Originally published September 17, 2021 , updated on September 17, 2021

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What drives your team to do their best for your company? What inspires them to show up every day? Are they motivated by money? Do they genuinely believe in the core values of your company? What’s their driving force every day? 

According to Raj Goodman Anand, CEO and founder of Goodman Lantern, the company’s core values should inspire a team – not the monetary rewards. 

While remuneration is, understandably, a good motivator, a better one comes from within. When personal beliefs align with company values, it creates a better work environment. It also creates happier teams and greater job satisfaction. 

In this episode of The One Big Tip podcast, Raj chats to host Jeff Mendelson about this. They discuss the importance of having a team that believes in and lives by the company values.

In fact, Raj believes in this so much that he completely overhauled his digital team a few years ago. He felt his team was not aligned with the values of the organisation, which he discusses in detail in this episode. 

Other Topics of Interest in the Episode: 

  • Advice on hiring people who align with your company values
  • Why long-term relationships with your employees matter as much as long-term relationships with clients
  • Raj’s one big tip – work with people who share the same beliefs as you and your company
  • Why this needs to be a consideration in your hiring process

When teams feel motivated and driven by a greater purpose and company values, businesses and teams thrive. Productivity increases, and everyone can achieve greater success. 

All this and more is discussed in this episode of The One Big Tip podcast. You can listen to the full episode here.