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White papers have become an integral part of content marketing. We have previously gone into great detail about why white papers work. This form of content is excellent for generating leads, building email databases, establishing your brand as an authority, and so much more.

Now that we’ve convinced you why this form of content works, we’d like to dive into why you shouldn’t do it yourself. Instead, we recommend that you make use of expert white paper writing services.

White Papers Are Essential Parts of Your Business And You Should Use Experts to Write Them
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Initially, you might be tempted to create these pieces yourself or designate them to someone else inside your company. But there’s a lot more benefit to making use of professional services to create white papers on your behalf.

Below we touch on seven reasons why you should use white paper writing services.

Using White Paper Writing Services Will Save You Time

Possibly the biggest difference a professional will make to your life is the time that you save. 

White papers are extremely content-heavy and require a great deal of research ahead of time. Not only that, but the actual writing part can take a while, too. This is time that you most likely don’t have if you are focused on growing your business and attracting new customers.

If you were to carry out this task on your own, it would take a while. In a world where time is money, this could end up costing you far more than it’s worth. An experienced writer will know how to get the job done with the utmost efficiency. 

Outsourcing Will Provide a Different Perspective

Sometimes, when you are too close to your industry or company, it’s difficult to see things from your customer’s point of view. And this can often come across in your writing. You might find it difficult to not use complicated terms and jargon because of how much of an expert you are.

For example, you might want to say “Our research shows that there has been a spike in PQLs (Product Qualified Leads) thanks to the Instagram campaigns that we have been running”. Not everyone outside of your industry will know what a PQL is.

Another way of putting this is: “We’ve seen a spike in strong leads and buying intent thanks to our Instagram campaign that we have been running”. An outsider would be better placed to put phrases into terms that your audience will better understand and relate to.

Writers Are Objective

Expert White Paper Writing Services Will Results in Content Pieces That Are Objective
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This ties into the point above. It’s difficult to separate yourself from your brand. Because the company is your “baby”, the language you use when writing about it might not be as objective as that of an outsourced professional.

Using external white paper writing services will result in content that is objective and fact-based. An example of a subjective sentence is: “Our data shows that we offer the best telecommunication services in the region.” Whereas a more objective way of putting this would be: “The data suggests that the company offers one of the strongest telecommunication services in the region”.

Both say the same thing, but one is stated more factually than the other.

Wearing Different Hats Is Part of Their Job

Professional writers who are accustomed to writing white papers will fulfil many roles. They are an investigator, a researcher, a writer, an editor, and a proofreader. If you had to write a white paper yourself, you wouldn’t have the time to do all of this. And cutting corners could cost you business.

Someone who has been doing this for a while will have an approach that works. They will be able to carry out a bunch of different tasks to create a strong white paper for your company.

If you had to do it internally, you might need the assistance of a research team, and several other people. And while a writer will lean on you for information and data, they would conduct most of the research themselves.

Professional Documents Will Be the Result

A competent and specialist writer would never submit a white paper that they haven’t checked twice. Their piece gets edited and proofread before it’s sent to you, the client.

Once submitted to you, it should be free of typos, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and formatting issues. When you commission a white paper and the final version gets submitted to you, it will be ready to publish.

Between the start of the project and the final submission, there can be rounds of revisions. But once a writer says “this is the final version”, you can rest assured that it is clean and professional.

Your Content Will Be The Priority of White Paper Writing Services

A big perk of using a professional writer is that your tasks will be a priority to them. Writing is their means of making money. It is most likely their passion, and dedicated writers will make every job a priority.

If you assign a white paper internally, you’re adding it to the bottom of a to-do list. It probably won’t be a priority for you or the person you want to assign it to. There’s always something else that needs doing in business. As a result, a writing piece or white paper may fall to the wayside indefinitely.

For a writer, however, each task is important as it makes a direct impact on their bottom line.

With White Paper Writing Services, You Could Create Content on a More Regular Basis

Using White Paper Writing Services Allows You to Create Content on a Regular Basis
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When you make use of experts and outsource written tasks, you will find that content gets created quicker than you anticipated. This might even mean that you have the resources to create more.

A professional writing agency will be able to sit with you and plan out white papers over a period of time. Together, you could look at important topics that suit your brand, and map out a content plan based on those topics.

There is so much to gain from using expert white paper writing services. Yes, there’s a fee involved in outsourcing. But the benefits help you in the long run. Outsourcing a professional to tackle your white papers will generate leads and income for your business. 

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