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A Technical SEO Agency Can Help You Fuel Business Growth

Digital Marketing
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Originally published April 13, 2022 , updated on January 18, 2023

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Search engine optimisation provides a scalable path to growth for your business. Optimised content and web pages can promote your business 24/7, even when no one is in the office. Online marketing can drive sales to your business while you’re asleep, and search engine optimisation leads the charge. 

79% of Americans shop online, especially millennials. As millennials become a larger percentage of buyers and Gen Z gets older, this trend will continue. Businesses have caught onto this trend, but some don’t know how to rank at the top of search engines. Some of these companies produce articles, videos, and podcast episodes but don’t get enough traction.

An SEO Agency can boost your website’s traffic numbers. These companies give your brand a competitive advantage by ranking you higher for the right keywords and sharing what works. An agency’s expertise and technical SEO services can propel your business forward. We’ll discuss how an agency can fuel business growth and what to consider before investing in these services. 

Technical SEO Services Provide Content

A Technical SEO Agency Provides You with Relevant Content to Increase Visibility on the Internet
Image Source: Pexels.Com

SEO agencies help you rank on search engines. That’s the basic premise, but what does that mean for your business and future revenue growth? The best SEO agency will review your business and suggest several keywords.

Agencies don’t pull those keywords out of a hat. Technical SEO services will use software to review several keywords in your niche. They will find keywords your customers use when looking for a product or service like yours.

Keywords are the foundation for any successful digital strategy. They guide content ideas and put your brand in front of prospects. Businesses must consistently produce articles around these keywords to gain traction and fuel growth. However, not every business owner has enough time to write weekly blog posts. Technical SEO services also help in this area.

The best SEO agency has a team of vetted writers who produce optimised content. The agency communicates with writers on your behalf and ensures you receive content before the deadline.

Agencies don’t hire every writer. Each writer completes a test assignment and internal articles before writing for clients. The best SEO agency will reject many writers and only accept top-notch content creators. You won’t have this level of vetting if you hire a freelance writer. You might find a great writer, but you can also end up with low-quality content. This content doesn’t rank for keywords and fails to engage your existing audience.

Website Optimisations Boost Revenue and Engagement Metrics

Reliable Technical SEO Services Will Boost Revenue and Engagement Metrics for Business Success
Image Source: Pexels.Com

An agency works with your company to create a content strategy. Keyword research and enhanced content will increase traffic. More traffic provides your company with more leads, but the best SEO agency won’t stop with content.

Some agencies optimise company websites to increase conversion rates. These modifications make your calls to action stand out and generate more leads. Therefore, if your company gets twice as many visitors and you double your conversion rates, your company’s sales will quadruple.  

Professional agencies know the latest technology and trends. Therefore, they can use this knowledge to improve your website to get more traffic and provide a better user experience. 

An agency like Goodman Lantern can even create high-performing pages for your website. You can have the pros build a landing page for your company and figure out the integrations. Agencies know how to make a high-converting landing page.

Even if you already have a landing page, an agency can still help. They run A/B split tests to optimise your website’s calls to action. These split tests reveal what parts of your website resonate with consumers the most. 

Some agencies only optimise for search engines without considering the user’s experience. Optimising for search engines helps you get traffic. Improving the user experience enables you to generate more engagement and sales from incoming traffic. 

Website speed significantly impacts a user’s experience. You will lose almost half of your visitors if your website takes more than three seconds to load. Business owners shouldn’t aim for the minimum. Instead of striving to stay under three seconds, companies should get their load times below two seconds.

SEO agencies know how to speed up your website so you don’t lose prospects. These changes will help with additional efforts to drive visitors to your website.

A Technical SEO Agency Gets Backlinks to Your Site

Professional Content and SEO Agencies Improve Your Ranking By Getting Backlinks to Your Website
Image Source: Pexels.Com

Getting backlinks is one of the best ways to improve your ranking. Backlinks are websites that point back to your content. You can get backlinks to your website or specific blog posts on your site. 

While businesses can use several strategies to gain backlinks, most revolve around content. You can write guest posts for other people in exchange for a byline. You can link to your website and mention your services at the end of the article. 

This strategy will help your website gain traction, but it takes time to build relationships with guest bloggers and produce content. Some guest blogging sites have exhaustive lists of requirements about word counts, the number of links you can include, and other factors. 

Not every business owner has enough time to write multiple guest posts each week, produce internal articles, and address other obligations. A technical SEO agency creates pieces for your blog and guest blogging sites. You will gain backlinks without committing several hours per week to craft copy.

Agencies that are versed in search engine trends let you focus on other areas of your business while capitalising on the booming popularity of search engines. Most consumers use search engines to discover brands and answer vital questions along the customer journey. You want your company to enter those conversations, but getting backlinks takes a lot of work. You can delegate that workload with technical SEO services.

Consistent Social Media Posts

Posting on social media helps your business grow. Using hashtags and frequently sharing posts will make your social media profile more discoverable. Some people will come across your brand on social media for the first time and consume your content. 

Businesses can lead people from social media to their websites. Even if people don’t buy from you right away, consistent social media posts will build trust. Some people may follow you on social media for years before becoming customers.

Unfortunately, not every business owner has enough time to post on social media consistently. To make matters worse, some business owners post for the sake of posting. They don’t consider which types of social media copy will convert and lead more people to their websites.

You can post blog posts and guest posts the agencies write on your behalf. Businesses can provide valuable content, showcase their expertise, and lead people to their websites in the same post. Content agencies give you more social media post ideas, but even then, you may not have enough time to create those posts.

The best SEO agency can write social media posts for you too. They review engagement metrics on prior posts to determine what resonates with your audience. As a result, technical SEO services can provide social media copy for several platforms, helping you expand your reach. 

A Technical SEO Agency Keeps You Updated on the Latest Changes

A Good Agency Will Always Keep You Updated on the Latest Changes Relevant to You
Image Source: Pexels.Com

Did you know that voice search optimisation is a thing? It’s hard to keep track of Google’s latest updates and shifts in consumer behaviour. Businesses that recognise emerging trends before everyone else can see parabolic growth with less effort.

Some small brands grow large audiences by becoming the first companies to embrace a new social network. The low competition combined with a sudden demand surge presents compelling opportunities.  

A technical SEO agency can keep you in the loop on algorithm developments and opportunities. You won’t get caught by surprise if Google makes significant changes to rankings. It can take years of learning to catch up to a professional agency’s expertise. Even after mastering the basics, you’ll have to continue following the industry to stay aware of updates.

The best SEO agency does those things for you. So their due diligence helps you focus on other areas of your business.

How to Distinguish the Best SEO Agency From Poor Performers

Not all agencies deliver robust results for their clients. Some agencies do the absolute minimum and frustrate their customers. Other agencies provide quality deliverables to their clients and help companies gain traction.

Before paying any agency, enquire about past results they have delivered for clients. Agencies that provide the best technical SEO services will happily share case studies. They should jump on the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and how they can help your company. 

If an agency hesitates to provide results they generated for prior clients, look for another agency. An agency represents a significant investment. Any hesitancy should be enough to consider other choices.

The best SEO agency will promptly respond to any communication. Most agencies are on their best behaviour when talking with prospects. They will give prospects every possible reason to become one of their clients.

If an agency bungles the initial response and responds late to your messages, it won’t get better if you become a client. An SEO agency isn’t just an investment to boost traffic. These companies create copy in your voice that current customers will read. Depending on what they see, some will become more loyal while others will consider competitors.

SEO agencies impact how people see your brand. If you don’t like how they communicate, your customers may not like it either. You don’t want to lose customers and solid relationships. 

While a bad agency can hurt your brand, the best SEO agency can provide a steady stream of new leads. Existing customers will develop a stronger sense of loyalty toward your brand. They will enjoy the articles and engage with your blog posts. 

You can look at an SEO agency for its budget. Every business owner should consider their limit, but spending too little on an agency can limit the impact or get you stuck with low-quality content. Some agencies may not produce enough content for your brand because the budget is too low. You don’t want to overspend, but being too conservative can also hurt.

Hire the Best SEO Agency for Your Company

Outsource Your Content Needs to a Reliable Technical SEO Agency To Achieve the Best Results in the Shortest Time
Image Source: Pexels.Com

A technical SEO agency should have your company’s best interests in mind. They should establish ambitious but realistic goals that improve visibility and revenue. 

Most people understand the basics of an SEO strategy. Find the right keywords, produce articles, and share with your audience. SEO agencies dive deeper into each element of an effective strategy while introducing other components. An agency should help you build backlinks and enhance your website for optimal performance.

Goodman Lantern can provide your company with everything it needs to rank for optimal keywords, get traffic, and turn prospects into customers. We review your analytics to make data-backed decisions that translate into revenue for your company. You can work on other business initiatives while we handle your company’s SEO and online growth.

Search engines continue to change consumer behaviour. Most people use Google to learn about your company before doing business with you. Some consumers who like your company may find a more attractive competitor through a Google search. Other consumers may want to buy from you, but they have no idea your company exists.

Goodman Lantern solves those problems for businesses. We put you in front of your targeted audience and build trust with existing customers. That is to say, we want your company to thrive on Google’s algorithm and navigate any changes and trends. If you want those results for your company, we would be happy to help by offering our reliable technical SEO services.

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