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As one of the world’s leading social media platforms, Instagram has the power to uplift your brand and boost your company sales. Our Instagram Marketing Services are designed to help increase your visibility and credibility while elevating your business towards success.

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As a social media and Instagram marketing agency, our team of experienced researchers, writers, and marketers are fluent in the language of social media, platform strategy, and marketing.

We fully comprehend the various aspects of cultivating a social media marketing plan to achieve your unique business goals.

We follow, analyse, and transmute the latest digital trends, SEO techniques, and your authentic business tone to bolster and maintain your presence and overall visibility on social media.


We tap into our abundant pool of social media knowledge and garnered skills to ensure your tailor-crafted, original Instagram marketing efforts perform to our best ability and help you achieve your business goals.

Each phase and process of our professional Instagram Marketing Services ensures that your brand gains unmatched visibility, credibility, and following, assisting your business in generating more leads and, ultimately, making more sales.

Why Your Business Needs
Instagram Marketing Services


Social media has undergone a complete metamorphosis since its inception over 20 years ago. Today, social media is utilised as a marketing and brand engagement tool. One of the most influential and used platforms is Instagram.

This particular social media application requires different content formats to attract and engage both current and potential customers. Each bit of content counts towards your brand’s visibility and overall reputation, from images and animations to videos and podcasts.

Cultivating a strong presence on Instagram is one of the most potent forms of marketing. It has the power to actively boost your brand’s visibility and position your company as a thought leader in your industry.


A strong Instagram presence is a true business elevator in this economic climate. When presenting your offerings to the online world, you’re welcoming a multitude of diverse prospects to your doorstep and adding a deeper layer of credibility to your overall company atmosphere.

At Goodman Lantern, our talented team of Instagram marketing experts know how to cultivate engaging, memorable, and effective Instagram pages and content to help you win customers’ hearts.

Our Instagram Marketing Process


At Goodman Lantern, we want to ensure that our customers receive Instagram Marketing services at the highest possible standard. We have streamlined, refined, and perfected our Instagram Marketing process over the years.

Our team manager will maintain constant connection and communication with you throughout the project. If at any point, you are not satisfied with the work produced, you can request a revision session. At that point, we will halt all immediate work and revise all content you are not 100% sure about.

Below are the different phases of our Instagram Marketing Services:

Profile Setup

Profile Setup

We analyse our business, brand tone, desired audience members, and goals. With your assistance, we help you set up your company’s Instagram profile, create your company description, choose your company photograph, and help you start your brand community.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Strategy

We meet with you to curate the ideal content plan and marketing strategy. Each phase of the marketing strategy is shaped to suit your current and future business needs and drive growth.

Instagram Content

Instagram Content Development

We cultivate a content plan including the various types of content, precisely when to post each carefully crafted content piece, and how to distribute them to reach your target audience range.

We also consider the latest digital trends and SEO practices to ensure maximum results.

Page Growth

Page Growth

We constantly analyse your page growth to discover what part of our strategy and pieces of content work and what don’t. We refine the process and focus on the best performing content.



After we have finalised your Instagram page and marketing plan, we monitor and analyse the results in real-time to ensure your new and original page is receiving organic and sustainable results.

Management & Reporting

Management & Reporting

Once we have completed the final stages of your Instagram Marketing plan, we conduct an in-depth report on the efforts and results and help your team better understand your new marketing page to ensure the process continues once our contract with you has ended.

Why Choose Goodman Lantern for
Instagram Marketing Services


We’re a dedicated social media and Instagram marketing agency aimed towards creating memorable, persuasive, and original content.

We consist of professional research, marketing, and writing teams with extensive experience in the social media and marketing realm. We are fluent in crafting strategies for various audience members and industries.

Every Instagram marketing strategy we create is curated and moulded to perfectly suit your business and meet your marketing goals. Your business can overcome both your current and future marketing challenges and reach sustainable success with us at your side.


Our team understands the demanding and intricate nature of search engine optimisation and which specific practices best suit your unique business goals and brand tone.

We know how to apply each effort in the most natural way possible to encourage high search engine ranking and for ultimate visibility boosts.

Our content creation, social media, and Instagram marketing strategies are curated to the best of our ability. We adhere to the latest version of our internal knowledge basis, ensuring quality and value in everything we produce.

Industries We Serve



The SaaS sphere is growing rapidly as more people rely on cloud-based services.

Our engaging and uplifting Instagram marketing strategies and content development services help companies incorporate powerful marketing campaigns that boost visibility in a crowded marketplace.
Our team of expert Instagram marketing are equipped to assist SaaS companies in standing out from the rest on social media platforms.

Our marketers specialise in social media marketing and are versed in the various aspects of marketing methodology, mainly utilised for Instagram. Our team can carve your business into an authoritative figure in the SaaS industry.

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Almost all business sectors and parts of society rely on the telecommunications industry. While this creates many work opportunities, it also crowds the market space with competitors.

Luckily, our unique and engaging Instagram marketing services will help your company stand out from the crowd and receive a boost of brand awareness.

Our team of multitalented and masterful Instagram specialists and marketers has garnered extensive experience, especially within the telecommunications industry.

With an in-depth knowledge base and skill set, we will help you develop a personalised and memorable Instagram marketing strategy to improve your brand’s visibility and reach the right audience members.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is fast becoming the foothold of the future. While this opens the doors to a wealth of work opportunities, it also leads to a saturated space.

Keep on top of the latest digital trends and uplift your business awareness with Instagram marketing. With our help, you can position your brand as a thought leader in the field.

Your Instagram marketing strategy must speak directly to them and help them connect to viable solutions to attract your desired audience and potential high-paying customers.

Entertaining, engine, and informative Instagram pages give prospects reasons to return. Goodman Lantern provides quality Instagram marketing services for the virtual and augmented reality industry.

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Our Clients Love Working With Us Because We Believe in Collaboration

At Goodman Lantern we’re all about building long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We take the time to get to know their business AND the people behind the brand. In true collaborative spirit, we do everything we can to tell your story and help your business grow.


“Goodman Lantern has an unparalleled level of skill and talent, coupled with a keen understanding of implementation.”

George O’Neill

Owner, The Promo App

“Whenever we’ve provided feedback or suggestions they have always been receptive and open to making changes.”

Nadine Burzler

Head of Content, A Small World
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“In marketing, content generation is one of the biggest challenges. I’ve been using a large freelancing network, and I did have trouble finding the right talent to produce content for us. Then I got to know Goodman Lantern. We started to do business together, and it seemed Raj understood my requirements very well. He delivered quality content that met my expectations.”

Balavendra Anthony

Marketing Manager, Flatworld Solutions

Instagram Marketing Services FAQs

bottom-blob Why is Instagram effective?

Instagram is one of the most utilised social media platforms with the largest followings. If done correctly, your Instagram marketing can attract a wealth of returning customers to elevate your business success.

bottom-blob Why must I hire professionals to create my Instagram page?

Instagram may appear simple, but it can be complicated to find your place or position your company as a thought leader when many businesses are doing the same.

When you hire professionals, your business takes the time to perform tailor-crafted marketing strategies to reach your specific goals.

In addition, professionals understand how social media and digital trends work and will harness this awareness to boost your brand’s awareness and recognition.

bottom-blob Do you have any previous experience or work?
bottom-blob Who owns the copyright to work produced?

Your business, as our customer, owns all the copyrights to any work we produce for you.

bottom-blob What is the process behind your Instagram marketing services?

First, we discuss your business goals and target audience. We then analyse your offerings, brand tone, and current marketing data.

We use our research to craft a robust Instagram marketing and content strategy that aims to help you achieve your company’s marketing goals.

After you’ve approved the planning, we get to work on helping you implement your new, persuasive, and engaging social media strategy.


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