Originally published July 14, 2020 , updated on July 29, 2021

Leading Event Organiser

A well-known event organiser reached out to Goodman Lantern to assist in funneling more traffic towards their YouTube and podcast channels.
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YouTube and Podcast SEO Gains Expo Organiser 40% More Online Ticket Purchases

Executive Summary

Headquartered in America, our customer is an event organiser with an annual revenue of $10M. They have a small team of 15 – 20 full-time employees.

They weren’t able to find the time to dedicate to nurturing their YouTube channel and podcast content.

Over a 1-year period we helped them achieve the following:


45% increase in views on their YouTube channel.

35% increase in visitors to their podcast.

40% more traffic to their
website for expo ticket purchases.

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The Challenges

Without a small internal team, our client struggled to keep up with managing their two most important social media channels. They needed to upload and optimise a minimum of 10 videos and 6 podcasts a month.


This necessitated keyword research, transcription, writing, and proper set up of each video or podcast. A full team of experts in these skills was required to help them make the most of their content each month.

Goodman Lantern’s Solution

We assembled a team of 2 transcribers and 2 writers to work on this project. Each month, we received batches of videos and podcasts from the client. Our transcribers set about capturing the content contained within the media files, which was then passed on to our writers for polishing and appropriate keyword insertion.


Once we completed the video descriptions, we proceeded to upload the videos and podcasts to their respective channels and ensured that each was set up according to the necessary guidelines.

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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

With 20+ hours of dedicated time spent on the project, we optimised the client’s YouTube and podcast channels so well that they enjoyed a significant spike in traffic. Ticket sales to their events increased significantly. Furthermore, they saved more than 60% in costs they would have spent on hiring additional internal staff members.

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