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Need help to get your diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) plan to take hold in your
organisation? GL will create an effective diversity and inclusion communication plan to
get you the buy-in you need to create a truly inclusive work environment.



Communication is the backbone of any successful diversity, equity and inclusion plan. Bring yours to life with an effective diversity and inclusion communication strategy. We'll help convert your message into an inclusive dialogue that fosters understanding and nurtures a culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

This strategy has several benefits. It helps you keep and attract talented people. It also boosts creative problem-solving in your company. Employee engagement is important for all companies, including those with hybrid work models.According to Deloitte's research, employee engagement increases by 101% in diverse and inclusive workplaces.

GL's knowledge of creating inclusive environments through effective communication strategies helps filter company values in an engaging way.

The Role of Communication
in DEI Initiatives

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Effective communication fosters understanding, promotes inclusivity, and addresses unconscious biases.

A strategic approach is needed to enhance organisational reputation, employee engagement, and stakeholder relations. As an organisation focused on diversity and equity ourselves, GL understands what it takes to communicate your internal communications diversity and inclusion plan in a way that ignites your employees.

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At GL, we have expertise in tailoring messages, utilising diverse communication channels, and navigating the nuances of diversity and inclusion communications. With a wealth of experience developing inclusive content, we ensure external and internal communications diversity and inclusion plans align with DEI principles.

Our strategic approach takes the guesswork out of enabling leadership to live the values of the organisation, promoting your workplace culture and meeting your equity and inclusion goals.

The Importance of DEI Communication
in the Workplace

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Effective diversity and inclusion communications have lasting benefits for both employers and employees. These benefits range from a more positive working environment and job satisfaction to an improved bottom line.

By integrating diverse perspectives in decision-making and creative output, you can solve problems from varying viewpoints, which ensures you never run into a dead-end.

When employees feel understood and embraced for their unique talents, they are more likely to engage in company culture, which leads to a more positive workplace culture.

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By clearly communicating your company's values and culture, you can attract and retain employees committed to diversity and inclusion. This alignment fosters a more cohesive and satisfied workforce and enhances your company's understanding of and responsiveness to a diverse customer base.

Organisations championing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives elevate their reputation, appealing to a broader customer base and demonstrating social responsibility.

Diversity and inclusion communications nurture an equitable environment and drive growth, societal impact, and organisational excellence.

Key Components of Effective
DEI Communication

Here are four ways GL can work with you to create an effective
diversity and inclusion communication plan.


Developing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Communication Strategy

With a focus on leadership involvement, GL utilises technology platforms, tailored content, and training opportunities to ensure that your diversity and inclusion communication strategy is comprehensive and impactful.

Tailoring Messages for Diverse Audiences

Ensure your diversity and inclusion communication strategy resonates across diverse cultures and backgrounds by leveraging GL's expertise so your messages promote engagement and empathy, fostering a more inclusive environment.


Addressing Unconscious Bias in Communication

For diverse groups to feel at ease expressing themselves, unconscious biases in communication need to be addressed. GL has the expertise to do this through training, education, and awareness to support your diverse hiring and promotion practices, and inclusive culture.

Leveraging Technology for Inclusive Communication

GL excels in leveraging technology tools, such as accessible e-learning platforms and virtual reality, to create a safe space for diverse opinions. Offering various interaction choices ensures that your company's message is received and perceived effectively by individuals with different preferences.


Implementing Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion Communication Strategies

Here are four ways we can help you effectively implement your diversity and
inclusion communication plan.

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Crafting Inclusive Internal Messages

GL specialises in crafting inclusive internal messages that land well and contribute to a culture of transparency and empathetic communication. This strengthens trust, fostering an environment where every employee feels heard and valued.

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Communicating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goals and Initiatives

We engage employees through various channels, encouraging participation and feedback. Transparent reporting on progress fosters accountability of leadership.

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Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

GL's approach to diversity and inclusion communication plans recognises employee contributions and encourages nominations for attributes like collaboration and support. This fosters a sense of pride and unity within your organisation.

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Handling Sensitive DEI Topics

GL's training programmes are proven to promote constructive discussions that contribute to a more inclusive and respectful workplace culture.

Challenges and Common Barriers

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Developing and implementing a diversity and inclusion communication strategy can be challenging due to various common barriers organisations may face.

These barriers can hinder the progress of DEI initiatives, so it’s important to be aware of them to ensure they are addressed as part of the diversity and inclusion communication strategy.

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The most common barriers involve how the diversity and inclusion communication strategy is communicated, which, when done wrong, can result in lack of awareness.

At GL, we aim to help you identify the barriers that could affect your organisation and address them before they become problematic.

Measuring DEI Communication

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Measuring how effective your diversity and inclusion communications strategy is involves a structured approach.

GL facilitates surveys, gathers qualitative insights, analyses data, and communicates findings transparently. We work closely with your organisation to assess employee perceptions, track participation rates, and ensure that the communication strategies align with your organisation's DEI objectives.

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By following a systematic evaluation process, we can provide valuable insights to our clients, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and refine their DEI initiatives for a more inclusive workplace.

How GL Helps Organisations
In the Audit Process

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Developing a diversity and inclusion communication strategy involves a rigorous audit process. This plan begins with assessing current communication practices, including interviews, surveys, and content analysis.

Stakeholder engagement with employees, leadership, and HR practitioners is vital to gather diverse perspectives. Evaluating existing communication channels, such as emails, intranet, and social media, helps determine accessibility and inclusivity levels. Benchmarking against industry best practices identifies gaps, while legal compliance checks ensure adherence to anti-discrimination laws.

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Based on these findings, we conduct a gap analysis, pinpointing areas for improvement. Recommendations focus on changes in messaging tone, language, and communication approaches. We also develop training programmes addressing inclusive language and cultural competence. A continuous improvement plan outlines actionable steps, including key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing evaluation.

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Diversity and Inclusion Communication FAQs

bottom-blob Why do we even need diversity and inclusion communications?

These communications foster a workplace culture where diversity is celebrated, which ensures all employees feel valued and included. Well-crafted diversity and inclusion communication promotes understanding, addresses biases, and enhances collaboration. It aligns organisational goals with inclusive practices, attracting diverse talent and positively impacting the organisation's reputation. Overall, a diversity and inclusion communication strategy is a proactive approach to building a harmonious, innovative, and equitable workplace.

bottom-blob How will GL ensure the diversity and inclusion communication strategy implementation process runs smoothly and is successful?

With a holistic and strategic approach. We begin with thoroughly assessing your organisation's current state and identifying specific needs and challenges. We then craft tailored solutions that address your unique requirements. With a focus on leadership involvement, employee engagement, and continuous improvement, GL guides the implementation with clear communication, training programmes, and regular assessments. Our commitment extends to measuring key performance indicators to ensure the diversity and inclusion communication strategy works long-term.

bottom-blob Does my organisation need to meet certain technological requirements to benefit from a diversity and inclusion communication strategy?

At GL, we tailor your DEI communication strategy to fit your organisation's technological landscape. Whether your organisation is at the forefront of technology or relies on traditional communication channels, GL ensures that the benefits of inclusive communication are accessible to all. Our approach prioritises inclusivity.

bottom-blob What level of engagement will be required from leadership and employees for GL to obtain the information needed for a successful diversity and inclusion communication strategy?

We engage in collaborative sessions with leadership to understand organisational goals and values. Employee involvement is encouraged through surveys, focus groups, and feedback mechanisms, ensuring diverse perspectives are considered. This active participation enables GL to gather comprehensive insights, tailor strategies effectively, and foster a sense of ownership and commitment to diversity and inclusion communications initiatives.

bottom-blob How often should organisations assess the effectiveness of their diversity and inclusion communications?

Regular assessments, ideally quarterly, are essential. This frequency allows for timely adjustments, ensuring ongoing improvement and relevance.


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