. Our eCommerce SEO services are what help your online store to land up in front of your ideal audience. With our help, your brand will incorporate the most powerful SEO practices to elevate your online presence and increase your overall sales.

Inbound Marketing Services

Inbound marketing is the art of providing content to your potential customers in an organic and non-intrusive way. 


We offer a wide range of inbound marketing services to help you boost visibility and lead generation. From social media marketing services and eBook creation to email writing and webinars, we can help diversify your content and reach a wider audience for improved profits.

Content Distribution Services

Having a collection of powerful content for your business is one thing, but if you can’t distribute and promote it properly, it could all be for nought. That’s where we come in. 


With a team of marketing professionals and social media experts, we can help you distribute your content on the right platforms to the right people. Our in-depth research on the latest digital marketing trends is what helps us to ensure your content reaches and engages a range of prospects ideal for your business growth.

Graphic Design Services

Content is what seals the deal, but images are what attract. Goodman Lantern doubles up as a graphic design agency to help bring your vision to life in striking and magnetic visual formats. 


Our wide range of graphic design services includes illustrations, marketing presentation design, newsletter structuring, logo design, interactive infographics, brochure design, and landing page designs. 


Our experts will ensure your content is enhanced with professional graphic designs that display your brand tone, image, and messaging. Spruce up your outdated website and engage audience members with memorable graphics.

Translation & Localisation Services

Goodman Lantern provides specialised marketing translation and localisation services for your business’s internationalisation needs. Our translation and localisation services ensure your brand is as fluent as a native speaker, both locally and internationally. 


Marketing translation and localisation is the bridge between foreign audiences and your brand, acting as a vital tool for international brands to achieve maximum engagement with their target audiences worldwide.


To be competitive in a globalised world, your business needs a presence in international markets while reaching a local audience range. It’s not only speaking the same language but rather understanding the local society and culture. The tone and style of your content will be seamlessly conveyed to your customers, maintaining your brand value in all languages and cultures.

Strategy and Planning Services

If you have no direction in mind, it’s near impossible to reach your destination. Many businesses shoot into the darkness of the digital world in the hopes of achieving their goals. But with a crowded marketplace, it’s easy to get lost. 


Goodman Lantern offers specialised strategy and planning services that assist businesses in defining an objective and the path they need to reach it effectively. From social media strategy and LinkedIn marketing services to content auditing and brand management, we offer an array of strategy and planning services that will boost your presence and reach your goals.

How Goodman Lantern Fits Into Your Local Canadian Business

As a globalised content writing agency, our team works around the clock in every corner of the world. That’s how we can provide your business in Canada with exceptional writing and marketing services that are both localised and efficient.

Our expert research and writing team conducts an in-depth analysis of your area’s latest digital content trends to ensure your business remains up to date. The next step is to create content marketing strategies to help transform audience members into consistent customers.


Goodman Lantern takes a holistic approach to content marketing, ensuring your customised strategy is designed to meet your unique business tone and brand goals. Our team of professionals is trained and skilled in conducting thorough research, sculpting a sustainable marketing plan, creating unique content, and distributing it to your ideal audience. 


Each content marketing strategy is tailored to suit your brand, ensuring authenticity and accuracy. We can effortlessly integrate into your business to identify the heartbeat of your company and relay this essence into every piece of work we do. 


As an expert digital content marketing agency, we know how to curate an expansive range of content forms. Whether your business needs articles, blogs, social media posts, or whitepapers; we have the tools to provide excellence.

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Industries We Serve


Software is a dominant and essential part of modern society and culture. As a result, the SaaS industry is booming, but with this growth comes a crowded marketplace. To truly stand out from the competition and position your SaaS business as an authoritative leader, you need content that your target audience can find, learn from, and trust. Goodman Lantern creates compelling and informative content for the SaaS industry, helping propel your business toward success. 


Whether your business is a start-up or an established company, you need content to elevate your success. In a growing industry where information reigns, you need authentic content marketing, writing, and distribution to reach your desired audience and keep them coming back for more. 


With our expert services, you can help your telecommunication business increase visibility and credibility and generate more leads. Our professionals are versed in telecommunication and understand the latest digital trends. Evolve your business with the times and stay up to date and relevant in this fruitful industry with professional content marketing and writing services.

vr-ar 1

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is shaping the future. Your company needs to showcase its understanding and relevance in this up-and-coming industry. That’s why you need cutting-edge content that matches your technology. 


As specialists in all things content marketing, Goodman Lantern can equip your business with the tools it needs to rise to the top. We will craft content that boosts your brand visibility, educates readers on your offering, and engages your audience for increased lead generation. In an industry as exciting as this, your content must match. Let us help your business lead the way.

Why You Should Work With Our USA-Based Team

No matter what type of content your business requires, Goodman Lantern delivers fluent, compelling, and authoritative writing services. Our services position your brand as an industry leader among your customers and competition. 


As a universal team that operates on a global scale, we are versatile professionals with a wide range of expertise. Our Canadian content marketing agency consists of native English content writers, researchers, marketers, and editors. 


We curate unique, engaging and magnetic marketing strategies that encourage action from your audience members, turning them from general readers into loyal customers sustainably. Our expert marketing team conducts in-depth quantitative and qualitative research to ensure your business strategy remains loyal to your brand and on top of the latest market trends. 

We take special care to ensure that all information is meticulously fact-checked. We are only satisfied with the best copy and content marketing strategies. All our content is created alongside the latest version of our internal knowledge basis, ensuring quality and value in everything we produce.

This is your business, and we will work exceedingly hard to meet your goals and help you overcome any obstacles that stand in your way. At Goodman Lantern, we prioritise communication. While we work on your project, we will constantly update you on our progress and host regular meetings to ensure your satisfaction.

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