Originally published July 14, 2020 , updated on July 29, 2021

Business Intelligence Firm

A business intelligence platform with a team of 50 researchers and analysts reached out to Goodman Lantern to request assistance with research-intensive content writing services.

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Monthly Business Content Services Provide Business Research Platform With 70% Increase in Online Traffic

Executive Summary

Headquartered in the United States, our client has developed a research platform that allows users to discover the litigation track record of individuals and companies.

They needed assistance with creating pillar content for their content marketing efforts, and reached out to our team for advice

During the first year of their partnership with us, we helped them achieve the following


60% growth in the number of popularly searched-for keywords.

70% increase in website traffic

2 x more interaction on social media.

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The Challenges

With an internal team focused solely on their own product development and client-facing services, our client lacked the resources required to create informative, impactful content.


They needed to set themselves up as industry leaders, but lacked the creative force to develop white papers and blogs on their own time.

Goodman Lantern’s Solution

Selecting from our pool of highly qualified, experienced writers and analysts, Goodman Lantern assembled a team that would be dedicated to the client’s project. We assigned 1 researcher, 2 writers, and an editor to this client’s project.


Their sole goal was to create 6 long-form blog posts of 1000+ words each and 1 detailed whitepaper of 10 – 15 pages per month.

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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

With 37 hours of dedicated research, writing, and editing provided each month, the client benefitted from a significant increase in website traffic and social media interaction. With a turnaround time that was 3 x faster than our competitors and cost savings of 50%, the client has been more than satisfied with our services.

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