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What Are Marketing Flyers?


A flyer is a form of marketing that appears on either a tangible sheet or online in a PDF file. These types of marketing papers are created for mass distribution. Flyers are typically distributed to highly public places or sent to a broad audience via email or public platforms.

Marketing flyers and accommodating materials are utilised to attract and encourage action from potential customers or to announce a new event, service, or offer. Each flyer usually contains a variety of demographics, images, and other information types.


Flyers are also harnessed to build your brand reputation, awareness, and visibility. This effective marketing tool is handy for small businesses as it is relatively easy to cultivate and can be published across many areas.

In a world and society where we are constantly bombarded by digital information, it can be refreshing to revert to a marketing system and form that provides clear, concise, and direct messaging with a strong call to action.

Why Are Marketing Flyers


Many believe flyers are outdated. However, this can not be further from the truth. Flyers are one of the most effective forms of advertising and marketing and can still attract and hold the attention span of potential customers.

Flyers still frequent crowded public areas that almost everyone visits regularly. Hair salons, coffee shops, and grocery stores are some of the many spaces flyers can be published and admired.


In addition, online flyers are both easy to digest and create a welcoming and refreshing break from the usual digital marketing content forms.

Marketing flyers are ideal for promoting a wealth of business aspects. From events and sales to services and products, anything can be advertised effectively on a flyer. They have a quick turnaround period, and they make measuring success a more straightforward task than any other form of marketing.

Types of Flyers We Create


At Goodman Lantern, we recognise the effectiveness of marketing flyers and their benefits. Our talented team of researchers, designers, and writers understand flyers’ timeless concept and curation process. They can construct the ideal flyer to suit your company and business needs.

Below is a list of flyer formats we, as a marketing flyer company, create:

Flyer Ads

Flyer Ads

This is the original flyer form, typically printed on glossy paper. These are easily distributed in public spaces and sent via mail. We curate attractive, striking flyers that catch the attention of multiple potential customers and help your business generate increased leads.

Corporate Flyers

We curate flyers that cater to a corporate business and target audience range. These flyers contain clear, concise information and a strong call to action.

Corporate Flyers
Photo-centric Flyers

Photo-centric Flyers

Our professional designers understand the concepts that create visually appealing and engaging flyers. We create striking and memorable flyers that boost and enhance the reputation of your brand, as well as increase your company’s visibility.


A leaflet is a flooded flyer that can create a short brochure. Our leaflets are expertly crafted with attractive images and a wealth of information that encourages action across the board.

Whether you’re promoting an event or a new service, our leaflet services provide you with the best source of business information.



Our authentic and bespoke handbills are custom-crafted to uplift your business and promote your brand. With these expert handbill design services, we can help you gain customers from a grassroots level.

Revisit one of the most effective marketing practices from the ago-old days and realise why handbills remain effective when it comes to marketing.


Boost your company recognition and relay your business information concisely and clearly.

With a visually appealing pamphlet, striking images, and helpful information containing inspiring content and a strong call to action, your company can gain vital customers and increase prospects.

Our multi-talented team of professionals will tailor-craft your pamphlet from the ground up to provide you with the best form of tangible advertising.



Our professional designers understand the concepts that create visually appealing and engaging flyers. We create striking and memorable flyers that boost and enhance the reputation of your brand, as well as increase your company’s visibility.

Benefits of Marketing Flyers

Print marketing tools, especially flyers, still hold an important place within a comprehensive business strategy. Their role has become increasingly important in the digital climate of today’s world.

There are many benefits to incorporating an effective marketing flyer plan into your overall marketing strategy and plan. First off, flyers, including pamphlets, brochures, and posters, provide a welcome relief to the cacophony of information witnessed online.

Marketing flyers remain affordable and simple to make and distribute. They have a quick turnaround period, which helps save valuable resources. The success of the marketing flyer strategy is easy to measure, giving you a further indicator of your company’s progress and how to improve if you want to continue down the path of success. Including easy to access QR codes, links, and customer URLs help draw people towards and down the sales funnel.


Overall, flyers are extremely useful in attracting and generating increased leads from a wider audience. Since flyers are tangible, they provide a stronger effect on the psychology of the consumer. It gives an uplifting response that positions your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

A survey performed on the response of flyers showcases highly positive results. Around 88 per cent of those involved in the survey believe they understand and retain information better when they read print on paper.

Why Your Business Needs
Goodman Lantern


Goodman Lantern’s team of experienced and multitalented content creators, marketing experts, and designers come from all across the globe. We are, therefore, able to meet deadlines on time, no matter where your company is based.


Our services are offered at an affordable price and hold valuable technical expertise to create effective and memorable marketing flyers that connect with a universal audience.


Our team harbours the experience of working with and in various industries and a plethora of niches. We harness this unique multitude of talent and professionalism to bring you and your company only the highest standards with everything we do.


We conduct in-depth research into the effects of marketing flyers and how they align and uplift your brand, business goals, and target audience.


Our bespoke and authentic perspective and experience base help us fully understand your audience and brand. We can thus effectively relay information to your desired audience in a way that engages them. We take pride in offering all our customers uncompromised attention.


Each team of experts we assign to our customers is shaped to suit your brand perfectly. Each project is headed by a managing editor that ensures efficient work and meets every deadline.

Industries We Serve



The SaaS industry needs to understand and implement processes and cloud-based subscriptions with high customer acquisition and require retention for their numbers to grow.

SaaS companies, therefore, require highly effective, concise, and memorable marketing flyers to stand out from the crowd and increase their brand visibility, making them thought leaders in a saturated marketplace.

Attractive, visually appealing, informative, and highly attractive flyers can influence potential customers, stakeholders and prospects, which leads to a wealth of work opportunities and other such perspectives of conversion. Increase your brand’s overall credibility as an industry thought leader with professional and dedicated marketing flyers.

Our marketing flyer services for the SaaS industry help you create influential and inspiring pamphlets, handbills, and posters that are guaranteed to generate increased sales and cultivate sustained growth.

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The Telecom industry is all about understanding, simplifying, and showcasing the significance of clear, concise and compelling communication and connection firsthand.

Marketing flyers within the Telecom industry lead to myriad benefits for the company, displaying the importance of different content and communication forms.

A memorable and persuasive marketing flyer is harnessed and used to exhibit a brand’s expertise, specialisations, and trustworthiness.

Flyers, posters, and brochures, to name a few, are some of the best tangible content types the Telecom industry can create and distribute to impart information and attract a new and broader audience.

Our Telecom marketing flyer services and the related content creation and writing team have perfected the designing process to bring your company’s brand and vision to life, generating more leads and sending more potential customers down the sales funnel.

We ensure each aspect of your marketing flyer or poster offers clarity and positively engages audience members, increasing your brand visibility and uplifting your company’s reputation.

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Augmented Reality

Your business may be a Virtual Reality startup or an established Augmented Reality brand. Still, no matter where you are within the business sphere, your company can benefit from a polished, striking, and informative marketing flyer.

An effective flyer, poster, or related tangible design clearly outlines your professionalism and expertise, which reinforces your brand image and encourages your audience to take valuable and sustainable action.

As a marketing flyer agency, we curate custom-crafted marketing flyers, posters, brochures, leaflets, and handbills that speak to a broader and more diverse audience. We ensure that each content form remains within your brand voice, leaving a positive and encouraging brand impact on your audience.

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Marketing Flyers FAQs

bottom-blob Aren’t flyers outdated?

No, flyers remain one of the most effective ways of advertising and marketing to date. They are affordable, effective, and can be distributed to many places to attract an increased audience range.

bottom-blob Why are flyers effective for marketing?

Marketing flyers are ideal for promoting a wealth of business aspects. From events and sales to services and products, anything can be advertised effectively on a flyer.

They have a quick turnaround period, and they make measuring success a more straightforward task than any other form of marketing.

bottom-blob What’s the benefit of hiring a professional company?

Outsourcing your landing page designs to professionals saves your company resources and time while ensuring that the job is done correctly, effectively, and thoroughly.

bottom-blob Do you have any previous work I can view?
bottom-blob Who owns the copyrights to work produced?

As our customer, you own all the copyrights to the work we produce for your website.


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