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Grow Your Business With New Zealand’s Top Content Marketing Agency

Boost lead generation, increase your conversion rates, and build a sustainable business with a professional content creation service. As a digital content marketing agency, Goodman Lantern can elevate your company’s success to the next level.

Our Expertise

Blog Writing Services

Blogs benefit any business by providing an intimate look into your business, connecting more deeply with your audience, and providing both value and an opportunity for SEO enhancement. At Goodman Lantern, our professional writing team has years of experience in creating high-quality blogs.


We’re up-to-date on the latest developments in SEO, helping our clients generate concrete leads and converting them into loyal customers as well as retaining them for the long term allow us to take on the task of writing blogs so you can continue running your successful business.

Article Writing Services

Our native English writers craft articles for various distribution channels, niches, and audiences. Our article-writing service offers everything from complex and technical articles to easy-to-read listicles.


Article writing ensures that your business can be searched easily and timely by your target audience while providing valuable knowledge on a specific topic. Articles can also offer a more in-depth, solution-based insight into why your company is an authoritative brand in a competitive environment.

Whitepaper Writing Services

Whitepapers typically serve the dual purpose of brand recognition and customer acquisition for organisations. A whitepaper can position your brand and company as a thought leader and a subject-matter expert in your industry.


Use our professional whitepaper writing services to develop solid, authoritative, and industry-leading reports. These expertly crafted long-form content pieces can help build trust among your audience, demonstrating the solutions your company offers to current global challenges and problems. With a worldwide team, Goodman Lantern offers a wide range of expertise and necessary research needed to compile your whitepapers.

Web Content Writing Services

At Goodman Lantern, we create various types of content for clients’ websites to enhance their company’s online search visibility. We’ll create a copy for your website’s product pages, category pages, and blogs, ensuring that all your essential bases are covered.


Our team of writers use verified software to create original, accurate, and informative content that aligns with SEO best practices. Optimised and credible content attracts more views, likes, and shares, which expands your audience reach. These combined efforts will improve your website rankings assist in increasing your company’s revenue.

Brochure Content Writing

In today’s world where the internet foris the primary source of information there, however, are many people who might your target audience that still rely on physical brochures, especially at corporate meetings, exhibitions and industry events. Goodman Lantern offers top-notch brochure content writing services guaranteed to deliver your on-brand messaging to current and new customers. Our brochures aim to give your customers an accurate portfolio of your business’s services, products, and operations.

SEO-Optimised Content Writing

Our SEO team will help your target audience to find you in the digital sphere. Today, the internet is teeming with competition, with each website fighting for online visibility.


Search engine algorithms look for various key factors in your website content such as relevance, usability, toauthority and uniqueness. Websites are then ranked accordingly on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With SEO content writing services that adhere to the latest trends and highest standards, we can help your business list significantly higher ofin the SERPs.

Grow Your Business With Our Digital Services

SEO Services

As technology and marketing go hand-in-hand, establishing an influential online presence is now more critical than ever. Our professional SEO content writing services, will help your brand navigate the digital space and create a sustainable business growth.


As a qualified SEO agency in New Zealand, our team consists of writers, editors, and marketing strategists. We align with the latest SEO trends, conducting thorough research into finding appropriate keywords for your niche and weaving them masterfully into your content.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing consists of custom-crafted content that attracts your audience and engages them through solution-driven insights. This marketing methodology forms the foundation of an authentic connection between you and your audience members, changing them from casual website surfers into loyal customers.


Inbound marketing aims to organically grow your business and build your brand through content that is valuable to your potential clientele. We can help establish your business as a thought leader in your industry and to develop brand loyalty from your current and prospective customers.

Content Distribution Services

Quality content creation in the digital space is increasing at an exponential rate. This has left many businesses competing for the attention of the same audience.


Goodman Lantern’s content distribution services can help you cut through the clutter, effectively reach your audience, and give you the necessary edge over your competitors. With informative, relevant, and compelling content that reaches your audience that is expertly written and is readily available for their consumption, you’ll experience true business growth and success.

Graphic Design Services

As the statement goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Since your unique images tell your business’s story, attract and inspire both existing and potential customers with high-quality graphic designs.


Our team of expert designers utilise advanced graphic tools to highlight the value and uniqueness of your products, services, and brand. No matter the kind of business or industry you’re in, high-quality graphic designs complement your company to stand out and become memorable.

Translation and Localisation Services

Translation is more than the rendering of words; it involves expressing the correct meaning through interpretation of context. Localisation is processing and comprehending fundamental cultural components that includes translation as part of its process but also involves non-textual aspects attributed to a different country.


You need to localise your content service or product to ensure that a foreign audience finds it easy to understand. We offer expert translation and localisation services to bolster our client’s brand worldwide.

Strategy and Planning Services

Any company that has dedicated its time and effort to create a unique product or service needs a powerful marketing strategy to showcase its brand globally. With a tailor-crafted plan, you’ll be able to scale your business and start sealing deals. Give your business the marketing it deserves and start your upward journey to success with an efficient, and persuasive marketing strategy.


As a digital marketing agency, we understand the intricate nature of marketing and the significance of a customised plan. Utilising a data and research-driven approach, we can help your brand build a long-lasting reputation.

How We Fit Into Your Local New Zealand Business

Goodman Lantern is a digital marketing agency that offers professional SEO content writing services to enhance your business’s online visibility and success. Our team consists of top-level writers, editors, marketers, and industry experts from across the globe. We have localised knowledge and use our expertise to cater to all global businesses from various industries.

With deep insight into New Zealand’s audience and international consumers, we’re able to develop specialised marketing strategies and content that speak directly to your potential clients in New Zealand while onboarding them to an interconnected world wide platform. 


We take extra care to understand your business and company requirements. Goodman Lantern’s years of experience has enabled us to refine our speciality to boost your brand visibility, lead generation, and conversion rates. Whether you’re a start-up, a SME, or a large corporation, we have the tools to provide a platform for sustainable success.

What Our
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Industries We Serve


SaaS is one of the leading industries in the world today. As more people rely on cloud and subscription-based services daily, SaaS is relevant and growing rapidly. However, some companies in the industry fall short on the content front, missing vital opportunities to attract clients and hence their business growth suffers.


That’s where Goodman Lantern’s professional content writing services come in. With our team of established writers, we will help boost your brand visibility and establish your company as a thought leader in your industry.


The telecommunication industry has sky-rocketed the trajectory of societal progress over the last decade and it is only expected to evolve further. Systems and processes in many facilities are now almost fully automated and rely heavily on technology. Content creation and writing are among the best ways this thriving sector can inform and connect with its target audience, increase traffic, and boost sales. Educational copy can help your technology automation company rise above the competition.

vr-ar 1

Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR have fast become a leading industry in the technology sphere. As an ever-evolving sector, there are rapidly emerging clients, consumers, and companies around the world. Companies need to embrace an effective and efficient marketing strategy to beat the competition and come out on top. With high-quality and original content that attracts, informs, and delights your audience, your augmented reality company can achieve this by engaging Goodman Lantern.

Why You Should Work With Our New Zealand-Based Team

Goodman Lantern is an experienced content marketing agency in New Zealand and beyond. Our approach is both thorough and holistic, meaning we consistently deliver on our client’s goals in a timely manner.


With us, you’ll get a personalised treatment in the form of a unique content strategy, a dedicated project manager, and a specialised team of experts personally handpicked by us from around the world. This is why we’re able to target your chosen audience directly. 


Our team consists of SEO experts who improve your business’s online visibility through superior search engine ranking. The benefits of our content primarily include increasing lead generation, better brand recognition, higher customer conversion and retention rates. Our end goal is a dramatic rise in sales revenue for our client’s organisation.

Our high-quality content is rooted in factual research, which is why we effectively weigh in on niche topics that relate to your particular industry.

We ensure that all our created content is original and authentic, helping you sculpt your brand voice needed to connect with a wide audience base who eventually will convert to loyal customers. We also adhere to the latest trends ensuring your content always remains fresh and trumps the competition.

With a plethora of perspectives, we’re able to tap into local and globalised knowledge bases to meet your business needs.

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