Originally published May 26, 2021 , updated on July 29, 2021

Specialist Tele-assistance Service Provider

Expert marketing content helps innovative digital firm launch tele-specialist services

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A US-based tele-specialist firm reached out to Goodman Lantern for help in developing specialised marketing content. With the launch of several new and advanced digital health service initiatives, the customer needed the help of a full-service content team. They needed us to navigate complex jargon and turn it into conversational, easily understood content. The content was used for their website and social media handles.

Executive Summary

The client is a pioneer in the telehealth space. Offering a host of health-related tele-specialties and tele-procedures, they are paving the way for an innovative and exciting healthcare reform.

Their platform offers individualized clinical telemedicine programs, bringing the medical industry into the high tech sphere.


We helped them achieve the following:


2 x faster turnaround times on urgent content


40% cost reduction in specialised content services


3 x more engagement on personal branding content

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The Challenges

With highly technical and cognitively demanding subject matter, our client needed someone who could transform their content into something people would be able to understand.  By pairing our writers up with subject matter experts, we were able to tackle this project with ease. 


We were also required to double down on our research requirements to produce content that was not only entertaining but highly informative.

Our Process

With a team of 3 writers, 2 editors and a dedicated researcher, we began each new month with an intensive strategy call as part of our process.


By developing a carefully tailored delivery framework for this client, we adapted our procedures to make room for additional feedback and input, which were both crucial in the creation of such demanding content.

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Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The customer enjoyed significant cost savings on a demanding content project, delivered at an incredible pace. We delivered the content in time for the launch of the new marketing material. The customer also benefited from additional conversions on their website based on the content we produced. 

The customer was extremely satisfied with our work and has shown a strong interest in working with Goodman Lantern on future projects.

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