Originally published July 22, 2021 , updated on July 26, 2021

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Good writing is an art form. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Often, even professional writers and article writing services struggle to come up with ideas on what to write. When it comes to content for your business, you might feel as though you are limited to only a handful of ideas. But that’s not the case at all. You will be surprised at how broad the range of topics are that you have access to. You just need to put your mind to it.

There are a ton of ideas you can write about, even if your field is niche and somewhat complex. In fact, you could even use that complexity for ideas going forward. But this is not always easy.

It takes time to generate these ideas. And when it comes to your business, time is money, and there is little of both to waste. So, how do you come up with new article ideas quickly and easily? How can you ensure that there is always something new and exciting to write about?

We have some suggestions to help you come up with unique content writing ideas.

Use an Article Writing Service

Article Writing Services Can Help You with Content Ideas
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As a first step, you could consider making use of a professional article writing service. By doing this, you remove the task of thinking up ideas off your plate entirely. You would need to sign off the ideas and the content itself, but this way there’s one less thing to worry about. If you would like a more hands-on approach with your agency of choice, you could arrange a brainstorming session each month or every couple of weeks. In this session, you could talk about what your company is working on and use it as a basis for some story ideas.

Read Trade Publications and Share Them With Your Article Writing Services Agency

The more you read publications related to your field, the more you will understand the industry. These publications are very clued up on what is happening in your business. Whether it’s the SaaS, B2B, telecoms, insurance or subscription industries, be sure to read what’s happening in your field. You never know when a story might spark an idea of your own. Keep a pen and paper nearby to jot down any ideas, or simply open up a notes app on your phone. This way, you can immediately write down your brilliant ideas.

Read the Day’s News

There’s a clear theme happening here – keep reading. Ensure that you know what’s happening in the news daily. A bright idea might come from a story that you stumble upon when reading the newspaper. For example, you might see an emerging story about the cost of data and the telecom infrastructure in developing countries. This could spark a thought leadership piece on how telecommunication companies need to do more to make the internet and information more accessible for everyone. Not only will a piece such as this one be good for your company brand, but it will help your personal brand too.

Use Personal Experience

Lean into what you are going through with your business and how you got started. Think about your business journey and how you made it to where you are today. Every business has a story to tell. Telling this story well can do wonders for business leads and growth. Talk about the founding of your business, why you started it and where you plan to take it in the future. Address the problems that your company addresses and use these to appeal to people’s emotions. Your business story is an article idea in itself.

Check the FAQs and Share Them With Your Article Writing Service

You’ll be surprised at what ideas you can generate just by checking your FAQs. By this, we don’t mean the document you put together on your website that you refer customers and clients to. We suggest you monitor the additional questions you receive the most about your services and products. If you realise that many customers are asking about your next software update, use this as the basis for an article. Write a story about it and detail what your customers can look forward to when the update rolls out. You can generate some hype around it before it’s officially live by doing this ahead of time. If you are using a content writing agency to do your content writing articles, be sure to share the most frequently asked questions with them.

Check Your Social Media Feeds for What’s Trending

Social Media Feeds Are Good Assets to Write About Trends
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It’s not always easy to keep on top of what’s happening in the world. That’s why social media is a valuable tool. You can log onto Twitter, and within minutes, you will know what’s trending in the news and on social media. Use this to your advantage. Take a look at the top trending topics on social media and see if there’s a natural way to plug into this. Perhaps the talk of the day is the fact that there has been a security and data breach at a large company. If your company is a B2B tech security firm, you could write a tips story on minimising the chance of a data breach.

Use Google Trends

Google Trends can be used for keyword research around your company, and its services and offerings. By looking at the top keywords for people searching for businesses such as yours, you can develop story ideas around this. More often than not, the best article writing services and agencies have someone in-house who can do this research for you. You could ask for a list of new keywords every month and develop story ideas around these. On top of doing the research yourself, you could also look up the top trending searches on Google every week. This might get those creative juices flowing, too.

Use the Seminars or Events That You Have Enjoyed

If you’re a leader in your field or looking to be one, you have probably attended a number of key events. Think about what you enjoyed about these seminars or conferences. What were your key takeaways and standout talks? Use these to flesh out some ideas for topics going forward. When you attend events in the future, be sure to make notes. You never know what talk could lead to a great article idea for your organisation.

Think About What You Do In Your Time Off

An essential part of running a successful business is taking time off to recharge and relax. What do you do with this time off? How did you feel when you came back from this break? The chances are, it did you a world of good, and it gave you room to breathe and think. When you got back to the office, you likely felt ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Use this as a story in itself. Talk about the importance of taking time for yourself when you are building a business. This is often something that people forget, so write an article to remind them of its benefits.

Hold On to Old Magazines and Refer to It

Don’t throw out your magazines. After a year or so, go back to the old magazines and read through some of them again. There might be an old story in there that could benefit from an updated version from your company. Or you might want to do a story that looks at how your industry has grown over the past year. Old magazines are great resources. Keep them on a shelf in your office for future reference and ideas.

Look At Your Successes and Failures and Write About It

Just like your business has a story, so do you. Think about the failures that you have overcome along the way. Write about what this has taught you about running a business. You could also write about what it has taught you about the industry you work in. In the same way, you could use your successes, too. Write an article on some of your biggest successes over the years. Offer tips and advice on how others can achieve similar success, should they wish.

Write About Your Mentors or Ask Your Article Writing Services Agency to Draft It

Every business leader has a mentor. Who are yours? Write an article about them, or ask your agency to draft it on your behalf. The story could detail why they are your mentor, what it is about them you look up to and how they have helped you along the way. You can also reach out to them for an interview and pick their brain about the industry. These stories provide an insight into the minds of the top people in your field or sector. Those who are still up-and-coming will find it to be inspiring.

Get a Few People From Different Departments Into the Same Room and Crowdsource

There are many elements and departments to every business. Host a team brainstorm where you get everyone together in one room. You never know what could come of it. Tap into the minds of your human resource manager, your intern or your personal assistant. As people who are somewhat on the outside, they have insight that you might not have thought of. They could bring some really good ideas to the table. The fresh thinking and new approach is often something you didn’t know you needed. It could result in the best article ideas.

Make It Fun

Turn content ideas into a game. Have a brainstorm session where everyone has to do word association or some improvisation. Come up with random ideas that might not even fit your company. You can always tie it back to your business in an idea that pops up at a later stage of the session. Brainstorming games also encourage people to think outside the box when it comes to generating ideas.

Have a Walking Meeting

Walking Meetings Can Give You Ideas for Article Writing
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With everyone facing meeting fatigue, the last thing many of us want is to have a formal sit down meeting. So, why not try a walking one for more creative thinking? Studies show that people can think more creatively when walking and are not confined to a meeting room. This informal approach to meetings and brainstorming also gets people to relax. People are more forthcoming with ideas in a more relaxed setting. Also, the fresh air does wonders for your mind and thinking.

Take a Break and Come Back to It

If you are really stuck on ideas and find it difficult to come up with any, walk away. Don’t completely abandon it; just take a break. Put some distance between yourself and the task. The more you sit with it and make no progress, the more it will stress you out. This only leads to a bigger mental block. Step away from it for a while, go for a walk and tackle other tasks. Then, when enough time has passed, go back to it. You might find that you will be able to come up with some new and fresh ideas with a clearer mind.

We understand that it’s not easy to come up with article ideas. Even professionals struggle a lot of the time. But with the guidance of an article writing service or using the tips above, it should be an easier process.

Try at least one of these every time you are stuck on an idea. Hopefully, it gets you out of the rut and removes your writer’s block. Once you get the creative juices flowing, develop a long list of ideas for your pieces going forward. Input these into the calendar and run with it. And when the ideas stop again, simply repeat the process.