Originally published July 14, 2020 , updated on December 26, 2022

Private Investigations Firm

A well-established private investigations firm sought out Goodman Lantern’s help with developing thoroughly researched, topic-specific white papers.

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White Paper Development Brings 40% More Website Traffic to Investigations Firm

Executive Summary

Based in America, our client is an innovative investigation firm specialising in the seamless integration of traditional and modern investigative processes. As experts in tech-centric private investigations.

They were looking to create content that would further cement their leadership in the industry.

Over the course of a year, we helped them achieve the following


40% more traffic to their website.


3 x more sign-ups to their newsletters.


2 x higher landing page conversion rate

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The Challenges

Despite their 50-person workforce, our client lacked the research and writing resources required to develop impactful, informative whitepapers. With the main aim of establishing brand leadership in such a sensitive field, they needed to be sure that the papers they received would be of the best possible quality.

Goodman Lantern’s Solution

We assigned a team of 2 researchers, 2 writers, and 1 editor to work on this project. Each month, we distributed 21 hours between the team members within which to research, write, and edit 3 in-depth white papers.

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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Over the course of our partnership with the client, we delivered whitepapers that were of the highest caliber. Despite the intensive research process and a gruelling editing process, we managed to completely exceed the client’s expectations in terms of costs saved. Working with us saved the client 3 x more than they would have spent elsewhere.

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