Originally published May 26, 2021 , updated on December 26, 2022

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Community-Based Health Insurance Firm

Tailored content marketing strategy helps health insurance firm increase website enquiries and convert leads to members

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A US-based health insurance firm reached out to Goodman Lantern for help with a content strategy. With no regular content updates to their website and very little engagement on social media, they were in a bit of a slump and needed help getting out of it.

Executive Summary

During our 12-month contract, we helped them
achieve the following:


Replace the need for internal marketing staff


30% increase in website traffic


2 x more conversions

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The Challenges

Our client had no real experience with content marketing, so our biggest hurdle was taking them from zero to hero in a relatively short space of time. 


With subject matter that was a little beyond mainstream, they needed to find a way to help their audience see their service in a new light. Creating 100% unique content became more important than ever, as there was little research to rely on. Our writers took the task in their stride, helping the client to establish their footprint in the online space.

Our Process

We began the process by putting together a content marketing, SEO, and social media strategy. 


Once approved, we assembled a team of 3 writers, 1 editor, and 1 marketing expert to work on this project. 


Over the course of 12 months, we created long form content, regular blogs, and social media posts for the client. Additionally, we refreshed existing content on their website with updated keywords and a more evergreen angle.

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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The client benefitted from a significant increase in website traffic and social media engagement. They also saw an increase in enquiries received via their website and the number of enquiries that converted to paying members doubled within a few months. 

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