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A leading business services provider in the IT sphere reached out to Goodman Lantern for assistance with developing detailed, well-researched whitepapers.

Website copy and the importance of search engine optimisation for Google search rankings

Professional White Papers Provide IT Management Company With a 50% Increase in Landing Page Conversions

Executive Summary

Headquartered in America, our client is a new-generation business services provider offering optimized IT management services. With a workforce of over 1000 people and offices in the UK, the Philippines, and India, they are focused on building custom IT solutions for businesses around the globe. 

The client sought us out to assist them in developing white papers on a regular basis, with the aim of distributing them as part of their content strategy.

Over the course of a year, we helped them achieve the following


3 x more subscribers to their email lists.


A 50% higher conversion rate from customers who had read the white papers.

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The Challenges

Without a small internal team, our client struggled to keep up with managing their two most important social media channels. They needed to upload and optimise a minimum of 10 videos and 6 podcasts a month.


This necessitated keyword research, transcription, writing, and proper set up of each video or podcast. A full team of experts in these skills was required to help them make the most of their content each month.

Goodman Lantern’s Solution

We assigned a team of 2 researchers, 2 writers, and 1 editor to work on this project. Our process was as follows:

  • Compile a list of topics to send to the client for approval.
  • Based on the client’s choice of topic, we commenced the research portion of the project.
  • The research draft was sent to the client to check for any potential information gaps.
  • Our writers commenced the writing portion of the project, ensuring that the final output was 100% unique.
  • Once complete, the white paper was passed on to our editor for checking.
  • The final draft was submitted to the client for distribution.
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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

With 20+ hours of dedicated time spent on the project, we developed 3 white papers for the client each month. With a turnaround time that was 3 times higher than our competitors, and affordable hourly rates, the client was more than satisfied with the service we provided.

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