Periscoping – Live Action Streaming is Here to Stay

Periscope is taking the live events sphere by storm. The app was launched earlier in 2015,and since then “Periscoping” has become one of the biggest event trends of this year. While live video certainly may not be a new concept, there’s something about Periscope (and its competitor, Meerkat) that has the world of social media spinning just that little bit faster.
It’s all about accessibility – knowing what’s happening right then and there. Periscoping goes hand-in-hand with the transparency that modern consumers hanker after so much. There’s a rawness to it that people seem to crave. It’s the unedited rawness of live streaming video with none of the touch-ups or filters that the media world has come to rely on so much over the last few decades. This is what globally conscious consumers are moving towards; they want to connect over the truth.

Online Video is a Long-Term Phenomenon                            Online video content is popular and according to Articulate it is here to stay:

  • By 2018, video content is expected to account for 79% of all consumer internet traffic
  • In emails, the word ‘video’ boosts click-through rates by 65
  • YouTube is the now officially the second largest search engine in the world
  • Video is shared more than all other types of content

No More FOMO

The “fear of missing out” is one of the things that drives modern consumers more than they would like to admit. We do, however, live in a world where trends matter. People want to be a part of something bigger, something better – and when they can’t have that they will settle for being a part of the live action in some way. It’s all about interconnectivity. People are fuelled by the desire to connect with other human beings over shared interests and experiences. That is what event organisers need to hone in on.

Not only do app users have the ability to view these events live, but they can also provide feedback in real time. This makes the experience all the more real. People want to have their opinions heard. It’s that simple.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Periscoping offers users the chance to get a behind the scenes view of events. Smart marketing is all about showing viewers something unexpected; something that makes them feel like a part of the bigger picture. Brand transparency is going to keep growing as one of the most important factors in a consumer’s decision-making process, so it’s really about time that event organizers get with the program.