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It’s not easy to grow an idea into a successful company. And, with the world facing a pandemic right now, it’s more difficult than ever before. As such, Goodman Lantern reaching its 7-year milestone and more plans for future growth is worth celebrating.

To kick off the celebration, let’s take a look at the history of Goodman Lantern. The company has come a long way since its inception.  It has become a leader in content marketing and SaaS growth strategy development. We’ll also look at what the future looks like for the Goodman Lantern team. And what’s next for this content marketing agency.

There’s a Great Reason to Celebrate

Celebrating Seven Years of Content Marketing Services
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This year marks seven years of delivering top services and content to B2B and SaaS companies around the world. Seven years of hard work.

Goodman Lantern is a diverse team. On every level, you will find highly skilled people. The team is made up of native English content writers, developers, and management. Together, this team has assisted in scaling businesses by increasing brand awareness and revenue. All of this has been done through content marketing. But the journey to becoming a successful business was not a fast or easy one. It took many long years of hard work and dedication. And this is just the beginning.

Content marketing, copywriting, and strategy are only in their infancy. It’s no secret that customers and audiences demand so much more from businesses these days. They want content that is valuable, shareable and relevant. Goodman Lantern has been incredibly successful in this over the years. As a result, the company looks set for further growth and success. There is still so much more that can be done.

With Raj Goodman Anand at the helm, Goodman Lantern grew from a flourishing start-up to a successful business. But it wasn’t always plain sailing for Raj, who admits to facing a few failures along the way. However, it was these failures combined with its stories of triumph that resulted in Goodman Lantern’s success. And success as a content marketing and SaaS growth strategy company doesn’t come easily.

How it All Started

The Goodman Lantern founders have collectively racked up decades of consulting experience. These were done in small and midsize companies and large corporations over the years. Along the way, they discovered that each project had similar obstacles to overcome. This included creating new opportunities for clients and targeting the right market. It also meant generating strong leads through content marketing. And developing an impactful SaaS growth strategy.

To overcome these obstacles, the team decided to expand and onboard new members. However, this proved too costly to be a long-term solution as it meant new salaries all the time. As a result, the idea to outsource work to top professionals in the content marketing fields was born. In this way, Goodman Lantern expanded its talent pool. The team decided to employ freelance staff from around the world to meet these growing content demands.

And Since Then, Raj Has Grown the Business Over the Years.

Raj had little work-life balance before Goodman Lantern.  He was hopping on and off flights almost daily. He took 280 flights in one year, traveling across Europe and Asia. Too easily he could have breakfast in one city, lunch at the airport and dinner in a new city. He soon realised that this was no way to live. There was no work-life balance. There was no balance at all.

Over the years Raj came to understand the power of content. He had many years of professional experience teaching B2B and SaaS companies how to share their brand stories and achieve growth. Thanks to his efforts, Goodman Lantern grew from a €7.5M to a €45M company during his tenure. Despite this rapid growth, Raj understands that people are at the core of any business. If you don’t take care of your team, you are not taking care of your business.

It’s About Putting People First

People Should Feel Part of the Goodman Lantern Family
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For Raj and his team, it has always been important to put the Goodman Lantern people first. He knew from the start that no matter where someone was based, they needed to feel part of the Goodman Lantern family. Raj believes Goodman Lantern is nothing without its team. If his team members are not happy, the business suffers. Unhappy team members lead to bad company culture and little productivity. As such, the GL management team has implemented various ways to ensure staff happiness. They do regular check-ins to ensure everyone is content and thriving in their respective roles. There is also an annual team retreat for full-time employees. And everyone is trusted to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

As a remote-first business, it isn’t always easy keeping everyone connected at all times. With everyone working from different corners of the world, it can be tough to keep in touch. But with seven years of experience under its belt, Goodman Lantern has managed to build and retain a strong team across continents.

How Goodman Lantern Became a Successful SaaS Growth Strategy Company

Goodman Lantern also believes that clients form part of the family. This means ensuring that they are happy, too. This results in strong and prosperous client relationships that last for years. Together, we generate leads that help clients sell better and grow faster.  Significant time and effort has been put into understanding this niche market. This includes ongoing learning and training as well as staying on top of the latest knowledge. The team is also in the know on upcoming trends and industry predictions. As a result of these efforts, the entire GL team has the ability to deliver business solutions and content that aligns with the client’s needs.

A key focus for Raj and his team is to get employee buy-in on every client being worked on. This ensures that employees are passionate about what they do. The results of this really shine through in the quality of the work that the team does. They will go the extra mile in all that they do.

The Core Values of the Leader Become the Core Values of the Company

SaaS Growth Strategy and Core Values
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The values of a leader are fundamental in how employees perceive their work environment. If a business leader doesn’t believe in growth and transformation, the company will not move forward. This can result in a high staff turnover rate and a toxic work environment. All of this leads to low-quality work and poor results.

Thankfully Goodman Lantern is led by Raj, whose core values are fundamental to the success of the business. For one, Raj firmly believes in reducing gender inequality in the workplace. Statistics show that women fill only 20% of tech jobs in the USA, while women in the UK account for only 15%. This is not a statistic that Raj wants to contribute towards. In fact, he actively wants to fight it.

From developers to management to writers and editors – women make up a big portion of the staff complement at Goodman Lantern. Women on the team receive equal opportunities to their male counterparts. They also receive equal pay.

With a leader like Raj, Goodman Lantern has become one of the most diverse content and SaaS growth strategy agencies in the region. Something it will continue to be throughout the years.

Many Lessons to be Learnt Along the Way

Being a successful and diverse company has not come without its fair share of obstacles. There have been many failures over the years that have knocked the team and the management. The key is to turn these failures into lessons. Below are some of the most important lessons the business has learned over the years.

  • Create a happy team and a healthy company culture. This contributes to a good dynamic and successful organisation.
  • Put processes in place to ensure smooth sailing for a team that’s spread across the world. According to Raj, there are three things to keep in mind when doing this.
  • Hire people who believe in and share the company values.
  • Have writing bibles for everyone to follow. This maintains standards and processes across the board.
  • Keep the team motivated. Do this through regular messages of inspiration, profit-sharing incentives, bonuses and more.
  • It’s about the long game. You can’t only focus on short-term gains. Running a business means concentrating on your long-term goals and committing to them.
  • Keep abreast of industry trends. The future is subscription-based and GL has adapted to this. By understanding the latest trends and analysing future trends, businesses can easily adapt. Businesses will also be able to transform or pivot to ensure ongoing success.

What the Future Holds, and Where to From Here?

Over the years, Goodman Lantern has grown from a small content business into a global, remote-first agency. The company specialises in content marketing and content writing for top B2B and SaaS clients. It is now a seven-figure revenue company.

The recent global crisis has resulted in a greater demand for content, especially in the digital space. This means that Raj and his team are perfectly positioned to take on the added demand. With a focus on online content, digital marketing, SaaS growth, SEO or brand building, there is no better team to tackle what lies ahead.

Goodman Lantern’s Main Ambitions and Goals for the Coming Year Includes:

Goals and Ambitions of Goodman Lantern
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  1. Continue its remote-first approach

Goodman Lantern remains flexible and continues its remote-first approach. With everyone searching for a better work-life balance, it’s important to allow for flexible schedules. Employees and team members are allowed to work as they see fit, as long as the job gets done on time. There are little to no demands placed on team members. This will also be key in tackling future challenges as the world continues to change.

  1. Continue to transform the business and industry

Men under 25 still out-earn women of the same age by a whopping 29%. Goodman Lantern will continue to close the gender pay gap. The company will always provide more women with tech opportunities. This is a key focus area. And this is not just for career-focused women. Goodman Lantern aims to provide all women from all walks of life with more flexible working opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing the corporate ladder, just starting out or putting family first. There’s a place for everyone.

  1. Opening up doors of opportunity for clients

The company is, of course, nothing without its valued clients. Raj and his team of experienced professionals are determined to get clients to scale. They work hard to ensure that whatever work they do for clients results in lead generation. A key focus is also customer engagement, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Cheers to the Next 7 Years and Beyond

There may have been many obstacles and lessons learned along the way. But there have been incredible successes, too. And these are with bragging about. In seven short years, Goodman Lantern has grown into a highly successful business. They have clients and team members across cities, countries and continents.

A key service is content marketing in order to drive consistent growth. The company also creates informative and motivational eCommerce content for online stores and e-commerce platforms. Companies such as STIHL, Tommy Hilfiger, Portmeirion, Wrangler and Hausera have continued to use these services for product descriptions, product guides and how-to pieces.

Companies in need of research have also reached out to the Goodman Lantern team. By conducting primary and secondary research, clients can get analytical insights and results based on the brief. Clients also turn to this native English content team for whitepapers, business plans, bespoke content and editing services.

There are seven years behind and many more successful years ahead. So, have you used the professional services and SaaS growth strategy expertise of Goodman Lantern yet?

Here’s to many more happy and successful years ahead! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this leading brand and company.

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