Originally published May 30, 2022 , updated on January 20, 2023

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How often do you multitask? Do you scroll through your social media feed while watching a series? Do you check your emails while in a zoom meeting? Our generation is wired to do more than one task at a time. We’ve become so used to it that consuming media is something we now pair with other tasks. 

One of the top forms of media that consumers love, specifically because it can be consumed while completing other tasks, is podcasts. This refers to both audio and video podcasts. These clips can be listened to while walking, cleaning, commuting to work, cooking—wherever is convenient for the listener. This makes these platforms a great way to consume content, which presents an opportunity for brands to get their messages to a captive audience. 

Of course, the production needs to be high-quality because listeners and viewers want something worth their time. Podcasts are incredible because they deliver information via audio or audiovisual to an audience when, where, and how they want it. So, how can your brand become part of this “on-demand” trend? By using video podcast production services, that’s how. 

Video Podcast Production Services Create “Push” Content

Use Video Podcast Production Services to Create Push Content for Your Business
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Because podcasts contain content that consumers are genuinely interested in, it’s normal for them to seek it out themselves or subscribe to channels that release them. This is why it’s considered “push” content. It’s pushed to those who want it. Some listeners are even notified when new releases are out. 

You can create this media for so many different purposes. Entertainment is one. Many people love listening to crime stories for example or ones on health. It’s a great way to digest interesting discussion points. Learn more about the best podcasts out there for inspiration as to what consumers are craving. 

It’s All About the Storytelling and Delivery

Storytelling Makes Your Content More Popular and Interesting for Your Audience
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Much like a blog or article, content needs to be excellent in podcasts to make it popular. When a business uses this medium, especially for corporate purposes, it cannot be monotonous and too long. You do not want to bore your audience. You want them to engage with the message and remember it. 

A B2B podcast production agency specialises in creating engaging audio content. Much like a radio producer, the agency wants to hold the audience’s attention. It will do this by providing value in content and making it easy to listen to. The agency might use tactics such as using video along with expert voice-over narration. It can use animations and footage to break up ideas into easy-to-understand pieces. Some are broken up with jingles and sidebars. 

Video podcast production services know that dynamic content sells, and that’s exactly what they’ll deliver for your brand. Conversations are a popular and proven dynamic tactic for this medium. Having a host talk to a guest and interview them or have a conversation is incredibly engaging. A panel discussion could even be set up. This is particularly effective for video podcasts as split screens could be used which are eye-catching and engaging. 

Promote. Promote Some More. Then Promote Again

You Should Promote Your Video Podcasts Before, During, and After the Podcast
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For a podcast to be successful, it needs to be consistently promoted. You should do it before, during, and after the podcast. Video podcast production services focus on producing both quality content and growing your subscription or fanbase. This is done by encouraging subscribers by actually asking people to subscribe during the piece. You can also incentivise fans to sign up with the promise of more exciting content, updates and value adds.

Let’s talk about those value adds. These can come in the form of newsletters, blogs, or more content that takes a deeper dive into the information you are delivering. The more you can pique your audience’s interest with well-researched subject matter and supporting content, the more likely you are to grow your subscriptions. A blog post writing service can help your business build these resources to make your marketing more holistic. 

What if It’s Not Your Podcast? 

Perhaps you’re not interested in having this medium for your brand itself. That doesn’t mean it can’t be useful for your marketing. There are some incredibly talented podcasters and video creators out there who can lend their fanbase to you. This is, of course, done in the form of sponsorship and a video podcast production agency can help you out with this too.

Let’s use the example of well-known YouTuber Johnny Harris. He has over 2 million subscribers and every single one of his videos goes viral. Every single time. That’s impressive. Johnny will often take a break in his compelling videos to speak about a sponsor. He’s mentioned some including NordVPN and BetterHelp. The difference is that he doesn’t just speak about these brands like they’re an advertorial, he actually explains to his viewer how he uses them in his daily life and how they help him. It’s quality marketing.

An agency can help your business match with a YouTuber or podcaster that suits your brand’s agenda. The agency can create the breakaway content for your chosen host to feature and can provide supplemental information like blogs too. For example, a YouTuber might mention learning more about a sponsor in the link in the description. Blog content writing services can create this for your brand so that when the viewer clicks the link, they have valuable information to learn about your business. 

It’s Push Marketing That Doesn’t Feel Forced

Goodman Lanterns Help You with Video Podcasts and Blog Writing Services to Communicate Your Message Naturally
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Using video podcast production services and a blog post writing service will help your business communicate your message in a natural way. Avoid the off-putting hard sell and instead integrate your product or service offering into an engaging storyline. Goodman Lantern can help with that. With a team of writers, creatives, technical experts, and more, we’re here to develop your brand’s story.

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