My Top 20 Hacking Tools

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I have found some of the best tools available.

Here are some of the best in no particular order:

1 – Pay With A Tweet: Get paid by virality.

2 – Onalytica: Find influencers in your community.

3 – Name Ch_k: See if your social media accounts are available.

4 – Ruzzit: What’s trending on Twitter.

5 – Telzio – Phone numbers with conference call, voip facilities and more. for 40+ countries

6 – Big Bad Ads: Directory of Facebook Ads – for inspiration.

7 – Shop Bot: Facebook messenger retargeting bot.

8 – Grow’s Microsoft Azure Tutorial: Microsoft Azure’s machine-learning-based content moderator – Automated workflow tool.

9 – Flow AI: Facebook chatbot maker.

10 – Clearbit: Company name to website domain name.

11 – Miml: Pretty email templates.

12 – Texted: Manage SMS replies to the whole group.

13 – OnRadar: Geolocation – within mobile app – customised offers.

14 – Qwilr: Replace your PDF proposals, quotes and presentations with interactive & mobile-friendly web pages that plug into your systems and are as easy to build and reuse as they are beautiful.

15 – Product Graveyard: Finding dead and alternative startups.

16 – Tone Analyzer: This service uses linguistic analysis to detect joy, fear, sadness, anger, analytical, confident and tentative tones found in text.

17 – Good Sales Emails: Copy competitor’s sales emails.

18 – Good Email Copy: Emails from other companies.

19 – Subject Line: Ranks subject lines based on data.

20 – Dexi: Scrape any website.

MORE TOOLS: I updated my Udemy course for B2B sales leaders and founders:

What tools do you use?


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10 tools to make you look bigger and a global brand

Being a small company has its upsides, you’re agile and fast, and you don’t have endless red tape and bureaucracy. Although, being big has one advantage: increased credibility in the eyes of many consumers. So how can a small company appear bigger than it is, here are 10 great tools which will make you appear much bigger. Part of fake it till you make it: 

  1. : Phone answering service based in the US but you can forward calls from all across the world. Only costs $1/call and no monthly fee
  2. Number: Get local numbers for most countries. Forward the number to if you can’t answer them. 
  3. Free conference call facility with dial in numbers for most destinations. Why pay $15/month on conference call facility if you can get it for free? 
  4. Big companies have faster websites. Website Speed tester allows you to check how quickly your site loads up. 
  5. We expect big companies to have their website online at all times. Now you can do this by using Cloudflare, which keeps (a cached copy of) your website online even it’s down. 
  6. Google Pagespeed : Allows you to find ways to optimise your website and loading speed
  7. Design is the first thing your customers see when they visit your website. Canva makes the process of designing web and print effortless.               
  8. Developing quality websites, which look fantastic, mobile ready and completely hosted. 
  9. GoPinLeads: To get more sales you need to connect with people in your industry. Effortlessly creates local leads of physical businesses. Full disclosure: We developed this tool. 
  10. A global commission only sales force