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As one of the world’s leading product platforms, Amazon is a highly effective yet
crowded marketplace. Boost your brand’s online presence and lead generation
with innovative and advanced Amazon SEO services.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO refers to the specific search engine optimisation practices a company applies to their product descriptions that live on the Amazon platform. These SEO efforts help brands and their products reach the top of the search engine ranking, attracting and engaging a broader audience base.

Being the world’s largest eCommerce network, businesses must improve their SEO practices to stand out from the crowd and reach their desired audience range. Highly effective and efficient SEO practices guarantee an increase in product views, website click-through rates and traffic, lead generation, and, ultimately, a significant sales boost.

Amazon SEO services include curating descriptions to attract your company’s target audience. Each carefully crafted text is tailor-made to speak directly to desired prospects and connect them with your solution-driven offering.


Each description will include specifically selected keywords, meta titles, metadata, and tags within the accompanying images. Since Amazon includes one of the world’s most advanced software for product listings and SEO, it’s of vital importance that your products receive the correct and most effective SEO practices.

This can be complicated to obtain and achieve when completed by those who don’t fully understand the software and process.


Amazon’s SEO services, search engines, and overall platform significantly differ from others of its kind, such as Google. The SEO efforts you apply to your product descriptions and brand data need to apply specifically to Amazon and not replicate Google or Bing.

That’s why it is important to outsource your Amazon SEO to professionals. At Goodman Lantern, we offer expert Amazon SEO Services designed to help elevate your business and increase sales.

Increase Your Brand Exposure


Amazon is geared to provide its viewers, users, and customers with the best possible search performance. Its search engine is thus engineered to bring forth the best possible options for those browsing for specifics.

Amazon SEO services aim to increase your brand’s visibility and accompanying products most effectively. We can help your items appear and rank among the first results with appropriate and audience-targeted keywords.


The inclusion of relatable and high-quality images is just as important, and one needs to know how to properly incorporate tags and crop each image to improve the ranking.

When your image quality matches that of the text, the search engine crawlers will identify your product as an equally high standard.

With the correct knowledge base and tools to apply the most effective Amazon SEO tactics, we can increase your brand’s visibility and generate more leads. As an Amazon SEO company, let us be your helping hand in bolstering your sales.

Benefits of Amazon SEO


Amazon SEO practices, when performed correctly, are highly effective for sustainable and organic business growth. Not only do these specific techniques boost your brand’s online exposure, but they also aid in unparalleled development over many aspects of your company.

Below are a few other benefits outsourcing your Amazon SEO efforts to professionals provide:


Drive Organic Traffic and Improve Brand Awareness

Harnessing the power of SEO attracts your target audience to your product and your brand. It raises the awareness of your company, showcasing it as an authoritative figure in its specific field.

As a result, you can expect to receive increased website traffic from those interested in investing in your product and company.


Boost Your Product Listing

Quality written product descriptions and listing with SEO tactics weaved carefully into the text will boost the trustworthiness of your product and brand as a whole and make way for further growth and increased product listing.


Increase Sales Conversions

Through the bolstering of your brand awareness and sense of reliability, you will experience increased sales. The more sales you make, the more reviews you receive.

This increases the likelihood of you attracting and engaging additional customers, thus creating a sustainable and rewarding circle of sales.


Upgrade Your CTR

Effective SEO practices help potential customers find your product and brand among the sea of competition.

With increased visibility and more reviews of your brand name, you can expect to receive more click-through rates on your product page and website.


Gain More Customers Review

Increased visibility, brand awareness, and click-through rates tell the search engine crawlers that your products and company hold a reliable, steady, and trusting nature.

It boosts your search rank and attracts even more customers. After a while, you will gain an increased amount of customer reviews.

Our Amazon SEO Solutions Includes


As an Amazon SEO agency, we have streamlined and fine-tuned our services and process to bring you the highest service standards. We guarantee your Amazon products and listings are in good hands with a team of professional and experienced marketers, researchers, and SEO writers.

Below is a list of services included in our overall offering:


Keyword Research

We undertake in-depth research into your target audience and market and identify the best keywords to include in your product descriptions. These will help your desired potential customers find your product more effectively.

On-Page Product Optimisation

We cultivate your product descriptions and web pages to include the most effective search engine optimisation practices. We take the time to sculpt the perfect page for you, leaving you to do what you do best.


Product Categorisation

We ensure your product categorisation remains on top of the latest digital trends and serves your best interest. We effectively help your brand and products reach a wider audience.

Content Management

After optimising your page and categorising your products, we help you manage your ongoing content to ensure all of your offerings remain up-to-date and on track to reach and achieve your business goals.


Competitor Research

We undertake thorough competitor research to ensure your products stand out from the crowd and remain unique and authentic throughout the process.

Amazon Analytics

We analyse the results, reactions, and customer habits of each of your products and how the SEO services have helped bolster your business as a whole. We categorise which efforts are performing the best and which to improve on.



When our contract nears its final phases, we host an in-depth reporting session where we inform you of the efforts and results and how to proceed for ultimate growth.

Why Should You Choose Us!

E-Commerce Content Writers

Goodman Lantern isn’t your average SEO agency. We perform every service and curate every project to the best of our ability, ensuring each task is undertaken with the foundations of dedication and passion.

We genuinely care about your brand and business growth and aim to achieve your goals as if they were our own.


Experience from A Multitude of Backgrounds

We hold an extensive portfolio of successful campaigns performed by a dedicated and talented team of SEO experts, writers, and professional marketers. We’ve been in the game for decades, and our proven experience only enhances as we go forward.


Personal Attention and Detail

As our customers, you are our top priority, and we’re only satisfied if you are. You will be constantly updated on our project and ensure everything we do aligns with your expectations. If you’re unsatisfied and request a revision stage, we will revise our content and work immediately to suit your needs.


Attention to Detail

We perform our Amazon SEO services to the highest standards. We adhere to the latest version of our internal knowledge base and remain faithful and on top of the latest digital trends to ensure all work produced is of the utmost value.

Industries We Serve



The SaaS industry is constantly evolving and gaining popularity and dependency every day. Remain relevant in this booming industry and simplify your brand’s offerings or products with the best Amazon SEO services.

We construct a fresh, original, and captivating product listing that speaks directly to your target audience while satisfying the demanding SEO website crawlers as an Amazon SEO agency.

Each of our services incorporates the latest digital trends and spruce up your SaaS Amazon SEO efforts to suit search engines. This is key to a successful and sustainable business in the SaaS industry. Our team of talented professionals are on hand to optimise your website to the point of perfection.

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The telecom industry is rapidly growing and remains one of the world’s leading industries. Stay up-to-date and relevant in a saturated market with the leading industry alignments and digital trends to enhance your growth opportunities.

Our Amazon SEO services ensure that your product listings are optimised for your target audience and search engine crawlers. We will help you increase your brand’s visibility and credibility, from in-depth and relatable online product descriptions and high-quality metadata to improving product categorisation.

With our Amazon SEO experts, you are guaranteed to get noticed by your target audience while rapidly improving your website traffic and generating more leads.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The future of technology lies in the hands of the Augmented Reality industry. Therefore, your product descriptions and listings need to showcase your brand and business’s reliability and relevance among a sea of competitors.

Enhance your search engine optimisation on Amazon and boost your traffic with our Amazon SEO services. We analyse your business and products to develop a strategy to bolster your lead generation and position your company as an authoritative figure in the augmented reality industry.

Let us help you put your best foot forward with professional Amazon SEO services.

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Amazon SEO Services FAQs

bottom-blob Why must I outsource my Amazon SEO efforts?

Amazon SEO is extremely specific, and your efforts will go to waste if not performed correctly. Save your company resources and time by hiring an official and professional Amazon SEO company.

bottom-blob What is the main benefit of Amazon SEO practices?

Amazon SEO tactics improve your company’s visibility and credibility, helping you make more sales and generate enhanced leads.

bottom-blob Do you have any previous work I can review?
bottom-blob Will you help me apply SEO techniques?

Yes, we will manage the entire process from start to finish, ensuring all SEO efforts are incorporated effectively.

bottom-blob Who owns the copyright to work produced?

You, as our customer, own the copyrights to any work produced.


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