Originally published July 14, 2020 , updated on February 28, 2023

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FinTech SaaS

A FinTech business providing software and services to other global SaaS and subscription-based companies.

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Goodman Lantern’s Content Services Help SaaS FinTech Increase Market Share

Executive Summary

With a presence across EMEA, our customer is a SaaS FinTech company with a primary focus on payment solutions. Their aim was to develop and execute a multi-touchpoint marketing strategy for the purpose of:


  • Growing the company’s brand and influence in the market
  • Increasing software vendor sign-ups for their payment tools and services, particularly in the US and Europe.

Goodman Lantern was asked to plan and execute their content marketing strategy in order to achieve their marketing objectives.

We helped them develop the following


Detailed market research and competitor analysis


In-depth, professionally written blogs and articles

With the help of Goodman Lantern’s content services, they are on track to 10x their current 7-figure revenue
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The Challenges

Whilst this highly entrepreneurial business has been operating for over 10 years, it required a large amount of support from our team.


We were able to offer them expertise in research, writing and editing. It helped to grow their influence in the market and drive prospective customers through the sales funnel.

Goodman Lantern’s Solution

The main focus of this project was on content creation. So, Goodman Lantern assembled a team of 2 editors, 2 writers, and a project manager. Together with the customer’s internal marketing team, we agreed on a go-to-market strategy and execution plan.


The team generated several whitepapers, articles and eBooks. All the content was SEO optimised and written according to high conversion guidelines. They were also thoroughly researched and fact-checked.

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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

In 12 months, the customer’s search engine rankings went from being on the fourth and fifth pages to the first page. Furthermore, the customer was able to entice several strategic customers of its competitors using the content developed by Goodman Lantern.

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