Originally published July 27, 2021 , updated on January 17, 2023

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Starting and running a successful software as a service (SaaS) company is not easy and it takes a lot of work. You have to be on top of your game. This space is always changing, so your products need to adapt. 

Your product development and engineering teams’ key focus is on ensuring the product runs smoothly. They are also focusing on upcoming changes and new ideas. You can’t rope them into SaaS content marketing. For young SaaS startups, there simply might not be enough time in anyone’s schedule for product marketing. This is where an experienced agency can assist. 

Here are eight ways content benefits SaaS startups and how it can lead to new business in the long run. 

It’s Pocket-Friendly Marketing

You Can Save Money By Using SAAS Content Marketing
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When compared to traditional marketing and advertising, content marketing is much easier on the pocket. Traditional advertising often costs thousands and the bill stacks up really quickly. On the other hand, with content marketing, if you are producing it in-house, it may only cost you time. If you don’t have that time within your company, you could outsource this service to a B2B SaaS content marketing agency. As mentioned, this can often work out cheaper than the more traditional route even with added resources on board. 

Creating copy starts with a simple idea. From there, it’s about crafting and distributing content. While there are various factors to consider in each step, it will remain relatively cost-effective. Content marketing has a low barrier to entry while having the potential to see high returns on investment. 

It Gets You Noticed

The customer journey starts with research. If you have not created copy around your company and its services, you won’t get found online. Therefore, creating good, strong content gets you noticed by the right audience and at the right point in their customer and buyer journey. 

Content can be a blog section on your website, copy that speaks about your company and products, product guides, newsletters or social media posts. There are a number of ways to package and distribute the things you produce and the information you want to get out into the world. Whatever avenue you choose, ensure it adds value to the customer. It also needs to turn a potential customer into a new one. 

If this feels like too much work for you, you can use a SaaS content marketing agency. An agency would write these articles for you, work on a SaaS content strategy and ensure that your copy is optimised for search. 

SAAS Content Marketing Assists With Establishing Authority

By this, we don’t just mean domain authority. Yes, the more valuable content you create, the more backlinks you can receive, and this builds domain authority. But that’s not the only authority that counts. Brand authority is something all companies strive towards. 

According to Forbes, brand authority is “a company’s perceived expertise within an industry or topic”. This is something that companies need to work on over time. And content is an effective way to do this. The more you produce copy that show knowledge in your industry and a deep understanding of specific topics, the stronger your brand authority will be. 

It Builds Trust

You Can Build Trust with B2B SAAS Content Marketing
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This ties into brand authority. As your company builds authority, it will also build trust. People will come to rely on your business for valuable and credible information. They will start to seek out your expertise and opinion and keep going back to your resources to find these. 

Trust is invaluable in the SaaS business world. It takes a long time to build, so you need to keep at it all the time. Establishing trust in your industry and among your customers goes a long way in onboarding new clients and retaining existing ones. If you break that trust, your business suffers. And this can happen with just one piece or just one bad move. This is why writing has to be accurate and factual at all times. 

It Positions You as a Thought Leader

Breaking into the market as a startup SaaS business is tough. There are many other similar businesses, so it’s not easy to be seen or heard. 

When you create copy on a regular basis, you slowly and carefully start to become a thought-leader in the space. Consider writing regular blog posts or articles that include your opinion on the state of the industry, including the good and bad, and everything in between.

The more you speak up through content, the more you will get noticed. And this will help you become a thought leader in your industry.

SAAS Content Marketing Builds Connections

Valuable content targeted at your audience goes a long way in building solid connections. Regularly sharing your copy on social media also gives more authenticity to your brand. It creates a human element. 

People love to spend their money with companies and brands that they feel connected to. So, you need to ensure that you are giving them something or someone to connect with. 

It Improves Relationships With Existing Customers

A Good SAAS Content Strategy Improves Your Relationship with Current Customers
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The customer journey doesn’t end when a purchase is made. In fact, that is only the start. You need to continuously build and improve your relationship with your existing customers. Existing customers not only contribute to continued revenue, but they can also be your biggest advocate. 

Use newsletters, email marketing and blogs to speak to customers already using your software and services. Give them a sneak peek to what’s coming next, share valuable information with them and make them feel valued. When you neglect existing customers and only focus on potential new leads, your customer retention will drop significantly. People don’t do business where they don’t feel valued. 

When done right, SaaS content marketing can be your strongest tool as it can lead to business growth in the short and long term. Content marketing will be around in some way or form for the foreseeable future. Isn’t it time you hopped on that bandwagon to give your businesses a boost?

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