Originally published August 20, 2021 , updated on August 22, 2021

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With content being both king and queen these days, many companies are launching blog portals on their respective websites. But not everyone is doing it right. It’s not as straightforward as adding an extra page, loading copy and hitting “publish”. Considerable thought and strategy should be put into blogging. 

Professional blog writing services can help you come up with the best blogging strategy. For those wanting to tackle it on their own, we’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind when blogging for your SaaS or B2B business.

Here is the ultimate guide for strategic blogging, plus some important rules for success. 

Create Unique Pieces 

Create Unique Pieces When Trying to Use Blog Writing Services
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Creating blog content is not a simple copy/paste job. Writing for online and creating blogs takes a bit more thought and planning. While it’s acceptable to use the same topics as older pieces, the copy should be unique. It should also be repurposed to fit the blog post format. Also keep in mind that search engines don’t like the same copy living in multiple places. So, always rework your pieces and words to be unique. 

This should go without saying, but never plagiarise. Not even a little bit. Not only is it illegal and immoral, but search engines will penalise you for it. Create unique pieces in your own voice. Be the authority in your field. Don’t copy what others are doing. 

Plan ahead to ensure you have time to create these unique pieces. Brainstorm with your team to come up with topic ideas and then start writing ahead of time. 

Link Back and Credit Sources

While you can’t plagiarise, you can definitely quote from and link to other sources.

If you are quoting a sentence word-for-word, add quotation marks around the copy you are quoting. When you are using information from another site, be sure to include the links to the original source.

For example, according to an article on Moz, “Linking is common practice on the web – expected and respected by users of all kinds”. Make sure that people know where the information initially came. It’s good for SEO and also good etiquette. 

All of this being said though, don’t add long pieces of copy as a quote. It’s just lazy and it is, in fact, a form of plagiarism.

Keep It Relevant

You Should Always Make Sure to Keep Content Pieces Relevant to What You Do
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If your business is about software, blog about software. If you are in the business of telecoms, blog about that. You can cover a broad range of topics under one umbrella, but don’t go too far outside your field of expertise. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency, your general topics should be around digital marketing. Since there is never-ending information around the subject, it will be hard to run out of topic ideas.

You can cover topics around SEO, Google Ads, social media and content marketing. Keep your content relevant to what your business is. This will bring visitors back to your website.

Don’t suddenly share your favourite recipe just because it was a hit with the family last night.  

Be Consistent With Your Timing 

When you get started, remember that pick up will be slower than what you would like. Not many people will know about you in the beginning stages of establishing a blog. But this is why consistency is key. Post pieces on a regular basis and promote them across all your other channels. 

And keep your promises. If you tell your audience that you will post a new piece every week or every second week, do it. Don’t break your promises to them. By keeping your word and being consistent, your audience will come to rely on you for your stories and trust your content. 

When you post often, it also helps with SEO and your website will get indexed more often. 

Cut Out Too Much Jargon

Save the big words and jargon for your sales brochures. Blogs are supposed to be easy to read and take in. This is where SEO blog writing services come in handy. By using an outside service, they can look at whether your content has too much industry jargon or not. 

The best blog writing services will also write your posts in a way that your customers understand. They can simplify overly complicated terms and create a better understanding of your company and what you offer. 

Of course, don’t treat your audience like they are stupid. You need to walk a fine line between putting things into clear, simple English and talking to your audience as though they know nothing. 

Keep Your Copy Clean and Your Layout Neat

Always Keep Your Content Pieces Clean With a Neat Layout
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Only load clean copy on your blog page. Your blogs need to be a reflection of who you are and what your company stands for. If it’s riddled with errors and grammatical mistakes, people will assume that you conduct business the same way. Produce high-quality content and never overlook minor errors or mistakes in the copy.

The same can be said for the layout of your article. If it’s messy, customers will lose faith in your business. Keep the layout neat, add subheadings and break long pieces up into bite-sized chunks. 

Use a professional editing service if you’re worried about how your blog posts look and read. An editor will be able to clean up clumsy copy while also looking for typos and errors. 

Use Guests and Blog Writing Services 

Yes, you’re an expert in your field, but there are other experts out there too. Tap into that knowledge. If you know someone in your field whose opinion you value, invite them to write a blog for your company website. 

You should also consider using a blog content writing service. Both of these efforts mean less for you to write and more time to run your business. Plus, a professional service will know how to optimise your copy for search, ensuring that you are found by the right people. 

There are many things to consider when you are developing and writing your blogs. However, being strategic about your approach is key. If it feels like too much of a heavy lift for you, consider professional blog writing services.