Originally published October 8, 2021 , updated on October 9, 2021

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How would you like to build a successful business that rakes in $100 million in annual recurring revenue? That’s the question that Simon Bedard explores in this video

To unpack it, he chatted to Raj Goodman Anand in the latest episode of the Buy Build Sell podcast. The video summarises one of the key points discussed in this episode.  

As the CEO and founder of Goodman Lantern, a leading content marketing and content writing agency, Raj and his team service high-revenue clients. The Goodman Lantern team uses content to help companies build and grow successful businesses. 

In the video, Simon notes that a critical factor that all Goodman Lantern clients look at is understanding the metrics of their business. Businesses want to know how to achieve annual recurring revenue (ARR) and monthly recurring revenue (MRR). But what these businesses really need to understand if they want to grow is lifetime value (LTV) and customer acquisition costs (CAC). 

Without the understanding of these terms and – more importantly – these metrics, businesses won’t be able to achieve them. 

In this video, Simon unpacks these terms a little further and explains how it adds value to your business. While chatting, Simon and Raj discussed various other topics, too. 

Other Topics Discussed in This Guide to Successful Business Podcast:

  • How IT and tech help to grow your business
  • Why focus and doing one thing well is an important factor for successful business growth
  • How to scale in order to sell

The Buy Build Sell podcast is for any entrepreneur looking for advice on how to grow their business, especially if you wish to sell one day. In this podcast, Simon talks to experts in the business field and gets sound advice that any business person can use. 
When Raj sat down with him, they had a lot to unpack. This video is just a snippet of what was discussed. In it, Raj shares some of the insights that he gained over the years. You can listen to the full episode here.