Originally published December 17, 2020 , updated on January 20, 2023

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Recently, Raj joined in on the Scaling SaaS Operations podcast with Kristine Esparza. This was a fantastic opportunity to talk about gender equality, remote teams, and the ever-changing world of online business.

At Goodman Lantern, we incredibly focus on gender equality. With most of our management team being strong, capable women, we know firsthand just how important it is to give all of our employees equal rights in the workplace. From fair pay to flexible working hours, we do what we can to make sure our team is taken care of. Gender disparity is a huge issue in the tech industry, and it’s something we hope to battle one step at a time.

Gender Equality on Scaling SaaS Operations Podcast

What not everyone may know about our company, is that we are a fully remote team. That is, each of our team members works from a location they are most productive and comfortable in. Whether that be from home, an office, or a co-working space. And it’s not just Covid that’s set us up this way. We’ve been working remotely since day dot.

This podcast was a fantastic experience and we think it’s got some really insightful snippets you may be interested in. Head on over to Kristine’s channel and give it a listen.

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