Originally published October 31, 2021 , updated on October 31, 2021

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Emails have been around since the mid-1960s. According to The Guardian, “the very first version of what would become known as email was invented in 1965 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as part of the university’s Compatible Time-Sharing System, which allowed users to share files and messages on a central disk, logging in from remote terminals.” 

But when did emails become so much a part of our daily lives that we needed to consider etiquette and using email writing services? 

Well, it was a man named Ray Tomlinson who can be credited with the invention of email as we know it today. He was the pioneer of the ‘@’ symbol for emails, and it’s thanks to him that we now can send digital mail between one computer and another. 

Various reports show that there are approximately four billion email users in the world. Needless to say, email is very much mainstream. Everyone who has an Android or Apple phone needs an email address. And anyone wanting to be part of the modern world needs one too. 

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In theory, sending an email is easy. But it’s a bit more complicated in practice. Sure, sending emails between friends and family is simple enough. But there’s a lot more to consider when you need to send professional business emails. There’s a lot more at stake. A wrongly worded or misunderstood email could be the difference between sealing the business deal or not. 

It might not seem as though you need the help of a professional to write your emails. But when these messages could make or break a deal, making use of professional email writing services is wise. 

Here’s how opting for the pros can help you and your business. 

Eliminate Misunderstandings

Conveying tone with words is a refined skill. You might think that your tone is casual yet professional. But the person on the other side could easily misconstrue it for pushy and offputting. 

Emails in the professional world also need to be clear and leave very little room for confusion or misunderstanding. In your mind, you might think that you have sent all the relevant details and information. When the person on the other end receives it, there could, however, be missing information. 

An expert writing service would be able to ensure that you avoid misunderstandings when it comes to tone and content. 

Appear Professional

Email etiquette is a big deal. If you have only ever used email for communicating with friends and family, some bad habits might have been overlooked. In the business world, however, some etiquette rules should be followed at all times. If not, your emails could easily come across as unprofessional. 

A professional writer will be able to formulate an email that follows all the guidelines. They will also ensure that your email is free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Bad writing could make your emails seem less than professional. 

Professional Email Writing Services Can Help to Maintain Good Relationships

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Regular communication with your customers, clients, and suppliers is a must in good relationship building. But you most likely don’t have the time to keep communicating with your key stakeholders. This is where a professional email writing service can come in handy.

An expert writing service can ensure that you have well-written and regular communication with your key audience and market. Not only that, but should you wish to do email marketing campaigns, they would be able to assist with this too. 

There is a huge benefit in outsourcing your newsletter services to an email marketing writing service. It can save you time and it ensures that it’s done properly every time. 

Save Time

For busy business people, responding to emails can take a very long time if your mailbox fills up daily. When you are running a business and you are trying to grow it, there is very little time for admin. This means that sometimes you end up working at odd hours or you miss emails completely. 

A professional service will be able to give some of this time back to you. With your guidance, they will be able to respond to emails with certain themes in a professional and timely manner. In the end, this leaves you with more time on your hands to be involved in the day-to-day running of your business. 

Email Writing Services Help With Better Record-Keeping

Unless a user clears their inbox, emails live on in an amalgamated mess forever. And as we’ve come to lean on these more for business, many people are storing their emails like they would store records. But virtually. 

For example, there could be a project that you are working on for a client. To keep all communication in one place, you or your client (or both) might file all conversations related to the project under a certain label. This helps you easily access all the relevant information. 

A well-written, well-thought-out email related to this project will most likely get labelled and stored for future reference. Which is great. You want to make life easier for the person on the other end, and also for yourself. 

They Can Help You With a Style Guide and Template

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A professional email writing service does not double as a personal assistant. While a writer can help you formulate an email, they won’t be on hand to reply to all your mails unless that’s what you’ve agreed upon.

This is where a style guide and template can be useful. An expert service would be able to create these guides for you. That way you will always have something to refer back to that can help you construct a well-written email on your own. 

They can also help you create templates for email marketing campaigns and give you tips on how to come up with catchy headlines. 

So, while email seems like a simple concept, it’s clearly not. There are many things to consider when writing an email for business purposes. And with all the pressure there is on getting an email right and striking the right tone, wouldn’t it simplify your life to make use of professional email writing services? We certainly think so! 

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