Originally published June 30, 2021 , updated on October 15, 2021

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The online shopping space has well and truly boomed. People can access the internet a lot easier than before. Plus, few people have wanted to leave the house at all. This has seen the general public take to online shopping more than ever before.

Research shows that over 2 billion people shopped online in 2020. In the USA, online sales exceeded $4.2 trillion last year. It’s indeed a good time to be in the eCommerce industry. Which means that there is an increased demand for product descriptions writing services. 

This increase in online shopping activity also means that many other eCommerce businesses are entering the market as everyone wants a piece of the pie.

If you’re in this space, ask yourself how people will find you among the noise? And when they do, ask yourself what are they going to find?

This is why compelling content is essential for an eCommerce business. Research has found that content creation in an eCommerce business leads to more sales. It is also believed that not putting effort into what you write for your online business can create bad customer perceptions.

Bad product descriptions can sway people away from your business. In the same vein, good product descriptions can encourage people to purchase with you. On top of these descriptions, you also need to ensure that your eCommerce business puts out other types of information.

Why Is There a Need for Content Writing for Online Shopping Websites?

Product Description Writing Services for Online Shops
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The shopping and buying process can feel a little cold and one-sided. As a customer, it’s easy to feel as though you’re lining the pockets of the eCommerce store but getting nothing in return. Customers want to feel as though it’s a two-way street. They want to feel connected to your brand, and they want to be engaged.

When an eCommerce business distributes compelling content that adds value to the buyer, it makes the buyer feel validated. When product descriptions are left blank or no effort has been made, it feels like the business doesn’t care. So when you put effort into giving your customers as much information as possible, it shows that you value your audience. The same can be said about other types of pieces you distribute. Content and content marketing do matter. 

What Type of Content Can an eCommerce Business Create?

There are two types of content an eCommerce business can create. One is information about the store, its products, etc. The other is marketing. Both are equally important. It’s useless creating outstanding marketing pieces that get people interested, only for them to land on a website with no information. And vice-versa. There’s no point in creating stunning product information if you’re not creating marketing pieces to get people to your website. They work hand-in-hand.

Aside from product descriptions, businesses can write blogs, articles, how-to guides, social media posts and more. Perhaps your customers want to know more about how to use certain products that you sell. A blog or article can help explain this. Or maybe you sell smart home integration devices. A blog about turning your home into a smart home is a vital piece that could potentially lead to more sales and interest in your store. There are so many unique pieces that you can create.

Your team might be tied up in other daily tasks and no one may have the time to write these. Many agencies and businesses provide writing services for online shopping websites. These businesses will ensure that you have regular pieces going out that will add value to your customers.

Why is it Important to Create Compelling Content as an eCommerce Business?

Product Description Writing Services for Compelling Content
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People are wary of where and how to spend money online. They are probably not going to shop anywhere that doesn’t seem credible or trustworthy. Creating articles, blogs, videos or other written pieces, whether in-house or through an eCommerce writing agency, is an easy way to create a voice for your business. By establishing a brand voice and a bank of information that people can find when they research your business, you build trust in your company. People are more likely to shop with brands that they trust. Few people will input their credit card details into an online store that doesn’t put much effort into their product descriptions, website or social media pages.

Is Compelling Social Media Content Important for an eCommerce Business?

Social media, in general, is incredibly important in this space. Potential customers want to be able to read reviews on your business. It looks suspicious when an online store doesn’t have a social media presence. It also looks suspicious if you put little effort into your posts. People are automatically going to assume that you’re not a legitimate business. They will shop elsewhere. Writing interesting and engaging social media posts is also a fantastic way to make your brand feel more authentic. It makes your company feel less cold to shoppers. It gives your brand a persona and helps you establish a brand voice.

Do you Need to Use a Product Description Writing Service? 

Writing agencies and writing services are paid to come up with the best content for your brand. By using a service, you are entrusting your voice and brand to people who are highly experienced in the field. They will know how to write in your voice and how to optimise each piece for SEO. Making use of a company to do the writing for you also takes this off your plate. And you are left to run your business and turn leads into customers. 

What Are the Next Steps for Content Writing for an eCommerce Website?

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Do an audit of what you need. Are your product descriptions accurate and complete? Do you have a blog section on your website? Can you do more on social media? Answer these questions and see where you stand. Chances are, improvements can always be made. If you need help, find a company that does product description writing services or product content writing. Product writing and article generation in an eCommerce business has become more important as more people shop online. Be sure they can find out more about you and your products when they do their research. If they can’t, they are probably not going to spend their money with you.

Creating compelling information and stories as an eCommerce business creates brand loyalty. Regular posting or distribution keeps your business top-of-mind. Interesting pieces keep your customers engaged. Valuable content keeps them coming back for more and will encourage referrals from them. Do not hesitate to get started on this, even if you need help from product description writing services.