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Podcast: Empowering Women with Content Writing

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Originally published June 20, 2021 , updated on January 20, 2023

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Raj Goodman, the head member of Goodman Lantern, had a conversation with Kesiena Aaron-Efe on AskDproS Business Show. This podcast focuses on the subject of empowering women with content writing. Raj sheds light on his business experience and how he tries to empower women in his current company.

In the beginning, Raj Goodman describes his journey of starting this content writing business. He tells Kesiena Aaron-Efe about the importance of bootstrapping in funding businesses. He advises those who try to make a brand to focus on being generous and giving. It’s crucial for them to have a long-term viewpoint right from the beginning.

In addition, Raj mentions that currently, there are many women in Goodman Lantern from different parts of the world who work remotely. They can earn money with their computer, without a need to going out of their house. No matter what kind of business you want to start, Raj recommends taking the first step. Do the best you can without waiting for the perfect moment.

During the AskDproS Business Show podcast, Raj also describes his interesting hiring process. Whenever a new vacancy opens, the priority is on the recommendations of people currently working in the company. As a result, he asks them to introduce friends or family members who might be good fits.

Empowering Women with Content Writing Podcast

The Podcast Speaks on Various Principal Topics, Including:

  • The importance of networking in business success
  • How to have a win-win mindset in different aspects of your business
  • Why you should never underestimate the power of teamwork
  • What you can do to keep yourself motivated 
  • The methods he uses to develop creativity
  • Long-term attitudes’ perks for your client relationships 
  • Partnerships and business growth
  • The significance of being open to diversity in work environments 

Therefore, if you’re in any way concerned about empowering women and looking for ways to expand your business, don’t miss out on this podcast. Listen to this 35-minute helpful chat now and enjoy some experts’ opinions on business success.

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