Originally published July 14, 2020 , updated on July 29, 2021

Staffing & Recruiting Firm

A prominent recruitment agency reached out to Goodman Lantern for assistance with a consistent stream of whitepaper content. .

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Whitepaper Creation Gives Staffing and Recruiting Firm a 50% Higher Landing Page Conversion Rate

Executive Summary

Based in the United Kingdom, our customer is a recruitment agency specialising in recruitment in the following areas: Media Recruitment, Intellectual Property, Events, and Consumer Goods.

They needed a team that could deliver a steady stream of whitepaper to act as the foothold for their content marketing endeavours.

Over the course of a year, we helped them achieve the following:


A 30% increase in traffic to their website.

A 46% increase in the conversion rate from customers who went on to read the whitepaper.
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The Challenges

With limited resources and a small budget, our customer was looking for a way to produce whitepaper regularly but without breaking the bank.

Goodman Lantern’s Solution

We assigned 1 researcher and 1 senior writer/editor to work on this project. Each month, we received the desired topic from our customer and proceeded to complete their 7 page whitepaper.

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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Over the course of our long and prosperous partnership with the customer, we delivered well-researched, attention grabbing whitepapers that were of the highest quality. Taking the customer budget into account, we developed an action plan that would be beneficial both to them and us.


The customer benefitted from turnaround times that were 3 x quicker than they would have experienced elsewhere and enjoyed cost savings of 66%.

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