Boost Your Income with Goodman
Lantern's Affiliate Program

Join our digital marketing affiliate program and earn a passive income today! This affiliate program is designed to reward you for securing long-term, high-value subscription contracts for Goodman Lantern in the B2B content marketing space.

What is an affiliate program?


An affiliate program is a performance-based marketing arrangement that serves as a bridge between companies and individuals/affiliates (i.e. you). The idea is that both parties reap the benefits.

By promoting products or services of the source company that resonate with your values or interests, you can earn a passive income without bearing the burden of product or service development.


What makes it appealing is the convenience of working from anywhere, offering you the flexibility and freedom to operate on your own terms. Digital marketing affiliate programs also provide additional training and support, and as a result, you are empowered to refine your marketing skills and enhance your promotional tactics.

It’s a win for the company as well. They gain new customers along with increased brand visibility, courtesy of your advertising activities. It's a cost-effective model as payment is based upon actual sales, thereby ensuring that success is aptly rewarded.


By getting exposure to a new audience and leveraging the marketing expertise of affiliates, companies can unlock new demographics and potentially lucrative market segments. This symbiotic relationship drives sales, fosters a sense of community, and establishes long-term partnerships, which are integral to a brand's expansion and sustainability.

Benefits of Digital Marketing
Affiliate Programs

Earn a Passive Income

You will be able to earn a passive income by referring potential customers who sign a product or service contract with us.

Flexible Work Schedule

Since affiliate referral programs don't require you to get involved in the work or management of customer’s tasks, you won’t have to be online at any set time for any amount of hours. This gives you the freedom to work whenever and from wherever you’d like and still get paid.

No Product or Service Creation Required

Promoting already existing products or services through affiliates can bypass the extensive research and development phase, the capital investment in product design, and the risk associated with market acceptance.

No Financial Investment

With digital marketing affiliate programs, both the products and services already exist, so no further financial investment from the affiliate is needed. All that is required by the affiliate is to leverage their time in finding high-quality clients for us.

How does our program work?


Our digital marketing affiliate program presents a dynamic opportunity for influencers, content creators, and consultants who resonate with our brand to earn substantial rewards by promoting our services to potential clients.

With a lucrative commission structure based on a percentage of the total contract value, you, as one of our affiliates can significantly profit from bringing in clients committed to subscription contracts lasting no less than six months.

This tiered commission model is meticulously crafted to incentivise the recruitment of long-term, high-value clientele, ensuring a stable, mutually beneficial, and sustainable relationship.


When you join, you’ll be thoroughly equipped with proper training, enabling you to advocate for our services effectively while upholding the principles of ethical marketing.

As an affiliate management agency, our focus on enduring client relationships and affiliate empowerment makes our program stand out, providing a fertile ground for growth-oriented collaboration.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

At Goodman Lantern, we strive to bring business opportunities through a supportive
environment that fosters true connections. Below are a few
of the many benefits we offer:

Unrivalled expertise

Earn Competitive Commissions

Benefit from our attractive, updated commission structure, designed to reward you for securing long-term, high-value subscription contracts.

Tailored solutions

Support Women in Tech and Marketing

By partnering with us, you contribute to our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of creating consistent, reliable, and fair income opportunities for women in tech and marketing.

Ethical assurance

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to provide you with the assistance you need to thrive in our program.

Global perspective

Access to Marketing Resources

Our affiliate program provides you with a set of tools and materials tailored to enhance promotional efforts and drive sales effectively.

engine optimisation

Close relationship

As your affiliate, we are committed to keeping a close relationship with you and providing regular updates on new orders received by us from the clients you refer.


Joining the Goodman Lantern affiliate program is a unique opportunity for you to be part of a movement that not only rewards you financially but also supports empowerment and equality within the tech and marketing industries.

Our competitive commission structure is specifically designed to maximise your earnings, particularly when you secure long-term, high-value subscriptions. This means the more you promote Goodman Lantern, the more you stand to gain.


By partnering with us as your affiliate management agency, you're not just earning; you're actively contributing to our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) to create consistent, reliable, and fair income opportunities for women in tech and marketing — a mission that is becoming increasingly important in today's world. We take pride in our team of professionals, 80% of whom are women, proving that Goodman Lantern isn't just talking the talk; we're walking the walk.


Furthermore, as a respected content marketing agency with a global presence, serving a diverse range of sectors such as technology and financial services, Goodman Lantern provides you with the prestige of being associated with a brand that's recognised for storytelling that inspires, converts, and builds trust.

And while you're building your income stream, you won't be doing it alone. Our dedicated support team is ready to ensure you have all the resources, guidance, and assistance you need to succeed within our affiliate program. It's a win-win — earning potential paired with making a positive impact in the industry. Join us and see why Goodman Lantern is the affiliate program of choice for those who seek more than just profits.

Got more questions? Contact us and we’ll gladly answer them.

Case Studies

Read all about our work for our clients in the case studies below.

We can help optimize website content for your online store

Our eCommerce content writing services were used by a well-known global manufacturer of power tools to optimize their product and category descriptions. Our involvement led to a 40% increase in website traffic.

Read more about our work here

Using long form content, we can amplify yours sales and boost your online presence

An e-commerce software firm needed our services to create a long form content. This allowed us to offer consistent and compelling content to educate their audience.

Read their story here

Our Clients Love Working with Us Because We Believe in Collaboration

At Goodman Lantern, we’re all about building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know your business and the people behind your brand. In true collaborative spirit, we do everything we can to tell your story and help your business grow.


“Goodman Lantern has an unparalleled level of skill and talent, coupled with a keen understanding of implementation.”

George O’Neill

Owner, The Promo App

“The communication is excellent and you receive responses within 24 hours.”

Balavendra Anthony

Marketing Manager, Flatworld Solutions
testimonal box

“We are delighted with our collaboration with Goodman Lantern because in addition to always delivering the content on time, they have also been extremely responsive to all our requests. Moreover, it was a real pleasure to work with a team that is both very professional and fundamentally human.”

Jeremy Rocher

Marketing Manager, AutoStore

Affiliate Program FAQ’s

bottom-blobWho is eligible to join the digital marketing affiliate program?

Our affiliate program welcomes influencers, content creators, and consultants who are actively involved in the B2B marketing sectors. Importantly, participants should resonate with our core values, focussing on ethical marketing practices and upholding the integrity of our brand.

bottom-blobWhat are the guiding principles for affiliates?

Affiliates must engage in transparent, honest marketing, strictly avoiding misleading claims about our services. They should ensure all promotional content aligns with our brand identity and values. Spamming and any forms of unsolicited promotions are not permitted. Furthermore, affiliates should make their partnership with us clear to their audiences, in line with FTC guidelines, and must steer clear of all types of offensive and discriminatory content.

bottom-blobHow often are affiliate commissions paid out?

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis. However, each subscription contract will undergo a validation process to confirm it meets our 6-month minimum duration before commissions are disbursed.

bottom-blobCan affiliates promote using any kind of content?

No, affiliates are required to use promotional materials that reflect the ethos of our brand. In particular, offensive, harmful, or discriminatory content is strictly forbidden. Our intention is to maintain a respectful and inclusive brand image, and all affiliate content should support this approach.

bottom-blobAre there any legal considerations for affiliates?

Yes, affiliates are expected to conduct promotions in accordance with all relevant local, national, and international laws. This includes adherence to data privacy and security standards; and ensuring promotional methods respect the personal data and confidentiality of their audience.

bottom-blobAre there any training or resources available for affiliates?

Yes, we provide all our affiliates with comprehensive training materials and resources to ensure they can effectively promote our brand and services.

bottom-blobHow are affiliate commissions calculated?

Our affiliate program is designed to reward our partners for bringing long-term, high-value clients to our business. Our commission structure is based on a percentage of the total contract value, and focuses on subscription contracts with a minimum duration of 6 months, reflecting our commitment to fostering enduring relationships with our clients. For further details about our commission structure, please submit an application.


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