Originally published May 28, 2021 , updated on December 26, 2022

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Telecom Service Provider

A global telecom service provider operating in 14 countries reached out to Goodman Lantern for assistance with content and proposition development for their clients to grow sales by 2.5x in 3 years.
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Executive Summary

Based in 14 countries around the world, with headquarters in Spain, our client is a telecom service provider managing more than 9 million connected digital homes and corporate infrastructure networks.

They needed a team that could deliver marketing strategy leadership, develop a proposition, create a story to separate them from competitors and produce a steady stream of articles and whitepapers. 


This project is ongoing and over the last five years we have helped them achieve the following:


A 2.5x growth in sales within 3 years


Added 10+ new global telecom operators as customers

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The Challenges

As a leading service provider in the Spanish market, the brand wanted to expand their reach outside of Latin America and Spain. As such, they needed a team of experts to create a unique voice and a relevant and impactful story that resonates with a new audience .

Goodman Lantern’s Solution

We assigned 1 senior thought leader and a team of editors and writers to work on this project. In the first few months, we worked with the client to develop a unique position and brand story.


In the months following, we developed articles, press releases and thought leadership pieces.

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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

As part of our partnership with the client, we were tasked with delivering well-researched, well-written, and high-quality white papers. With the client’s budget in mind, our team of strategic thinkers also developed a detailed action plan.


The client benefitted from a dedicated team who understood their business proposition and phenomenal global growth year-on-year in just 3 years of working with the company.

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