Pioneering Robot
Technology Company

Professionally designed product safety brochure assists robotic engineering
firm in signing new contracts worth over $1M


A European robot technology company reached out to Goodman Lantern’s professional writing team, seeking assistance with the creation of a high value product safety brochure.

Executive Summary

Based in Europe, the client is a robotic engineering firm that has pioneered the development of specialised warehouse automation.

They needed assistance with the creation of a cleverly designed, well-written product safety brochure with a twist. They wanted to incorporate storytelling within a document that would primarily deal with health and safety; injecting a little personality into something that would otherwise be quite a technical document.

We delivered a sleek, modern brochure that reflected the company’s brand and personality, while creating a punchy storyline to keep readers engaged.

During a 3-month timeframe, we helped
them achieve the following

Frame 2 x faster turnaround time
Visualise 25% cost reduction
Visualise 3 x more qualified leads

The Challenges

The biggest hurdle we faced was a tight turnaround time. However, our team was able to rise to the challenge, creating a magnificent 80-page booklet that the client could truly be proud of.

Additionally, the client struggled to nail down the aesthetic for their brochure during the initial stages of development. In the midst of a rebrand, they required some guidance in terms of stylistic elements. Our talented designers were there to offer advice when required, leading to a truly collaborative process.

Our Process

We selected our most senior writers and designers to work on this project. With an extremely tight turnaround time and a need to reduce the feedback loop, we put our best and brightest team on the task.

After a lengthy research process and multiple calls with the client, our writers set to work on the first draft of the brochure content. Once the copy was complete, they were passed on to our design team to work their magic. Throughout project progress, we had weekly design and content calls, providing the client with timeous updates and an opportunity for feedback.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

After an intensive 3-month process, we delivered two versions of the brochure: one to be printed and one for digital use. Our team was able to complete this project in half the time it would have taken a less experienced team, cutting the client’s costs by at least 25%.

The client was extremely happy with the quality of our work, and we will be working on similar projects in the future. We will also be working with them on other marketing projects, helping them create a cohesive content marketing strategy to improve their sales funnel.

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