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Truthfully, eBooks are not always a common part of a content marketing strategy. When a content marketing team is looking at ways to create and distribute content, they usually lean on the usual suspects. This includes blogs, articles hosted on other websites or in print titles, and various forms of social media. Making use of eBook writing services rarely makes it anywhere near the top of the priorities list. But it should. 

There are so many ways to use eBooks to your advantage in content marketing. Yes, they do require a little more effort and will take longer to create than most other kinds of content. But, eBooks also have a longer lifespan than a social post or a blog. In fact, they can be used in your marketing for decades to come. 

Below we’ve listed seven ways in which you can benefit from writing eBooks or making use of professional eBook writers. 

eBook Writing Services Can Strengthen Your Brand

eBook Writing Services Are Great Assets For Strengthening Your Brand
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First and foremost, this form of content is an excellent tool for brand building. eBooks usually contain information that can position you and your business as respectable leaders in your field. An eBook will clearly demonstrate the in-depth knowledge that you have in your industry. 

For example, let’s say you are an educational app developer. A great topic for an eBook could be a detailed look at how educational apps have helped schools and pupils in under-resourced communities. It could look at how the ease of access to educational apps is able to help bridge the existing gap between well-resourced and under-resourced schools. 

An eBook that speaks about this will highlight your knowledge on the subject in a personal capacity. More so, it will showcase solutions that your company provides, establishing you as an expert in your field. 

Ebooks Can Be Used to Kick-off a Marketing Campaign 

When you have a big marketing campaign in the works, it’s always good to have a strong kick-off point. 

For example, let’s imagine that your marketing campaign is aimed at Gen Z because of the value this generation holds in the economy. To kick off the campaign, you could produce an eBook on the spending power of Gen Z, how they are more conscious about where they spend their money, and other insights into the topic. 

This creates a big resource of information that you can call on throughout your campaign. It can be repurposed into smaller posts for blogs, social media, and even podcast discussions. There are many ways to use the content you create for an eBook. And if you get it done right at the start of a campaign, the content could be recycled throughout the campaign itself. 

eBook Writing Services Can Help You Build a Database for Newsletters

A key part of content marketing is newsletters and email campaigns. We’ve touched on the value of newsletters in a previous blog post. But newsletters are only valuable when they’re actually being received. And in order for that to occur, businesses need to build up a database of subscribers.

This is where eBooks can come in handy. In order to download an eBook, you could ask people to share their email addresses and sign up for your newsletter. This is a proven tactic for database building. This same database could also be used by your sales team for potential leads. 

If someone has downloaded your eBook, it’s likely that they already have an interest in your business and what you have to offer. Reaching out to them with how you can help might lead to some great conversions and sales. 

Creating an eBook Is Inexpensive 

Using Professional eBook Writers Will Save You Money Compared to Writing a Printed Book
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Publishing a hard copy of a book can work out very costly. There are printing costs, distribution costs, and more. An eBook, however, lives in the digital world with a zero marginal cost. This means that there are costs to creating it, but no costs to redistributing it once it has been created. This means that it’s not nearly as expensive as producing a printed version of your book. 

The costs involved in creating an eBook would be for eBook ghostwriting services or the use of professional eBook writers. There are many agencies and individuals who offer these services. Shop around to find the best one for you. You would want a company that is able to do the writing, editing, and proofreading for a seamless process. 

You Can Access It Anywhere

No matter how amazing your content is or if you’ve put together an excellent and thought-provoking piece, no one is going to walk around with a hard copy of it. At least, not many people would. If people do but a hard copy, it will likely be read once and put up on a shelf to gather dust. 

And you’ve probably experienced one of those moments when you want to reference something you have read but you just don’t have it on you at the time. 

With an eBook, the information is always accessible. You can download it from anywhere that you have a connection, and then access it offline at any point. You can also share it with others at any given time if you have it saved. This means the circulation of your content and, essentially, free marketing. 

It Offers In-Depth Content 

Despite attention spans not being very long, long-form pieces still reign supreme. So says Medium.com. Companies often steer clear of pieces that are too long or too detailed. Simply for the sake of saving time, and sometimes out of fear of losing the reader. But eBooks and other types of longer pieces have their place. It’s where you are able to explore a subject at length and in-depth. 

Longer pieces and eBooks are also great for SEO. Both go a long way in building domain authority. If your eBook is a strong one, you will find that many other writers in your sector will link to it when speaking about the same topic. 

It Can Generate Leads Over Time 

Gaining Advantage from eBook Writing Services Increases Lead Generation Over Time
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We mentioned that eBooks are able to build the strength of your brand. And we also mentioned that it’s good for database building. Both of these go a long way in generating leads over time. 

The longer your eBook is accessible, the more people will download and read it. The more people who read it, the more your company becomes known as an expert. Your company name and services will be top of mind when these readers need your services down the line. 

There are so many benefits to making use of eBooks and eBook writing services. Don’t leave it off your content marketing strategy if you are looking to make a lasting impact for years to come. 

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