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It’s no secret that all companies need content writing. No matter the size of a company or what industry it operates in, there is going to be a need for content in the business. This is what Goodman Lantern founder and CEO, Raj Goodman Anand, realised some years ago. It’s part of how and why Goodman Lantern was created

For many businesses and their management team, considering a content writing company may not be high on the agenda. A lot of new companies attempt to create content themselves. Many delegate content creation to someone who already works at the company or create a new role that purely focuses on content creation. While these might seem like logical solutions, these decisions are far from the best for most companies. 

For one, business leaders and internal team members probably have enough on their respective plates already. Onboarding new team members, and managing and assigning tasks is a lot of work in and of itself. And two, it’s easier to outsource writing and editing services. 

Below are seven reasons why you should consider using a top writing and editing agency for all your content needs. 

Frequent Content in Larger Quantities

You Can Have Frequent Content in Larger Quantities By Using Content Writing and Editing Services
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If you go the route of allocating employees to write pieces for your content marketing strategy, it’s likely that it won’t be their top priority. Usually, content creation will be but a measly side-dish on the loaded dinner plate of any employee. When there are other tasks at hand, an internal content creator may struggle to write content as efficiently as the pros can.

By using outside content writing and editing services, you are able to not only get a quick turnaround on stories but also request more content. You can brief more than one story per week, and the types of content you can request can range too. An agency or professional service would be able to divide resources according to how many pieces you want. And because this is what they do daily, they won’t drop the ball when other projects come up. Your content will be their top priority. 

It’s Good for SEO

More pieces on a regular basis are great for SEO. If these pieces are living on your website or mentioning your company online, it creates a wider reach for your brand. And, if it has the correct keywords, consistent content will drastically improve your search rankings.

Having these regular pieces also means fresh content often. Search engines love this. Or more importantly, they don’t like when a website is stagnant for too long. 

The best content writing companies will have all this insight already. An SEO content writing services company will know how to write for SEO and what to write for better search rankings. This means you don’t have to learn this internally unless absolutely necessary. 

A Content Writing Company Will Know How to Do It Better

An SEO Content Writing Services Company Knows How to Do the Job in the Best Way
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Probably the most straightforward and obvious reason is that a professional in this field will always do the job well. Just like you wouldn’t do your own plumbing if you’re not trained to do so, you shouldn’t attempt to do your own writing and editing. 

A professional service will know how to construct timeless content that converts. Not only that, but they will do it in a manner that everyone can understand. If you keep the writing internal, you’re at risk of using jargon and complicated terms that only people in your industry know. This has the potential to repel some readers who aren’t experienced in your industry. An outside party, however, wouldn’t do this. They would know how to uncomplicate these phrases and present them in terms that anyone can understand. 

Editing Services Will Catch Mistakes

When you are too close to a piece, it’s easy to miss or overlook mistakes in your content. On top of this, you may be unaware of some common syntax errors and grammatical mistakes that are recurring in your content. The best content editing service providers will know what to look for to ensure your content is pristine. 

The best content editing services provide a systemic framework that they use to ensure a consistent tone and style, as well as copy that’s free of errors. With a trained eye and plenty of editing experience, they will easily pick up on common mistakes and overlooked typos. They will also be able to reconstruct longer or clumsy sentences easily. 

A professional proofreading and editing service will know if a piece isn’t going to be easily understood or read by your potential audience. And they would be able to change the writing accordingly. 

It’s Cheaper Than Hiring Someone Full Time

Using a Content Writing Company Is Cheaper Than Hiring A Full-Time Writer
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It is very tempting to create a content role when your content needs increase at a company. But it can be quite a costly affair. 

A new role and a new hire not only means a new salary, it means more resources used by the company. There are also often other costs that you can’t always calculate in monetary value that come with onboarding new employees.

When you outsource your writing and use a professional content writing company, you only have to pay for their services. Many content agencies can put a package together to suit your unique needs. Perhaps you need three pieces a week, social media posts every other day, and one white paper each quarter. They would be able to bill you based only on the services they provide. No need to consider anything else that comes with hiring a full-time employee. 

Make Use of Industry Experts on Different Topics

A writing agency will have a whole team of people that they call on for content. How they assign work will depend on the topic and style of each piece. 

For example, if you needed to interview a chef for a blog on your website, an agency would assign a writer who is used to writing about food, travel, and leisure. And they would likely assign the work to someone who has experience in conducting formal interviews. 

If you brief in a story about business acquisitions in the APAC regions, an agency would call on a writer based there. On top of this, they would ensure that it’s someone who has business writing experience. 

Fresh Ideas From Outsiders

Using an SEO Content Writing Services Company Will Bring You Fresh Ideas
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A big perk of using an outside company is that fresh eyes can source new ideas. They can suggest new topic ideas based on their knowledge of your company, and experience with other companies in your field.

If needed, they could even set up a calendar of content that can be rolled out over a couple of weeks or months. 

Outsourcing professional writing and editing services is a boon. And it makes life so much easier. So, what are you waiting for? 

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