Originally published October 29, 2022 , updated on June 23, 2023

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Grow Your Business With the United Kingdom’s Top Content Marketing Agency

Grow your business with quality content marketing. With Goodman Lantern, you’ll receive custom strategies and services that speak directly to your UK-based audience, keeping them coming back for more.

Our Expertise

Blog Writing Services

Update and inform your target audience with memorable blog posts. This content format is a powerful tool that can drive increased website traffic and boost your brand’s overall visibility. As a content writing agency with extensive knowledge of the UK market, we can craft blog posts that connect with your target market on a personal level in your authentic brand voice and tone.

Our team of strategists and marketing professionals can conduct an in-depth analysis of your company goals and challenges, as well as those of your target audience and current customers. Armed with this information, we’ll write search-engine-optimised blog posts to boost brand awareness and ultimately help your business generate more leads.

Article Writing Services

Increase your brand credibility and position your company as a thought leader in your industry with short- and long-form articles. Not only can articles showcase your business’s expertise, but they can diversify your content to appeal to a broader audience range.

The Goodman Lantern team has years of article writing experience, and our writers make it their mission to ensure each word is written with your target audience in mind. We create compelling articles that educate and inform readers, helping them answer their questions and providing them with possible solutions.

Whitepaper Writing Services

Whitepapers can provide prospective and existing customers with an in-depth look into your company’s offerings, innovations, and incentives. These documents can capture your target audience’s attention and position your business as a leader in your field.

Using well-researched facts, statistics, and numbers, Goodman Lantern’s whitepaper writers can help narrate interesting stories about industry trends and challenges and what you offer in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner. Our team will ensure your whitepapers talk to solution-driven products or services catering to your UK audience base.

Web Content Writing Services

Your website is probably one of the first touch points for potential customers. As such, your website copy needs to make an impact. As website writing professionals, Goodman Lantern can craft purpose-driven, engaging content for your business that will encourage your UK target market to return to your website again and again.

Connect with your customers and lead them effortlessly down the sales funnel with compelling words and a powerful website narrative. Whether you already have a website or require an entirely new one, Goodman Lantern can help you build a strong brand reputation through persuasive copy.

Brochure Content Writing

Despite the popularity of online marketing, printed brochures are still an effective marketing tool. Brochures and leaflets create a tangible form of promotion for your services or products, diversifying your marketing efforts and potentially reaching a wider audience.

Our team of professional researchers, writers, and marketers understand the value of brochures and how to adapt them to suit a more modern approach to marketing. Educate your audience with solution-driven content and create a lasting impression with memorable documents, all created with Goodman Lantern’s UK-orientated brochure writing services.

SEO-Optimised Content Writing

Search engine-optimised content can help your website stand out in the sea of internet information and noise. Fortunately, this is one of Goodman Lantern’s specialities.

We can develop SEO strategies and content for your business that will target your desired audience and help search engine bots rank your pages higher on Google. Using the industry’s best software and with years of experience, we can create compelling content using SEO techniques that will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Grow Your Business With Our Digital Marketing Services

SEO Services

Search engine optimisation can be incredibly effective at helping you to attract your target customers. When more people can find your website when they add a search query to Google, it will ultimately lead to higher lead generation and increased profits.

Our team of SEO strategists, specialists, and content writers are fluent in the complicated language of SEO. We take the time to get to know your company’s goals and target market to create content that speaks directly to search engine bots while addressing topics, trends, and challenges your audience can relate to.

Inbound Marketing Services

Content marketing (or inbound marketing) can help foster a loyal customer base. You can successfully drive potential customers to your website through expertly-crafted newsletters, social media campaigns, and other types of content. Once they’re there, you can start building a relationship with them, using content.

Goodman Lantern understands the UK consumer exceptionally well. Being one of the country’s leading content marketing agencies, we know how to effectively connect with your desired target audience and make them feel seen and heard by your brand.

Content Distribution Services

You may have a pool of content at your fingertips, but no one will find you if it’s not shared effectively. There’s an abundance of platforms for content promotion and amplification, and each has its own particular pros and cons.

To ensure your content is seen by the right people, it’s critical to distribute it on the channels where they spend most of their time. This iswhere we come in. The Goodman Lantern team can conduct thorough research into your desired target market and the places they dwell to ensure your content is consumed.

Graphic Design Services

Don’t fall short on the visual aspects of your brand. Copy may be what helps search engine bots to rank your content, but graphics is what attracts and delights target customers.

Goodman Lantern’s team of designers can ensure your company becomes recognisable and memorable thanks to striking visual content. Our graphic designers can create anything from logos and website illustrations to infographics and eBooks.

Do you need a new website? We’ll help you build one from scratch with high-quality graphics that align with your corporate identity.

Translation & Localisation Services

Translation is more than just the direct translation of words – it’s an accurate retelling of stories. As a globally diverse team with roots in almost every corner of the world, we can help you reach a wider audience, both locally and internationally.

We offer translation, localisation, and transcreation services and can ensure your content is adapted to perfectly suit the needs of your local audiences. In addition, we’ll make it our mission to ensure your content remains accurate and 100% on-brand during the translation or transcreation process.

Strategy and Planning Services

All businesses require robust and effective content marketing strategies to achieve long-term success. But many companies struggle to find a starting point or the resources they need to create their strategy.

Goodman Lantern’s team of brand, content, and marketing strategists can assist your company in creating a roadmap that will help you achieve your business objectives and reach your target audience. Our UK-based team understands what drives results for clients in this market and can do the same for you.

How GL Fits Into Your Local UK Business

Our UK-based content marketing agency can personalise our approach to suit your business needs, wants, and goals.

As soon as we start working together, we’ll commit to deepening our understanding of your UK target audience and how you’d like to reach them. By adapting our services to cater to your unique goals and customer base, we can create powerful content that targets customers in the UK. We can also help you build your brand’s reputation in the region.


With our localised knowledge and UK-based team, it’s easy for us to stay updated on the region’s latest trends to ensure you receive high-quality content that hits home with locals. Our SEO team can also help your business to boost its visibility and search engine ranking in the UK. So when people search for a product or service near them, we can ensure your brand is one of the first ones they see.

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Industries We Serve


Software is used as a time-saving tool in today’s fast-paced society. As a result, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry is quickly evolving and expanding. With the rise in demand, SaaS companies are creating more innovative solutions and appliances.

However, operating in a leading industry isn’t without its challenges. Making your brand stand out and attracting new prospects can be challenging, so it’s essential to use content marketing to your benefit.

With great content that speaks to customers’ pain points, you can attract a wider audience and position yourself as a thought leader in the SaaS industry. Ultimately, this can help you drive more customers to your product and service pages, helping you to generate leads.

With extensive experience creating content for SaaS companies, Goodman Lantern can help you expand your marketing efforts and get your desired clients.


The telecommunications industry may be the foundation of communication within our connected society, but companies within this booming sector often fail to produce the right content for their audiences.

As one of the UK’s top content marketing and writing agencies, we can assist your brand in creating a rich, diverse, and engaging content base that showcases your brand’s expertise and products, positioning you as an innovator in the telecom industry. From whitepapers and brochures to blog posts and social media campaigns, we’ll assist you in creating compelling content that keeps your audience coming back for more.
vr-ar 1

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR technology allows virtual imagery to be overlaid on the real world. Do you operate in this exciting field? Ensure your AR company stays top of mind by investing in engaging, valuable content for your website and other digital platforms.

Untangle complicated jargon and concepts with well-written blog articles and eBooks, and exhibit your brand’s innovative approach and authenticity with social media marketing campaigns that grab your target audience’s attention.

Goodman Lantern’s team of specialist writers have experience in writing for the AR industry and know how to harness content to bring the surreal nature of this evolving industry to life.

Why You Should Work With Our UK-Based Team

When you work with Goodman Lantern, you’ll receive high-quality services from an internationally acclaimed agency. Our diverse, inclusive team comprises strategists, editors, technical writers, graphic designers, and other creatives who thrive on bringing our customers’ marketing goals to life.

Many of us have over 20 years of experience in the content marketing industry, and we’re proud to have partnered with numerous top global brands. 


When you decide to work with our UK-based team, your content marketing efforts will be in the hands of professionals who are diligent and focused yet approachable and friendly. Keeping you satisfied will be our top priority, and we’ll make an effort to keep you updated on our progress. In addition, we’ll assign an account manager to your project, making it easy for you to reach out for any requests.

Let’s help you to define your content strategy and hone your content to ensure your brand remains top of mind.

With a deep understanding of the UK marketplace and a team of SEO and other content experts, we’ll help your business rank high on Google and reach local audiences.

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