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Advanced LinkedIn Content Strategies to Implement in Your B2B Marketing

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Originally published December 21, 2022 , updated on December 22, 2022

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LinkedIn has come a long way, from a budding professional networking site to a gold mine for businesses. It has many users, including corporates, creators, professionals, and students. The platform has close to 750 million users, with approximately two new members joining the platform every second. 

For B2B businesses, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most important platform that needs to be at the centre of their B2B content marketing strategies. In fact, more and more businesses are turning to a LinkedIn B2B marketing agency to drive these strategies. The time has come to move from “Do we need to use LinkedIn?” to “How do we market our business through LinkedIn successfully?”

LinkedIn Content Strategies Should be a Top Priority for any B2B Business for Success
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Still unsure about LinkedIn content strategies and marketing? Here is why LinkedIn should be the absolute favourite of any B2B business.   

  • Context Matters: Social media users scroll through Instagram with the primary intention of watching reels or browsing through stories rather than interacting with a business. They go to Youtube to watch the video, not to pay attention to the ad that plays before it. On the other hand, users browse through LinkedIn as mindful professionals and not as mindless scrollers. 
  • Data Leads the Way: Targeting on LinkedIn is informed by data directly sourced from the users, making the data very robust and insightful. LinkedIn has several targeting parameters and strategies, which allows businesses to get the most out of their spending on be utilised for lead generation.LinkedIn marketing strategy.
  • Pick-and-Choose Ad Formats: LinkedIn also provides multiple ad formats to amplify the impact of any B2B content marketing strategy. LinkedIn content strategies can use formats like images, carousels, videos, texts, or spotlights to engage with their audience.

Business Opportunities on LinkedIn

The list can go on, but you get the point. LinkedIn is where your next business partner is waiting, where your potential clients are spending time. It’s also where you have unmatched access to C-Suites and decision-makers. In fact, Hubspot stated that four out of five LinkedIn users drive business decisions. 

Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to have a robust LinkedIn content strategy. It would help to get the most out of your marketing efforts. It’s no longer enough to do the basics because that’s what the competition is doing as well.  Rather, an advanced LinkedIn marketing strategy is just what you need to make your B2B campaigns stand out.  

So, what are these trends and advanced LinkedIn strategies that we’re talking about? Let’s dive in. 

Advanced LinkedIn Marketing and Content Strategies

Content Publishing 

Without a doubt, an effective LinkedIn content strategy is what every B2B business needs to have in place. While at first, this strategy might not sound very “advanced”, there are a lot of layers involved in reality. You can not only drive content through the company page but also through thought leadership articles. It should happen by keeping in mind the decision-makers and the C-suite present on the platform. These articles, by company founders or key employees, are often at the centre of B2B content marketing strategies. In fact, Hubspot stated that over 90% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing, most of which requires content publishing. 

Businesses Can Publish Content on LinkedIn in Various Ways Like The Company Page
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Advance Search 

Advance search is an outbound marketing tool that allows B2B businesses to identify the exact type of users they want to target. While the scope and features available for this LinkedIn marketing strategy increase with a premium membership, even the free version has filters that effectively narrow down searches. Advanced People Search on LinkedIn has filters like location, current company, past company, industry, profile language, and even nonprofit interests to help effective targeting. A lot of LinkedIn B2B marketing agencies often have experts that know just the right filter to pick according to the marketing strategy and the audience. This allows B2B businesses to identify new prospects and effectively curate their LinkedIn content strategy.   

Showcase Page

LinkedIn showcase pages allow B2B businesses to promote individual brands under their umbrella. Showcase pages take targeting to the next level, as they allow for inbound traffic for that specific business unit. Think of them like add-ons to the company page or extensions that allow a B2B business’s multiple brands to establish themselves.    

LinkedIn Groups 

Once the target audience is defined, they can be targeted both individually and through LinkedIn groups. Marketing through groups is a very common tactic used by LinkedIn B2B marketing agencies. Searching for the right groups, being a part of them, and frequently engaging in them often results in effective lead generation and rich networking. Group size, level of activity, and relevance are the topmost criteria while identifying these groups. B2B companies can even consider creating their own groups to further drive the effectiveness of this strategy.   

LinkedIn Events

Conducting and promoting relevant events has also been proven as an effective marketing strategy on the platform. Not only can a B2B business attach itself to the industry leaders present at such events, but it can also drive awareness and recall. The list of attendees also acts as a rich database that can be utilised for lead generation. 

While we have discussed only a few strategies, there are many more features and tools that can drive effective LinkedIn marketing strategies. However, having in-house expertise and the bandwidth to run extensive B2B content marketing strategies on LinkedIn might not be possible for every organisation. Worry not, for LinkedIn B2B marketing agencies are a cost-effective and efficient alternative.   

How Can LinkedIn B2B Marketing Agencies Help?

Professional LinkedIn B2B Marketing Agencies Use the Features and Filters of the Platform in the Best Way for Effective Approaches
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LinkedIn B2B marketing agencies have expertise in using the platform’s features and filters. They perform precise identification and targeting of the audience, getting just the right results. B2B marketing agencies have a deep understanding of the platform. They often have connections with influencers and top thought leaders to drive B2B businesses. They also help in driving robust LinkedIn content strategies that garner high views and engagement, resulting in successful lead generation.   

LinkedIn content strategies have the potential to make or break the success of any organisation’s B2B marketing efforts. Outsourcing to a LinkedIn B2B marketing agency can offer all the benefits at a great price and with the least amount of admin. If you’re looking to shape up your LinkedIn presence, link up with Goodman Lantern and learn how we can get you there. 

Here’s to your business shining on LinkedIn! 

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