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Podcast: Building Better Business, a University of Sussex Business School Podcast, Talks to Goodman Lantern CEO About His “Why”

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Originally published June 12, 2022 , updated on January 20, 2023

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Goodman Lantern founder, Raj Goodman Anand, was recently invited to speak with Sara Osterholzer on the Building Better Business, a University of Sussex Business School podcast.

In this episode, it’s clear that community is important to Raj. He loves being part of a community, and that comes in many forms. One of these is being a member of the University of Sussex Alumni network. Raj kicks off this episode to discuss the wonderful impact of the university on his life. He also touches on how he has changed since leaving.

Other discussions include how building a community while at university is important. Raj and Sara also touch on why it’s imperative that students join groups and societies at their place of study.

They note that so much learning happens when you leave university. That’s because there’s a lot that you can only learn when you’re out in the working world.

More Details of Building Better Business Podcast Episode

In this episode, the guest and host discuss how Raj used his first year after leaving university and why he became an entrepreneur. They also dig into some other topics that Raj feels very passionate about.

The main one is diversity in the workplace and promoting women in tech, which fuels plenty of Raj’s business decisions. Raj considered female empowerment and gender equality to be his “why”.

Raj feels strongly about changing the system. He envisions making it easier for women to get jobs they love and not have to choose between a career and their family. He believes that this can be achieved within his lifetime if more businesses choose to adopt flexible work options like remote work or hybrid work setups.

Tune in to the full episode to feel inspired to discover your why too.

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