Originally published June 4, 2020 , updated on December 26, 2022

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Ground-Breaking Social Media Marketing Agency

An industry leading social media agency reached out to Goodman Lantern for content writing services that secured $30k from a single client.

The importance of social media as a content marketing tool and SEO content development

Social media content writing solutions secure $30k in revenue for digital marketing agency.

Executive Summary

Based in Europe and operating globally, the client offers ground-breaking social media solutions that help businesses build a viral brand.

Working primarily on LinkedIn and Facebook, with an arsenal of out-of-the-box tools and approaches, the client is turning the world of digital marketing on its head.

They approached Goodman Lantern to assist in creating viral LinkedIn posts for one of their most demanding clients. Initially, they required our teams to deliver copy for 16 viral LinkedIn posts per month.

This project is ongoing and we have helped them achieve the following:


$30 000 in yearly recurring revenue from a single client.


Steady growth in terms of onboarding new clients based on high-performing social media content.


Viral social media status with hundreds of views and interactions per post.

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The Challenges

The client needed assistance with a brand that was particularly difficult. Operating in a highly specific and technical niche, they struggled to find writers who could offer the right balance between accuracy, value, and intrigue.


Their previous writing staff either lacked the technical know-how to understand the nature of the content, or created content that was too “dry” and unpalatable for their audience.


Additionally, the costs involved in hiring “techspert” writers were fairly high and it was too difficult to train them in replicating the required style and tone.

Goodman Lantern’s Solution

Selecting from our pool of highly experienced tech-centric writers and analysts, Goodman Lantern assembled a team that would be dedicated creating viral social media content according to the client’s exact specifications.

We received monthly brain dumps from the client, based on which we created content that aligned with a tried-and-trusted viral content writing formula. Within the allotted 20 hours a month, we created 16 highly targeted social media posts that guaranteed both views and interaction.

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Results, Return On Investment And Future Plans

Despite the various algorithm changes implemented by popular social media platforms in the last few years, and despite the challenge of working with a brand with such highly specific needs, our 20 hours of dedicated content writing services helped the client in securing $30 000 of revenue.


At a third of the cost of working with freelance writers, we delivered content in a 3 x quicker turnaround time than expected, helping the client stay well ahead of their content schedule.

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