Originally published October 6, 2021 , updated on October 8, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes

How do you build a business to the point where you are confident enough to sell it on? When do you know is the right time to sell? And how do you scale your business to make it successful for that sale? 

Goodman Lantern founder and CEO, Raj Goodman, joined the host of the business podcast called Buy Build Sell to discuss this. They also chat about various other topics – all of which are beneficial to anyone growing their business. 

In this business podcast, Raj and podcast host, Simon Bedard, touch on various topics, including: 

  • How partnerships helped Raj and his business partner scale 
  • Why doing one thing really well is the key to success 
  • Why Raj believes his first business sale could have worked out better 
  • The formula for scaling

Filled with invaluable lessons that Raj learned along the way, this podcast is not one you’ll want to miss. If you are on the path to buying a business, scaling a business, or wanting to sell one, be sure to add this episode to your queue.  

This IT Episode Is for You if You Have Ever: 

  • Wondered how to grow your business
  • Built a business, but feel unsure about where to go from here
  • Wanted to know more about the SaaS space
  • Needed sound business advice from someone who has a wealth of experience
  • Wondered how you can leverage IT and tech to grow a business

Tune in to hear Raj share the golden nuggets of business advice he’s gathered along the way. The interview also filters out common counsel that is, in fact, counterproductive to the growth of a business. Any business person would benefit from hearing both. 

Listen to all this and more in the Leveraging Tech episode of Buy Build Sell with Raj Goodman. The full episode can be accessed here and on all major streaming platforms.