Originally published December 9, 2021 , updated on January 19, 2023

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Every Software as a Service business faces the challenge of attracting new customers. Retaining existing customers is also a massive priority. Most SaaS businesses aim to onboard and keep customers on a long-term basis. SaaS content writing can help your company do exactly that.

SaaS content writing can go a long way to helping SaaS companies boost their online presence and market share. Acquiring customers and generating leads is, in part, dependent on great content marketing.

If you already have a SaaS company to run, we can bet that you don’t have time to think about content generation. This is where a content writing company will come in handy. 

In this article, we’ll detail why every SaaS company needs to use a content marketing company. We’ll also explore how this helps your business and how you can plan the perfect content marketing strategy. 

Let’s Look at the Numbers

Statistics Show That Most Customers Use Search Engines to Find What They're Seeking
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Did you know that most consumers will do their online research and in-depth reading before deciding on SaaS software? Most consumers who are looking for a software solution will also use a search engine to find what they are looking for.

Let’s look at some statistics to get a better picture. 

After reading custom-created content, 82% of readers feel more comfortable about a company. A whopping 90% of consumers find custom content useful.

Custom content also drives up site traffic. Growth in annual unique site traffic is nearly eight times higher for leaders in content marketing.

Many other websites may want to backlink to yours. If your company provides excellent content that is engaging and informative, it’s more likely that this will be shared. Backlinks are the fourth most important factor in driving up top-ranking websites. 

Content Adds Value and Markets Your Product

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Many SaaS businesses might be tempted not to give away too much about their product. This can be detrimental to your business. Content writing services are a great way to highlight your product without giving away trade secrets for free. 

Giving consumers more in-depth information about your product and how it can help them is great for your brand. The more a customer can learn about your brand, and the more your content addresses their queries, the more of an expert you are seen as in your field. The transparency of your content about your brand also builds trust with your consumer. 

Educating Your Audience With Content Helps With Conversions

Most customers want to learn about software before subscribing or purchasing. Make use of a professional content writing service to inform your customer and educate them. This will help drive a purchasing decision.

Studies have shown that content marketing drives conversion rates six times higher.

Spark Engagement With SaaS Content Writing

Any content that is written for your SaaS website or blog can be shared on social media platforms and referral platforms too. This is a great way to get customers engaged with your content and to spark conversation. The more exposure your company gets through carefully crafted content, the more recognisable your brand.

Educate Consumers About Your Unique Brand

The nature of a SaaS business is very technical. SaaS content writing can bring a human voice to your brand and make it more accessible. A content writing company can assist you by building a brand voice and personality that consumers will love. Talk to your customers in such a way that you want to help them, rather than being out to make a profit.

Use content to explain how your software will benefit a customer’s life or unique brand. Content marketing will help them understand how to relate to your product. This will drive subscription leads. 

Focussing on building a brand persona will help establish trust. Trust, in turn, will drive sales.

Content Creates Credibility

Having Appropriate Content Will Help You Create Credibility and Authority Within the Market
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Using your content can help establish your authority within your niche market. By demonstrating an understanding of your product to your customers you gain credibility. 

Thought leaders online produce a lot of educational content. If your business can put out quality content that is helpful to customers, you will also be seen as a thought leader.

Content can educate or entertain your audience. Content can also speak about topics of relevance to an industry, or even discuss future trends. Pick up on industry news and relay this back to customers too. It all contributes to excellent, credible content. 

Content writing services can assist you in being a thought leader and will drive your brand’s purpose. 

How Do You Market Content Well?

Know Your Audience

It might seem obvious, but identifying your audience is the key to your brand voice and tone. Your software is likely aimed at a niche audience. Your content needs a niche message and style your audience can identify with. Research what your customers engage with and let that inform your content strategy. 

Knowing Your Audience Is Essential for Effective SAAS Content Writing and Marketing
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Publish Case Studies

Do you have some success stories of your software helping customers? Write about it! Inform potential customers about how your product helped others with their particular needs. This could be the referral to drive sales your business needs. 

Make use of a content writing company to write long-form case studies for your brand. Not only will this explain how you solved a problem for another business, but it will drive trust in your brand too.

Share Relevant Content

Industry-specific content is what you need to focus on. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Explore future trends, share your opinion on an industry news piece, or add some humour to an explanation of your services. 

Plan a Content Strategy or Have a Content Writing Company Help You With This

Content needs to be consistent to be effective. Planning will help ensure you have regular topical content. 

SaaS content writing is a skill. Research and thought need to be put into a content strategy for your brand. Why not make use of a content writing service such as Goodman Lantern to assist? Our service would deliver timeous content that is well-written and meticulously researched. Let us set the tone for your brand personality.

Get ready to turn heads and convert customers with our content writing service. We can help you deliver value to your audience and build that brand trust. Your content marketing journey starts here!

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