Audio Beacons Add Value to Event Experience

Audio beacon technology has the ability to turn any smartphone into a device that has a “sixth sense”.  Using microphones on smartphones as an access point, audio beacons send ultra-high frequency sounds that the human ear cannot hear. With these capabilities, apps have the ability to deliver relevant content in an almost completely organic way.
Event planners and marketers are staring to incorporate this technology into the event planning process; finding new and exciting ways for attendees to really immerse themselves into the experience.

Is Privacy an Issue?

Of course, there is the possibility that attendees may feel as though their privacy is at risk. There is a bit of discomfort involved in using any app that has direct access to one’s recording devices. Organisers will need to find a way to ensure that event attendees feel safe in downloading and using the relevant apps.

The smartest approach is to give attendees a little bit of a head’s up before your event. Send out an email or social media blast on the apps they’ll need to use and how these will interact with the beacons. Let them know that the apps are exclusively for the event, and can easily be deleted without leaving a trace afterwards.

Put a health and safety spin on it if you need to. Let your attendees know that the beacons are active for security reasons as well. Should there be any sort of unexpected issue at the event, an immediate notification will be sent to attendees ensuring that they are prepared in time.

Keeping the Event on the Fast Track

One of the best ways to ensure that attendees feel good about using audio beacon technology, is letting them know that the whole process is in aid of a seamless experience. Registration should be a breeze – eliminating frustrating queues by having attendees register through the app and receiving confirmation via email.

Audio beacons provide event updates in real time. Attendees will receive notifications (should they choose to) when anything of interest is about to occur. If there’s a particular keynote speaker they have an interest in, or if there’s a demonstration they’re absolutely itching to see, this technology will keep them in the loop.

In the end, it’s all about adding value to the attendees’ experience.