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Elevate your brand awareness and attract a wider audience with our video
production services. Incorporate new video formats into your marketing strategy to
engage your target customers and ultimately boost sales.

High-Quality Video for Your
Business Needs


In today’s digital climate, more people are attracted to and engaging with the format of videos and short clips. To entice your desired audience range and enchant new prospects, you need to add videos to your marketing strategy and business image. Captivate your potential and current clients with professional, high-quality videos.

As a digital video production agency, we create videos with your target audience in mind. This attracts potential and desired prospects and positions your company as a thought leader in your industry.


Value-packed and solution-driven videos help educate your audience about your service offerings and showcase the knowledge your company holds. It also adds a deeper layer of interest and understanding, helping you win viewers’ hearts.

With stimulating imagery and entertaining audio, you can achieve a wide range of business goals. Video marketing paves the way to success, from increased lead generation and traffic to bolster your sales.

Video Tells Everything


Goodman Lantern offers video production services of the highest quality as a video production company. We provide value-packed videos for a multitude of industries. Each clip or business film we construct aims to achieve a range of business goals.

As the cliche goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” If that’s the case, videos magnetise everything your business wishes to tell its audience. Let us help you spread your brand message to your desired customers in the most memorable way possible.

Kind Of Video We Produce


Educational Video

Inform, inspire, and engage your audience members and viewers with professional, value-packed educational videos.

Our team of researchers, writers, and filmmakers understand the intricacies of teaching and how best to educate your target market.

With memorable visuals and informative audio, you can enchant your audience through educational aspects and increase sales.

Case Study Video

Share your success stories and entertain your potential customers with magnetic and informative case study videos.

At Goodman Lantern, we harness the best campaigns you’ve produced and ensure your stories are told with elegance and zeal.


Whiteboard Video Production

Enchant your audience and transform them into regular customers with our whiteboard video production services.

When companies release and distribute videos, they are more likely to attract a wider audience. This results in receiving more social shares and increasing revenue.

Boost your business’s visibility, sales, and reputation, and spread your company’s message with our magnetic whiteboard video production services.

Animation Video

Tell your brand’s story in an exhilarating and refreshing way with animated videos that delight, explain, and inspire.

A high-quality animation can help you present a new product, exciting services, or your business as a whole.

With a creative team of expert animators and scriptwriters, we can bring your story to life and help you convert new customers.


Corporate Video

Impress your potential customers with professional video content. High-quality videos with informative audio and memorable visuals engage and convert your target market. This helps your company reach a higher tier of success.

Our team of expert researchers understands the world of video and follows the latest digital trends to the tee. In addition, our writers are fluent in magnetic scriptwriting and produce content that retains viewers’ attention. Gain prospects with high-quality corporate videos.

Commercial Video

Bolster your brand awareness and get your message out there with our professional commercial video production services.

Being the most powerful and influential website traffic and sales tool, video is a must for all businesses.

We can help you curate a striking, memorable commercial that speaks to your target market and turns them into loyal, returning customers.


Social Media Video

In today’s society, videos form the most popular content in the social media realm.

Stay up-to-date with the latest digital trend while standing out from the crowd with our professional and engaging social media video services.

Our expert team of social media analysts and video makers follow cutting-edge technology and the field’s best practices to help you create a striking video that attracts your target audience.

Corporate Social Responsibility Videos

Share your social impact mission with inspiring and unforgettable video and audio.

Our authentic video production services inspire your current and potential customer range by demonstrating your impact and uplifting your brand awareness.

We can help you spread your message while remaining genuine, encouraging action across the board.


Email Video

Emails aren’t dead yet, but they’re rejuvenating your emails with our magnetic email production services.

Share your news in an exciting and visually striking way, or encourage action.

With our team of experienced video producers and scriptwriters, you’ll see your email list grow and sales increase.

Our Video Production Process


Our video production services are value-packed and extensive. Every piece of content we create aims to help your business grow and thrive. We assist you in curating video marketing strategies and the most amazing videos to ensure your company’s goals are met with the highest standards.


We arrange a meeting with you and your team to develop the ideal video marketing strategy. We help you devise a process, craft the scripts for your video, edit the end product, and distribute it across the platforms where your target audience dwells.


After the pre-production phase, our team of talented video experts produces the video or videos your company needs to uplift and expand. Once you’ve approved the shots, we send the clips to our professional editing team, who refurbishes and redefines the video with striking cuts.


Once your video is constructed, and you’ve given us approval, we help you identify the best platforms to distribute your new and thrilling video.

Why Should You Choose Us?


At Goodman Lantern, we ensure all work is produced with enthusiasm, dedication, and a high standard of professionalism.

Our video production team is both versed and experienced in the language of video marketing and production. Creating everything from scratch, we ensure your content is authentic, original, and plagiarism free.

Your company will receive bespoke and fresh videos that inspire, encourage action, and delight your target audience with us by your side.


Whether you require a corporate social responsibility video that inspires or an educational video that informs current and potential customers, we will help you from start to finish, bringing your brand’s story to life.

With extensive experience in the world of SEO and the latest digital trends, your memorable script, audio, and visual components will impart knowledge, increase your brand awareness, and entertain viewers simultaneously.

From production and writing to flawless editing, we bring all the aspects of video together right through to the final elements. Dazzle both your regular customers and highly sought-after prospects with our video production services.

Industries We Serve



The SaaS industry is constantly growing and evolving. As our society increases its dependency on the industry, the competition expands.

Stand out from the crowd, showcase your expertise, and position your company as a thought leader in the SaaS industry with magnetic and enticing video production services.

We can help your SaaS business attract your desired audience members and turn them into loyal customers in no time. Spread your brand message and position yourself as an authoritative figure in the SaaS industry today with magnetic videos.

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Tell your telecommunication company’s story with fresh, engaging, and visually entertaining videos. In a saturated marketplace, we can help you uplift your company and enchant both current and new customers for increased sales.

Our cutting edge video production services ensure a rejuvenated and refreshing way to spread your brand message and generate increased leads. If you’re ready to bolster your business efforts, our video production services are waiting for you.

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Augmented Reality

Highlight your expertise in a crowded sector with original and thought-provoking video production services. Your augmented and virtual reality business is sitting at the forefront of the future and cutting edge technology.

Tell the world that your company is the thought leader of this memorable industry with one of the most effective and efficient forms of marketing. With our video production agency at your side, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and attract a wider audience range.

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Our Clients Love Working With Us Because We Believe in Collaboration

At Goodman Lantern we’re all about building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know their business AND the people behind the brand. In true collaborative spirit, we do everything we can to tell your story and help your business grow.


“Outsourcing everything to their company has been a big relief.”

Shanker Ghimire

Executive Director, Asian Pharmaceuticals

“Whenever we have provided feedback or suggestions, they have always been open to making changes”

Nadine Burzler

Head of Content, A Small World
testimonal box

“What truly stands out about them (Goodman Lantern) is their seamless project management and content delivery, combined with a widely diversified pool of experts no. No matter what you need content for, if you want it written by native speakers, about complex topics, and delivered on time, Goodman Lantern is your best bet.”

Stapho Thienpont

The Marketing Family

Video Production Services FAQs

bottom-blob What does your video production process involve?

As a video production agency, we handle all the aspects of video production from the ground up.

This includes pre-production, where we help you plan your video and write the scripts, production, where we construct the shots of the video, and post-production, where we edit the entire video.

bottom-blob How much input do you require from us?

We will need to analyse your business goals, target audience members, and brand voice to curate the best video for your company. After our initial meeting, we will need you to approve our work process to ensure we’re on the right track.

bottom-blob Who owns the copyright to the content created?

As the business and our customer, you own the copyrights to all work produced.

bottom-blob Do you have any previous work we can view?
bottom-blob Can you help us distribute the video?

Yes, as a video production company, we also specialise in video marketing and can help you share your new video and help attract your target audience members.

bottom-blob Why do we need to create videos for our business?

Videos are one of the most powerful forms of marketing and message sharing. Incorporating video production into your marketing strategy and content forms allows you to engage with new audience members and spread your brand message, boosting visibility, trust, and sales.


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