Our Social Impact

We champion women’s empowerment in the marketing and
technology sector. It is our social responsibility to actively strive for
gender parity on a global scale, and we are committed to creating
consistent, reliable, and fair income opportunities for women.


The Problem

In a study done by Adeva IT, approximately 25% of tech jobs in the US are held by women even though they make up nearly half of the country’s workforce. Even more shocking, this percentage is lower than that of tech jobs held by women in the 1980s.

Statistics are similar in the UK, with studies showing that women under 25 earn around 29% less than men their age.

We’re committed to changing that.

The Solution

To combat the imbalance in the technology sector, we provide progressive work opportunities to women and foster an environment that heroes choice, agility, and ownership.

One of the initial drawing cards offered by Goodman Lantern is a flexible working arrangement. This is an idyllic working situation that provides the team with an opportunity to balance their work, family, and personal needs.

This enables our company and team to meet future and present challenges head-on.

Why is Gender Parity a Priority?

Raj Goodman Anand, Founder and CEO of Goodman Lantern, grew up in the Middle East and India. During his childhood, he was exposed to some of the injustices girls face in the school system. As he grew older, he noticed that systemic inequality had also infiltrated the workforce.

Women were not given equal opportunities, and he wanted to use his male privilege to do something about it. When he founded Goodman Lantern, Raj made it his personal mission to ensure that the company culture empowers women.

Gender Parity

One industry that sees major discrepancies between men and women is Technology. This is the industry that Goodman Lantern has chosen to focus on in creating fair income opportunities for women.

At Goodman Lantern, we foster a space that encourages growth while dissuading competition. We host interactive meetings that prioritise inclusivity and diversity of perspectives. There’s a strong element of mentorship that pervades the day-to-day workings of the company and a support system that team members find invaluable.

How We Ensure Inclusion and
Diversity in The Workplace

female executive

According to McKinsey & Company, female executive representation in the technology sector averages 21%. We’re proud to share that 50% of our managerial roles are held by women, and 80% of our entire team is made up of women.

Our diverse and inclusive team provides a range of perspectives that sets us apart in a globalised economy.


Our hiring policy ensures a diverse workplace where everyone gets a chance to thrive. We have built a framework that is open and inclusive, and that provides ample opportunities for women with a spectrum of priorities.

These could be career-orientated individuals, those sculpting a balance between work and family life, or those seeking more freedom.

We have a dedicated CSR team that’s expanding our social
impact and exploring ways that we can further empower
women in tech. Keep up-to-date on news surrounding our
mission by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Campaigns and Organisations
That Support Our Vision

We have aligned ourselves with the UN’s 5th Sustainable Development Goal, which is to achieve gender equality and to empower all women and girls.

It is our social responsibility to actively strive for gender parity on a global scale, and we are committed to creating consistent, reliable, and fair income opportunities for women.

Sustainable Development Goal

Goodman Lantern has partnered with the following non-profit
organisations to bolster our social impact:

This organisation runs a movement aimed at addressing inequalities in the technology industry. They are determined to provide direction to other companies seeking to diversify their teams.

This globally-renowned organisation is dedicated to delivering policies and programmes that uplift women’s rights. They establish a foundation on which entire companies and countries can boost their efforts to meet their social responsibility, contributing to gender equality.

We are looking to partner with other non-profit organisations that share our vision for
creating an equal society. If you or your organisation are interested in contributing to
this cause, we’d love to hear from you.

How Our Clients Make an Impact


“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappé

At Goodman Lantern, we’re advancing our diversity and inclusion efforts and expanding the impact of our social mission in several ways. From writing to talking about it, and not least acting on it, we are dedicated to making a difference by uplifting women in tech. By choosing Goodman Lantern as your content creation partner, you’re making a pretty big impact too.

When you choose Goodman Lantern as your content creation service provider, you’re directly supporting our cause. You’re providing work opportunities and uplifting women in technology. You’re casting a vote for a world that’s inclusive, considerate, empowering, and diverse.

Let’s create that world together.

gender parity

Sometimes we write about gender parity and the importance of combatting inequalities in the workplace. To learn more about these issues and what you can do to contribute to solving them, check out our blog.

Listen to Our Impact Interviews

Goodman Lantern Founder and CEO, Raj Goodman Anand, has discussed our CSR
mission in several podcasts to inform and inspire listeners to get involved. If you’re
interested in learning more about our social impact, follow the links below.

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